How to Achieve the Perfect Mid-Century Modern Design in Your Home?

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The return of the sleek and understated is making a comeback in modern design. The mid-century modern design only took an extended break throughout most of this century before bouncing right back as one favorite trend after another.

You can't help but be drawn into this style that is so timeless and nostalgia-inducing. We've put together some of our favorite tips for achieving the mid-century modern design, which will have you feeling right at home in no time!

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What is Mid-Century Interior Style?
Mid-century design is an architectural and artistic era that spans from the 1930 to 1960. It's often thought of as part what defines modernism, but it also forms a major aesthetic cleanse in its own right. 

The early 20th century was a time of excess, with ornate styles dominating the art scene. But by 1930s, Modernism had emerged as an economical reaction to these over-bloated trends and newfound international influences like Scandinavian design that were more minimalistic.

The mid-century modern style is one of the most popular styles to date, having been coined by writer Cara Greenberg in reference to its reign during America’s 1980s.

Mid-century modern designs are known for their simple, clean lines, and functionality. This period saw the rise of concrete buildings that used steel or glass as well as wood in furniture design, midway through this era was when they started using plastic too.

The mid-century modern design houses that were created by Frank Lloyd Wright have characteristics such as large rectangular windows, flat roofs, and cylindrical structures. These new buildings would tower over existing houses or offices to create a different perspective for living spaces.

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Tips to Design A Mid-Century Modern Design for Beginners
Mid-century modern design is all about simplicity, clean lines and organized spaces. These tips will help you create an eye-catching interior design, both comfortable for yourself and aesthetically pleasing.

Adding a Touch of Wood
Choose mid-century masterpieces with clean lines of teakwood, oak, walnut, or rosewood with an eye-catching design. They will not only add class but also comfort into any space. Also, many retailers offer lower-end replicas which would mimic mid-century masterpieces, due to an increasing demand among consumers who want more than just contemporary designs.

If you are ready to remodel your home but want the character and charm that only comes with mid-century architecture, then consider hiring a design architect. By eliminating walls to achieve an open floor plan reminiscent of midcentury homes is a great idea. It will make your living spaces feel more welcoming while simultaneously adding architectural interest into existing rooms without sacrificing functionality or practicality.

Mirrors are a great way to dress up your space without taking much effort. A simple strip of them on one wall will make any room feel more spacious, while also giving you an opportunity for some fun decorating ideas like adding plants or other accents that are perfect when framed by mirrors.

Upgrade Your Lights
The mid-century modern home is a place where you can find dazzling lights that not only light up your living space, but also serve as pieces of sculptural art. There are numerous online artists who custom-make these architectural fixtures for homes.

When you find the perfect piece, don't be afraid to go with an outfit that is more bold and artistic. Indeed, mid-century modern designs are all about mixing patterns in different ways, so your space doesn’t look like it came straight out of a catalog from years ago.

Home Goods Combination 
Searching out mid-century furniture designers who mimic the style of yesteryear is one way to add some vintage flair and character into your home. You can find these pieces at flea markets, antique shops, or online through sites like Etsy where people sell their creations of old designs.

The best way to get a feel for the era is by rummaging through old furniture with clean lines, mid-century legs, and bold graphic fabrics. This will give it a fresh new life in style cues from decades past while staying true within its aesthetic values too. If you want to learn more about this particular style of design, and many others as well - check out our online decoration course.

White Paint Rocks! 
Mid-century homes were a design battleground for furniture and artwork. To get the best of both worlds, homeowners would often cover their walls in white paint so that they could highlight all aspects from furnishings to decorating accents like throw pillows or wall paintings.

If you want a modern look, don't clutter your walls with tons of artwork. Keep it simple and clean by choosing just one or two high-end pieces to display proudly.

Make Use of Wallpaper 
When you want to add a touch of glamour in your dining room, there's no need for expensive furniture or decor. All it takes is one wall papering with bold glitzy wallpaper that will create just enough attitude without being too overbearing. The higher-end wall papers that can be easily peeled-off are perfect for those who don't want to deal with permanently installed artwork.

One of the most important parts about mid-century modern interior design is ensuring that you have a good color scheme. Choose your colors wisely and plan how they will harmonize with each other before adding anything else into the mix, such as furniture or accessories for textural contrast in between them.

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