Why Home Design Institute is the best place to get your interior design education?

18.04.2022 Admin 573
Becoming independent and creative is a duo you will need in life. You might ask, what about intelligence? Well, humans are on top of the hierarchy of living beings. If you would ask us, we say EDUCATION is the answer!

Nothing great comes in an instant but greatness starts once you commit yourself to it. Your education at Home Design Institute caters skills and knowledge that you can pour out into a whole magnificent masterpiece of interior design. We commit to a full Learning to Making strategy as we give quality interior design education.

You might ask, how do we make you a great interior designer? Well, you will be encountering theories and concepts that are significant in designing. Essential topics such as science and ergonomics. If you have not learned about ergonomics, it is your time to shine! These head topics are surely important in great interior designs.

Not only that, our experts will be hands-on in letting you experience up-to-date softwares that you will use as you design. Applications such as AutoCAD for 2D graphic commands and SketchUp for a professional method of designing. Yes, learning becomes progressive as you continue with the course. It brings you to a professional level of experience which enables you to get a glimpse of what you will see in the real interior design world. How cool is it?

The profession interior design aspect can be a little bit nerve-wracking if you will think about it – especially when you do not know anything about interior design. But, in our online course, an individual project can sum up all your learning through applying it in actual practice, negotiation and presentation. You will get to work on a specific project for a month and a half for a successful completion of the course. Indeed, we do not let our students face the professional world unequipped. We only want the best designer in you to succeed!

As we value YOU and your interior design education more than anything, we hire great professionals and experts to teach quality topics and information you will need in designing real homes and spaces. As we value YOU, we want your comfort and time to be mattered and though of as well.

Home Design cares about your precious time that is why we prepared real-time online learning. Meaning, you can learn anytime and anywhere you want. The courses gives you ample time as you can catch up through the recorded sessions if you miss out one. Convenient isn’t it?

Imagine this, you have your time, effort and education at the palm of your hands. You will be able to get 75 credits for your art skills, 75 credits for your digital skills and 70 credits for your freelining skills. We do not only educate, but we will enhance your creativity, dexterity and communication skills that you will need as you become the best interior designer you can ever be!

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