Home Decor Ideas For An Industrial Farmhouse Design

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With the growing trend of working from home caused by the pandemic, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to decorating styles that remind them of classic and traditional residential styles. After the pandemic ended, people were already too comfortable with decoration styles and interior designs that resembled their own homes. This issue needs to be considered and used as a reference by business people to improve the quality of comfort and occupancy of their commercialized properties. To know the latest developments in the latest interior design and decorating trends, be sure to visit our online interior design course.

In response to this occurrence, lately, we have seen a lot of specific interior design and decoration styles that are much loved by millennials. This decoration style is widely applied to public places with similar interior design themes. Therefore, there is one style of decoration and interior design that can present the ambiance mixture of an ‘old manor’ or ‘stereotypically barn’: and this is the Industrial Farmhouse.

Basically, this interior movement combines two different interior styles: Industrial and farmhouse. From its general characteristics, the sole Industrial Style itself is less applicable to interior designs for properties that act as residences. Therefore, an initiative emerged to combine it with the interior design of the Farmhouse. This design is considered more “friendly” when applied as an interior design of a dwelling. Combining this design with the Industrial Style creates a robust and intense characteristic.

Seeing the existing potential, Industrial Farmhouse has become so popular. The demand for the interior design application also increased along with the world’s entry into the second period of the 21st century. Many people try to personalize this decoration style by combining them with their tastes. For more details about the Industrial Farmhouse interior design and how the interior style can be something that many people like, this article will discuss in detail the ins and outs of the interior design in a discussion entitled “Home Decor Ideas For An Industrial Farmhouse Design”.

The Character Traits
Basically, the characteristics of this interior design style can be broken down according to the combined decorating styles. Each of these decorating styles has a very different contrast level, so when combined, it will create a reasonably current value and has solid elements. The existence of these two styles can also provide a greater magnitude of the tendency to be skewed.

One can keep the two elements in balance, stabilizing the degree of industrial to farmhouse style and producing a puritanical Industrial Farmhouse style. But if you want to put forward a touch of the deep-rooted style of a residential form, the elements of the Farmhouse style can tend to be strengthened. Or vice versa, industrial style can also dominate and produce a firm feeling. Learning how to mix and match styles is an extremely valuable lesson - if you want to learn more on the topic and learn the basics of interior design - our free online interior design course is the place for you!

This makes the appearing combinations unlimited. The degree of inclination or dominance of both of the combined styles can be adjusted according to each person’s preferences to create the desired degree of personalization. This touch of uniqueness possessed by each person will later differentiate each of the interior design and decoration styles of the Industrial Farmhouse.

The Industrial style will be more impressive with a nuance with a factory tone when examined individually. This is synonymous with masculinity and manhood. Naturally, this Industrialist movement was adapted to many types of property related to men’s affairs, such as barbershops or workshops. This style is noticeable because its identity is often described by the use of raw materials such as bricks, wood, pipes, light bulbs, iron bars or plates, etc.

Then compare it with the Farmhouse decoration style, which is identical to the remote and timeless atmosphere of the countryside. This style will uphold the vintage feel presented by using outdated but classy decorations. Like houses in rural areas, plantations, and farms, a touch of classic porcelain, old furniture, fabric with bright motifs, and other accessories can be used to strengthen the character of this decorative style. That’s why this decoration style is very suitable for use on parts of the property that function as a residence.

The Ideas for Industrial Farmhouse Design
From those descriptions, of course, there will be many ideas that can be generated to create an Industrial Farmhouse style. These ideas can be grouped according to the appropriate themes and the desired concept. The following will present some examples that can be used as references and recommendations. However, if you still find any difficulties implementing these ideas, be sure to take our Interior design course. There you will be guided step by step on designing a proper interior. Thus, here are several ideas for Industrial Farmhouse Design.

Woods and woods
Use a lot of furniture made of wood. The wood material in the furniture can be in the form of wood that has been processed or raw wood. You can choose either cabinets, mattresses, tables, drawers, shelves, or ornaments that can be placed on the wall or the floor. The variety of furniture can also be adjusted to the desired vibe, whether you want to strengthen the impression of the Industrial or the Farmhouse. This can boost the vintage ambiance of a room.

Blinkfull embellishment
If you have a porcelain collection with beautiful colors, some shiny dinnerware, or a bunch of used bottles that are no longer used, be sure to arrange them into a form of decoration that can enhance your Industrial Farmhouse decor style. This collection can be put in open places, on display shelves, set to hang on the kitchen wall, or it can also be placed in a dominant display case with transparent glass. This can strengthen the feeling of a Farmhouse suitable to be applied to residences for small families or young couples.

Raw materials everywhere
Use a lot of raw materials on parts of your property. You can keep the brickwork unplastered; door frames made of bamboo, wood, or metal; walls consisting of natural stones; the use of ornaments that can add a sense of masculinity, such as antlers, farming equipment, firewood; etc. These various mixtures can be used to decorate multiple functional parts of the residence and place more of a utility in nature. Combining these will reinforce the Farmhouse-leaning Industrialist style: creating a reasonably balanced atmosphere between the two. 

Keep your building as simple as possible
Another recommendation to strengthen the existing Industrial style impression is to make the structure of your property building as simple as possible. Because the industrialist movement originated from an era where materials were difficult to obtain, Industrial decor embraces the minimal and optimal use of materials. Parts of the building that are only decorative can be left out, such as the presence of a house ceiling, sparkling paint and wallpaper, or the use of marble for the floor. Make sure the room you want to decorate has simple structural parts without reducing its elegance.

Some of the ideas above are recommendations that can be used as references in designing interiors in the Industrial Farmhouse style. If you want to get more ideas about other Industrial and Farmhouse touches or interior designs, be sure to visit our Interior design free course or our professional Interior design online course. 


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