The Shabby Chic Kitchen Trend

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The shabby chic kitchen is the perfect look for those who want an authentic, well-located, and lived-in feel. A throwback to simpler times when homes were filled with soulful design details such as peeling paint or chipped cabinets, this style doesn't require much effort but offers you so many benefits.

The shabby chic kitchen is a perfect place to host your next dinner party. The soft colors, vintage décor and distressed furnishings create an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel at home in this cozy space! Check out the Kitchen design online course offered by Home Design Institute and learn more about how to get started with vintage and rustic looks for kitchens.

Inspired by the charm of yesteryear, shabby chic kitchens are a perfect fit for homes looking to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Whether you want something more modern or traditional—this article has ideas that will help your vision come true.
What is a Shabby Chic Kitchen Design?
Shabby chic refers to a type of design that combines rustic elements with a romantic and fairy tale feel. There are several variations including beach chic, cottage chic, French country-inspired style, and Gustavian or Swedish style. But it all has one thing in common: its charm.

Shabby chic is all about comfort and practicality. It's a way of life that encourages you to surround yourself with décor which feels comfortable, safe (for your stuff!), beautiful on the eye but also easy-going enough so as not be an obstruction in any room or space where it resides.

The shabby chic kitchen is a design style that features soft pastel accents, neutral color palettes, and vintage decoration. This type of decorating also includes florals such as flowers or vines on furniture to give it an old-fashioned feel, not too rustic but just enough to get that shabby chic vibe in your kitchen design.

Where did Shabby Chic Kitchen Design originate?
The original shabby chic style began in Great Britain with the décor usually found in large country homes. Faded and worn sleazy curtains and sofas were characteristic of this design, which was regarded as a work of art because it had an aged look when they were created centuries ago. Early forms could be described as grand but more modern takes on how designers present these designs nowadays tend simpler than before.

The shabby chic trend is all the rage these days. That's because it offers homeowners a sense of relaxation without being too out-there, giving you room to experiment with different styles and incorporate as much or little of this element into your personal design aesthetic that you prefer.

Kitchen layouts can be as simple or complex, depending on your personal preference. There is no wrong way to design the space. However, certain features should always be considered when designing so that it fits all shapes and sizes while still being efficient in use – like Home Design Institute's course which teaches you everything you need to know about shabby chic kitchen trends (and more!). Enroll for our kitchen design course today!

Guide to Design Your Shabby Chic Kitchen
Perhaps the most important rule to remember when enjoying shabby chic décor is that it should reflect who you are and what matters most in your life. Displaying cookbooks, fridge magnets with family birthdays or post-it made by kids—all allow for personalization which will bring an inviting feel into any space.

The following guide will help you achieve a shabby chic kitchen. It provides an overview of the most important ingredients for this style and gives some tips to get started!

Kitchen Shelves and Cabinets
In order to achieve the perfect shabby chic kitchen storage, open shelving is key. The more items that can be stored and seen inside attractive containers or jars the better! It's important you mix it up with lots of different styles so everything doesn't feel too lined up in one section. After all, no two people have exactly taste the same anyway.

Kitchen Shelves
The authenticity of shabby chic kitchen décor is achieved through rustic, country-style, or cottage colors. The scheme should be muted with green cabinets and white countertops for an old-fashioned look that's sure to impress your guests.

Kitchen Wall and Floor Finishes
The shabby chic look is all about creating an air of old-fashioned elegance with patterned tiles and simple designs. Keep your kitchen flooring plain or add dashes (or checkerboards) in different colors for some added flair.

Kitchen Fittings and Appliances
The shabby chic kitchen is an alternative to the fitted kitchens of today. This style features freestanding elements like vintage-inspired ranges, standalone sinks and refrigerators that are kept away from walls for maximum elbowroom. While cooking or storing food items in their own spaces rather than clutter them up with other appliances you'll never use.

Kitchen Accessories
The best way to achieve Shabby Chic style is by acquiring the right accessories. From cooking utensils in ironmongery, fabrics, and lighting, you can have an authentic look that's all your own.

Additional Tips
Shabby chic kitchen design is all about balance. Sometimes you want to take it easy and let the space speak for itself, while other times a little color can help add life into an otherwise stark room without over-powering your taste in furniture selection.

For those looking for more neutral tones than traditional white (which some might find too soft), there are also dark accents with muted cream colors as well as blue-green décor that work well together by preventing one element from taking up most attention at first glance.

A shabby chic kitchen trend is a great way to create an inviting and comfortable space with the intentional design features that you want. Simple cabinets provide a neutral backdrop for adding all of your favorite elements into this soft, rustic style such as fixtures or furniture pieces.


The shabby chic kitchen trend can be maintained with a little bit more edge. designers use industrial elements like metal parts and light fixtures that give the style some street-savvy appeal as well.

Home Design Institute's online kitchen design course will help you design your dream shabby chic kitchen with ease. Understand the design process and learn how to bring together function, aesthetics and technology in this professional development program for designers of all levels. 

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