The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating in Bohemian Style

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Bohemian style, also known as Boho décor, is for individuals who want their residences to be full of energy, culture, and unique stuff for all to see. This style defines modern perceptions by embracing imaginative, spontaneous, and unique décor. Bohemian-style designs have several characteristics in that they are always eclectic and share similar elements; however, no two rooms are ever totally the same.

Boho interior design is a constantly popular and trending style. You only need to look at Instagram feeds, design exhibits, and coffee table books to see what I mean. Bohemian style is the free-spirited animal of Interior Design Styles, unleashing color, texture, and pattern in a way that creates a calm and distinctive appearance. It is, without question, eclectic regarding worldwide influence and appeals to everyone looking to personalize their house. It's no surprise that it's all the rage! So what are you waiting for? Enroll in our Interior Design Course now.

Let's begin with the Do's
In boho décor, layering and combining are key. Bohemian, often known as boho, is one of the most popular decorating styles globally, and it is eclectic by nature. When it comes to boho décor, there are no rules. Textiles, rugs, and pillows may be mixed and matched with diverse patterns, forms, and sizes since "more is more" in bohemianism. Layering patterns is an easy and inexpensive method to bring a unique character to your area. Begin by putting various objects into the room to get a sense of what may go where; if it is too much, you can easily re-arrange and remove components. Layered Persian rugs and woven cotton rugs are excellent choices for adding a bohemian touch to the floor.

Brittany Hakimfar, lead designer at Far Studio, says: "When layering our spaces, we love utilizing antiques, artifacts, and accessories with natural materials. This complements our more modern choices of furniture and finishes and gives every space it's own unique feeling." Creating this atmosphere in your home is key for a successful bohemian design

Be imaginative with lighting and accessories.
Ambient, subtle lighting will bring your Boho design area together and complete the serene and welcome atmosphere. Design with several lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps in place of overhead lighting. The current worldwide design markets makes simple to discover a wide range of forms and designs ideal for the mix-and-match aesthetic.

This design embraces nature, so fill your space with ferns and hanging plants. Plants add vitality to a room, but they also enhance air quality, so the more, the merrier. Philodendron and peace lilies are relatively tolerant plants that can tolerate a wide range of light and temperature conditions.

Tap into the Handcrafted and Natural
Inspired by artists, the boho style emphasizes handmade things, one-of-a-kind masterpieces that speak to uniqueness. This can be seen in paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings. Handmade décor also benefits local craftsmen and small businesses, so it's a win-win situation! Our website caters to the crafty craftsman. Although, Etsy is also an excellent resource for finding handcrafted boho pillows. In addition to artisanal, the boho home design style values natural components. Wood is the most significant of them. Whether in furniture or accessories, Wood adds instant warmth and comfort, essential in bohemian interiors. A braided pendant light over the dining table or a rustic wood headboard in the bedroom are critical elements in boho decor.

Go Green
One thing that all bohemian homes have in common? Plants, plants, and more plants! Bohemian houses nearly always feature a wide range of plants strategically distributed across the area. Aside from increasing your style grade, there's another incentive to include houseplants in your decor. One or two home plants are delicate–in fact, they are fantastic! We are all aware of the various advantages of having some fresh leaves. It's a great way to bring some life to the environment while also improving the air quality. However, it has been fashionable to transform bohemian interiors into greenhouses or jungles covered wall to wall with plants, making them unrecognizable from the exteriors. Your living space is not a botanical garden. It is not where the bugs reside but rather where the humans reside.

Be artistic
A curated, imaginative combination of art and literature would complement any bohemian-style environment. In reality, beatniks from previous times were likely to own far more books than clothing, furniture, or other tangible belongings. You undoubtedly appreciate the arts if you like this design style, so you're already on your way. Creating a bohemian-style room allows you to place various books on the tea table, frame record or movie covers  as wall art, or showcase an eclectic collection of art prints on a gallery wall that spans from floor to ceiling. 

Creating a Bohemian inspired interior might seem hard for you currently, but the experts at HDI guarantee it is not indeed mission impossible. These tips will definitely come in handy, but if you want to dive deep into interior design and further develop your skills then our Interior design online course is perfect for you. 

The Don'ts
Don't overdo it with the black.
If you want to incorporate boho into your living room, avoid any local pieces in dark colors like black or dark WoodWood. These colors tend to be dense, while boho is all about vibrant colors like bleached woods, offering an airier natural environment. Choosing lighter colors as the base for your boho living room gives you a blank palette to fill with color, patterns, and textures. You can use darker materials to anchor the area, but too much dark will be an industrial-style design.

Being too cautious
Another typical error with Bohemian home design is playing it too safe. Remember that to produce an authentic-looking Bohemian design; the space must have a particular amount of layered colors, textures, and forms. The room should have an eclectic and artsy appearance. It should appear to have been put together by a brilliant imagination. The use of diverse colors, plants, and other accent objects and the inventiveness of the design style add to the warm and inviting quality of Bohemian design. Therefore, make sure you're not playing it too safe and are prepared to take a few risks to maximize your influence!

Overlooking Layers and Leading in Clutter
Indeed, the overall appearance of Bohemian décor is livelier than that of other forms of décor, which tend to be more essential in their approach. Nevertheless, randomness is not always the intention, and tackling this interior design style without a strategy is a recipe for disaster. The usage of layers is essential for a well-implemented Bohemian interior design motif. This allows you to create a warm and intriguing room based on a basic color palette. As a result, it is critical to analyze how all levels interact and complement one another. This implies that the wall color, indoor plants, furniture type/shape/color, and other accent items should complement each other. When these pieces are chosen randomly or separately from each other, the room might appear disconnected and cluttered.

Neglecting Negative Space 
One of the pitfalls to avoid when designing a boho environment is overlooking negative space and harmony. A well-executed Bohemian design will have a lot of things going on. This form of design greatly emphasizes the visual appeal of layering and blending colors, textures, and other objects to generate the most significant effect. Any room that does not have any negative space, on the other hand, will eventually lose equilibrium and fall short of the target. An absence of negative space in your designs for a Bohemian-themed house or room will interfere with your design and make the setting less attractive, comparable to going over the top with clutter. Balancing decorations and accent pieces with free space makes a tremendous impact and typically leads to better outcomes.

To conclude, We hope you're eager to start your boho interior design decorating project by first enrolling in our online interior design course. Now that you've read our top bohemian interior design decorating tips and ideas, we're here to assist! 

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