How To Make 3d Models With SketchUp

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A 3D modeling software for developing geometric 3D designs like interior design items, functional parts, architectural models, and scale models is the SketchUp. SketchUp is a program that lends you the perfect combination of quality and simplicity. SketchUp is recognized for its easy learning curve and user-friendly interface.

To learn how to create your 3D models, try creating 3D modeling with Sketchup. So, let's begin, and you'll know the basics of this outstanding 3D modeling software. Here are some basic steps involved in making three-dimensional models with SketchUp :

Step 1: Download the Software
The first thing to do is to download sketchUp, and you can get it done by going to the official SkethUp site in the ”Download” page . Proceed with the steps, provide and fill in any information required. sketchUp is available either as a paid version or a freeware version with extra functionality, SketchUp Pro.

Both versions are the same in terms of tools and commands for modeling. SketchUp Pro is ideal for advanced users, while sketchUp free is for beginners. SketchUp Pro provides other functions such as printing in scale or importing/exporting from/to CAD software.

Step 2: Prepare the Workspace
SketchUp lets you choose the workspace you intend to use from a window that shows when the application is opened. The window displays three tabs: License, Template, and Learn. The Templates tab shows a list of several presets to choose from. They depend on the kind of model you want to create.

The templates/presets differ in edge styles and backgrounds, which affects only the visible aspect of the model (line thickness and background color), the type of model you want to do ( interiors, landscaping, and so on), and systems of measurement (Metric or Imperial). You can explore these templates with our 3D Modelling with SketchUp course.  

Select the template and then turn on the button with the use of SketchUp on the bottom right side of the window. You can then check the box at the bottom left side that displays 'Always show on startup'. This will allow you to choose any template whenever you open the application.

Step 3: View the Most Important Tools
SketchUp comprises many tools and commands you can select from. You will observe default toolbars on your screen upper part, and you can click on view toolbars. A window will come up with a toolbar list. You can select a Large Tool Set because it contains the majority of the tools that would be needed for building a 3D model.

Step 4: The Axes
SketchUp uses the Blue, Red, and Green axes in your workspace just like other 3D software. This helps you to look at your work from various angles. Moreover, SketchUp has a kind of feature that allows you to align your models or lines along the various axes. Once the toolbar, the three-dimensional spaces, and its 3 axes are ready, creating the 2D shapes is the next thing.

Step 5: Basic 2D Drawing
To begin, drawing the Rectangles/Squares, Circles and Lines is important as they are the fundamentals of the three-dimensional models. These are the ways you can carry out your drawings :

Drawing Rectangles/Squares :
1. To draw a square/rectangle, select R on your keyword.

2. Pick the location you want to designate the first corner of the square/rectangle

3. Pull the mouse to the location you want for the corner opposite and then click.

This and many more tips will be teached at our 3D modelling with SketchUp education.

Drawing a Line:
1. To draw a line, simply click on L on your keyboard.

2. To assign the first point, press anywhere on your computer screen.

3. Move the mouse to the location of the second point you want and then click.

4. To indicate the length, just enter the value right after the second step, then press Enter

One thing you should know is that you can do the alignment of lines to the workspace Green, Blue, or Red axis.

Drawing Circles:
1. If you want to draw a circle, click on C on your keyboard.  

2. Click on the point you desire to choose your circle midpoint.

3. Move the cursor anywhere on your screen to create the circle and click

4. To determine the radius, just enter the value after the second step and click on enter

Step 6: Movement Controls

The view can be changed with the main movement tools, which are Orbit and Pan.

1. To control using Orbit, select the icon button on your toolbar or just click on O on the keyboard

2. Select anywhere, hold it down and drag to alternate the entire view

3. The mouse wheel can also be used to Orbit.

1. To control movement, select the icon or just press H on the keyboard.

2. Click to outline the origin, hold the button on the mouse and then drag. This will help in moving your view.

Step 7: Being on The Safe Side
It's possible to make mistakes and if you do, just press Alt+Backspace, and you'll be able to go back to the previous step. Also, ensure you save your file as you're working in order not to lose what you've worked on so far. To achieve this, press Ctrl+S on the keyboard. Type in the name of the file and select where you want your file to be saved.

Step 8: Making Your 3D Object
Now that the 2D shapes have been created, the next thing is to transform them into three-dimensional objects.

1. start by zooming on any of your two-dimensional shapes with the use of the mouse wheel button

2. Click on the Pull/Push icon on your toolbar or click on P on the keyboard.

3. Place the cursor of your mouse on the circle plane without clicking.

4. Once you highlight the plane, click on it, then move it upwards. Left-click your mouse button again so that you can adjust the height of the cube, cylinder, or cuboid. Or simply type the height after your first click.

Afterwards, you'd see that your two-dimensional shape has transformed into a three-dimensional object. 

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