Interior Design students' final projects

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The HDI Interior Design course has a comprehensive curriculum that will be helpful in the students’ private practices in the future. It equips students with the needed theories and key concepts to create undeniably functional and creative projects that can help society. We, in Home Design Institute, aim to give quality and meaningful education to be able to reach out to dreamers who would want to be designers. That is the reason why witnessing projects and former students’ masterpieces make us proud in with our  Interior Design online classes

There have been several noteworthy projects which the students marked as valuable experiences in their entire course journey. Learning the techniques is one thing while appreciating and applying them is the most important part. Though the designs may vary from one student to the other, the audience will notice the learnings these students kept in their minds as they applied every single technique they have learned.

In this view, we will tackle the things that students realized in their Interior Design course sessions based on the individual projects they created. Surely, the projects were awesome and practical for clients who wanted innovative and state-of-the-art designs fit for the future. 

Rendering and Use of Software
Of course, looking at the projects, you will immediately see the floor plan as well as the 3D presentations. They presented accurately laid lines and shapes for different spaces. An example would be the intricate measurements of stairs and tables. There are defined lamps and light fixtures too. The rendering part made the students lay down their visions and plan into one realistic presentation. 

The students saw the importance of having both presentations in 2D and 3D as the imagination can only see the limit when you have a client who wanted to see the designer’s vision match their own imagined design. With the use of the software, the students learned how technology can aid in making sketches that can be given life with a realistic picture.

Functionality and Accessibility
Designs are just images with apply practicality and function in them. One student created a gallery where artists can exhibit their artworks for public viewing. This showed the student’s use of critical thinking and resourcefulness in maximizing the spaces in the project. Also, another student created a multifunctional area for work and rest. This shows that the students adapted functionality and accessibility in their concept ideas.

The two aspects are important in interior design. They give practicality and purpose to the interior for people to use. The comfort of the people is not forgotten as they created the functional spaces more creatively. Indeed, students learned a lot from the sessions given to them in the interior design course!

Colour Psychology
Interior Design does not only deal with lines and curves or arrows and dots. It also relates to how mood and atmosphere affect people. Colours set the tone in an area. It reflects what kind of emotions you might feel once you step into a zone. The interior design students are aware of that based on the product of their learnings.

A student used a light hue of blue in a resting or lounge area to induce calmness and peaceful relaxation. Another student created a Cat Cafe with vibrant colours on paw-shaped wall decoration. This creates a fun and interactive mood which makes the guests comfortable as they enjoy their food while activating their brains as they interact with the cats. The students kept in mind the colour techniques that they were taught. 

Current Trends and Styles
While keeping in mind the specification in the individual project, the students also learned from the up-to-date designs and techniques. Styles for minimalist perspective and use of neutral tones were used by some students. One used a Japanese style in a cafe they created. Learning the trends can be this fun when they can apply them in their design.

Looking at some of the observed individual projects, we cannot summarize fully the things the students learned from the Interior Design course. The outline is comprehensive and strategically aligned for the learners’ competency development. The abovementioned feedback is just a part of the totality of the students’ learnings as you see it from their realistic presentations.

Who would not want a complete learning experience? Well, the students will not be able to masterfully make the 2D and 3D outputs without the right knowledge of interior design. The lines will not be in place or colour will not be suited if not for the techniques taught. Professionals and experts were hired for it. Passing on the right information in designing is the crucial part.

Definitely, the students enjoyed their Interior Design education sessions as they applied them to the real world. They envisioned the scenarios and actual work in places. Having functional and accessible zones for everyone is vital in the communities nowadays and it is good to know that design students are aware of it. The individual projects are just starters and as they move out and do more projects, they will be able to apply the techniques more.

We hope that more students to come will be able to innovate and remodel projects into a more functional and inclusive design for people. It is the aim of Interior Design. Giving life to clients’ concepts and vision while catering for aesthetics, and functionality, maximizing spaces without compensating for comfort. We wanted to reach out to more possible talented and remarkable students for this interior design purpose. So, if you can be one of them, just look at the student’s realizations through their masterpieces. Be inspired and motivated to create something helpful and innovative. The HDI team is proud of the Interior Design students who made it this far in their design journey. We wish you more projects to learn from and best wishes for their interior design trip. We will see you more in the world of design work. Good luck on your interior design career!

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