Bedroom Interior Design For Couples

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Your bedroom is your oasis, so it may be that area of the home where you spend a lot of time perfecting and decorating. The challenge isn't about the decoration; it's about designing your bedroom together as a couple who may not have the same taste. Bedroom interior design for couples has to do with prioritizing your taste and that of your spouse.

You can design the bedroom of your choice with little to no stress and still create something that you and your spouse would love. For example, you can combine colors or decor pieces that would serve your tastes. Your bedroom should always be that one place you want to come back to after a long day. If your bedroom comes to mind, then relaxation and sleep should come to your mind as well.

As couples, you'll always need to share, and that's one beautiful thing about having a spouse. You will also want to create a perfect and cozy atmosphere that will make sharing easy. If you've been looking for the right interior design for your bedroom, continue reading and opt for our Bedroom Interior Design online course that will be perfect for you as a couple.

You can consider some of these interior design ideas for couples' bedrooms:

Add Artwork That You Both Love
Finding a mutual ground in your bedroom is very crucial when it comes to creating a suitable design. You can both select some beautiful artwork or get one that both of you love from the vacations. After getting your artwork, display it in the front and middle of your bedroom. This could be a perfect starting point for designing other areas of your bedroom together.

Pick a Must-have Element
You have to figure out the must-have elements in your bedroom together as couples. This is a good way to look for common ground. Lay the foundation for your bedroom decor and figure out where you shouldn't compromise and where you should. Focusing on important elements can make the process of blending design easier, especially if you don't share the same design style.

Kanika Design - bay area interior designer recommends, when designing bedrooms for couples an important factor is that the bed should be comfortable, so investing in a good mattress is extremely important. To give a hotel vibe to your bedroom they recommend using organic egyptian cotton bedding. In addition, if there is extra space it's always nice to have extra seating that can serve as a reading nook and a space to lounge on. To enhance the look of the room, you can have an accent wall behind the headboard using paint color or a chic wallpaper. When selecting colors for your bedroom, make sure they are not vibrant colors – Kanika recommends using skin colors (e.g. anywhere from beige, soft whites, brown and even black as an accent wall) as it will help your sleep better.

Keep it Contemporary
If neither you nor your spouse has opposing feelings about what your bedroom design style should look like, consider a streamlined, contemporary look. A modern, comfortable bedroom is simple and appealing enough to the majority while still looking elegant, welcoming, and chic. Are you still thinking of how to keep it contemporary? Try out our Bedroom design course for a contemporary look that will suit you and your spouse's taste.

Opt for Neutral Colors
Choosing neutral colors is a perfect idea for a couples' bedroom. Apart from appealing to different design styles, a neutral color can calm your bedroom. The bedroom should be a place where you're supposed to get a sense of calm to have a great night's sleep, not a place for mental stimulation. The neutral colors that you can go for are grey, white, brown, etc.

Add Sconces on Each Side
Adding sconces to each side of your bed is a great idea for your bedroom. Sconces are light fixtures that help to light up your room. Bedroom design shouldn't be lovely alone but should also be functional. So placing a beautiful sconce on each side of your bed isn't only for creating a touch of style but getting the right lighting is vital in lending a comfortable space.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Harmonious
Different design styles can, in a way, be harmonious. When design spaces are mixed and are thoughtfully balanced and curated, they can be a very unique and incredible representation of the owner of the space. You can match unlikely design trends such as Scandinavian or Maximalism to create an ideal personalized bedroom you and your spouse would cherish.

Find a Common Theme
If you find out that blending different design styles is not your thing or it's not working for you, you can think of a particular key element to incorporate throughout your bedroom space. Finding a common theme is vital in ensuring your space doesn't look off-balance. Whether through textiles or color palettes, look for a way for the two styles to agree.  

Layer on Texture
One of the right ways of bringing romance to the room is layering texture. Assortment of candles, dimmable light fixtures, a beautiful area rug, florals, and cozy blankets all help give a romantic touch to your room. No doubt, there are some scents you both like; you could splurge on some candles in the scents you both prefer and layer them in your entire room on dressers or nightstands for a simple romance touch.

Add Seating
Adding seating to your bedroom is a perfect idea, but if you need more ideas about how seating can add elegance to your room, the Bedroom Interior Design course is your sure bet. If you have a large bedroom, bringing an accent chair into your room is a great way of creating usable space for you and your spouse. Whether it is used in the morning to get ready or to read a book at night, an area where you can sit can make your room more elegant.

Go For Air-Purifying Indoor Plants
Plants have always been very good ideas for interior designs, and there is no exception when it comes to bedroom design for couples. It is very good to have plants placed in couples' bedrooms. You can opt for air-purifying indoor plants to keep the air in your room fresh and clean at night. Moreover, plants help in adding color to your bedroom space.

Bedroom spaces are meant for relaxing and sleeping, and they should be given special attention. Before designing a couple's bedroom, the style of both parties should be put into consideration while still creating something beautiful, cozy, and romantic. If you've read through and still don't know how to go about the bedroom interior design for you and your partner, opt for our online bedroom design course for a stylish bedroom look.  

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