How to design a nursery that is both stylish and functional?

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Even though they are adorable and tiny, babies come with lots of baby items. There are many things to consider when organizing, decorating and organizing a nursery. You want your nursery to look just like your baby. These are some tips to create a beautiful and functional nursery.

When going for an interior designer, ensure they have the skills you need to come up with the best nursery for your kid. Alternatively, equip yourself with the skills needed for your baby's space. Join a world-class institution and be equipped with small chunks of information and skills that are easy for you to take up. Intake for our Interior Design course is ongoing.

Arranging Furniture for Function
Soon-to-be dads and moms paint their walls before buying or arranging furniture. You will need a lot of space for cribs, changing tables and dressers. It is important that they look good, but also to be placed in the most practical places in your room.

When locating furniture pieces that will be used in a nursery, safety and spacing are key considerations. The crib is one of the most important pieces of furniture and the most frequently used. The transition from the crib, to rocking and feeding the baby should be smooth.

A small side table or nightstand can be placed near the rocker. You can also place a dim light bulb on it. This item is ideal for stories or empty bottles after meals. The nightstand has a small drawer that can be used to store cold tablets and diaper cloths. 

The crib should be kept away from the doors so that you don't wake the baby if you look in. The crib should be kept away from drafty windows and curtains. This will prevent the baby from getting choked or any other dangers

The changing table is another important piece of furniture. The changing table is a key piece of furniture. It should be easy to access diapers, wipes and clean, outfits when you need them. You should have the changing table near the dresser to quickly and easily grab an outfit. 

The diaper bin, hampers and other essentials should be kept close to the changing table. You can easily dispose of diapers and dirty clothes while the baby is still with you.

How to organize a dresser and changing station
It seems that there is never enough storage space for every baby's needs. Traditional closets with a bar to hang clothes don't always work well. If you don't have a closet system, be creative and place a small shelf in the closet. 

For clothes hanging, place a tension rod at the centre of a bookcase. Lack closet drawers? Baskets and crates can be used for accessories, extra diapers, books, and toys. A shoe organizer can be attached to the back of a closet door to organize hats or accessories. 

There is a good chance that you have bought clothing that your baby does not fit into. Use clothing dividers to organize these clothes by month.

Double Duty Decorating
Once the furniture has been placed correctly, it is time to decorate. It's easy to make DIY by framing your favourite nursery pages or pages with illustrated illustrations. Baby-names or a monogram are essential. It adds personal touches.

Wall decors and rugs can be customized to suit your style. Decorating with a dual purpose in mind is a great way of combining fashion and function. To display and hold books, use picture frames on a wall.

Learn how to incorporate décor items in any of the rooms in your home with our Interior Design education

For attractive toy storage, a row of wire baskets or fabric-lined Wicker can be hung vertically or horizontally on a wall. Baby blankets and quilts can be displayed on a vintage ladder against the wall.

Shades and curtains are important
They should reflect your style and colour scheme and be easy to draw at nap time and bedtime. A nursery can be outfitted with black-out shades, liners, and roman shades. They can be anchored with decorative curtains to add beauty and function.

There are many things to consider when planning a nursery for your baby. You need to consider everything from proper furniture placement, drawer organization, closet setup, and double-duty decorating. The best advice is to simply change it if it doesn't work. After about 12 diaper changes, you'll be able to make minor adjustments to better suit your baby's needs.

Plan Your Floorplan
Any size nursery should have distinct areas for sleeping, changing and nursing. Take measurements of your space and decide where the most essential furniture should be placed. To keep your budget in line and give you enough time to order and assemble online, spend on the most expensive items first.

You don't always have to purchase new furniture for your baby. An old dresser can double up as a changing table and your favourite rocking chair can be moved into your nursery instead of buying a new glider.

Do not buy a large, expensive crib
You won't have your baby in a crib forever. It is possible that your baby won't spend any time in the crib. For the first six months to one year, many babies sleep in their parents' cribs. They rarely see the nursery. Even if your baby does sleep in the crib, they will soon be trading up. You won't need it for more than a year so why spend hundreds on furniture?

A convertible crib is durable, but it can also take up space in your home. Are you planning to have more children? You'll likely bump your oldest when you realize you have to use the crib again. In that case, you will end up purchasing a toddler bed.

Your best bet? Keep it simple. Choose a basic, affordable cot that is simple and has a minimal footprint.

Minimalist nurseries The Dos
Keep your bedding simple
The American Association of Paediatrics recommends that your baby have a fitted crib sheet and a waterproof mattress cover. You can purchase one or more wearable blankets if you're concerned about your baby's comfort and warmth. These soft sleep sacks wrap the baby's legs in comfort like a little sleeping bag. The top is securely secured around the torso. This eliminates the possibility of the baby being smothered by traditional blankets or loose swaddling.

Have a look at a floor bed
A floor bed is a comfortable and safe place for toddlers to sleep. It also gives them a little more autonomy than their instincts. A great training bed that doesn't fall for toddlers as young as one, it also makes a great floor bed for older children.

When your baby is old enough to go to bed alone, you can simply place his or her crib mattress directly on the ground. You can relax knowing that your baby is safe in their bedroom by installing a baby gate.

Look for dual-use items and added flexibility
Everything should serve a purpose in a minimalist nursery. Choose furniture that can double as storage or a dresser/changing desk. Flexibility features such as castor wheels and a fold-and stow design are also great. They allow you to do more with fewer items. If you can move your baby's crib easily from one room into another, then you don't need a bassinet.

Do you want to start a book and toy rotation?
Instead of overcrowding shelves with books and toys, you can start a book and toy rotation. You can organize your child's favourite toys into different stations and rotate them regularly to ensure there is always something new to do. 

You can also use book rails to place books in a way that your child can see. You can also invest in large toys that encourage imagination, such as a toy kitchen or tepee. These toys can be expensive but will provide hours of fun and entertainment that isn't messy.

In conclusion, a baby is sensitive and so is the space you bring them up in. Especially during the first few days, be careful and explore all the options to ensure their safety and comfort. As a parent, get the chance to individually design this space for them. Learn more with our Interior Deisgn online classes.

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