Meet Gokcen Sezen: Interior Design Lecturer at Home Design Institute

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In the dynamic world of interior design, where creativity meets functionality, Gokcen Sezen stands out as a seasoned interior architect and project manager. With over a decade of experience shaping spaces, Sezen's journey from academia to entrepreneurship has been marked by a dedication to excellence and a passion for innovation.

Sezen's academic journey laid the groundwork for her illustrious career. Graduating from the New York School of Interior Design in 2009 with a Master's Degree, she honed her theoretical knowledge and practical skills in one of the world's design capitals. Prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture. from Cankaya University, setting a solid foundation for her future endeavors.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a relentless drive to excel, she ventured into the professional realm, where she quickly made her mark on national and international projects. Her portfolio boasts a diverse array of ventures, ranging from stadiums to hotels, residential complexes to commercial spaces, and even governmental buildings. Each project bears the hallmark of Gokcen's distinctive style, blending aesthetics with functionality to create spaces that inspire and endure.
In 2014, Sezen took a bold step forward by founding her own interior design company. This decision not only signaled her confidence in her abilities but also marked a turning point in her career. As the founder and principal architect of her firm, she has had the freedom to unleash her creativity and steer projects according to her vision. Under her leadership, the company has flourished, earning accolades and acclaim for its innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Beyond her achievements in the field, she is also committed to nurturing the next generation of designers. Her passion for education is reflected in her role as an instructor at various universities in Turkey. From teaching Technical Drawings and Digital Media to guiding students through Interior Design Projects and delving into Art History, Sezen imparts her wisdom and expertise with generosity and enthusiasm. Right now she is the lecturer for the Interior Design Fundamentals course and on the 16th of February starts the Interior Design Professional Course. Her dedication to education underscores her belief in the power of knowledge to shape the future of design.

What sets Gokcen apart is not just her impressive resume or her extensive portfolio; it is her unwavering commitment to excellence and her relentless pursuit of innovation. Whether she is conceptualizing a cutting-edge commercial space or imparting wisdom to aspiring designers, the interior designer approaches each endeavor with a rare blend of creativity, passion, and precision.

We have prepared a short interview with her so you can delve into her world deeper.

Q: When was your passion for interior design born?

Gokcen: I am very passionate about interior design. My dream of becoming an interior designer was born when I was around 10 years old.

Q: Were there any major challenges you’ve faced throughout your interior design career and how did you manage to overcome them?

Gokcen: I have been using AutoCAD since 2001, Adobe Photoshop since 2004, and SketchUp since 2007. During that period, we did not have a good internet connection or readily available materials for software development. These days, all of these software programs are connected to AI systems, making it challenging for me to keep updating my knowledge of using them. Additionally, in my role as a contractor, I also face challenges at the construction site in the field.

Q: What made you want to become a lecturer and what inspires you to continue teaching?

Gokcen: I strongly believe that you must have experience in order to prepare the students for the field. The dream of being a lecturer started in 2003, but I officially became one in 2020. 

Q: Which strategies do you rely on to encourage creativity and critical thinking among your students?

Gokcen: I encourage my students to experience different styles of projects. I create imaginary clients and give them “Client Questionnaires” in order to analyze different needs and requirements. In addition, during projects like designing a restaurant, I encourage them to develop their own conceptual menus. This exercise prompts them to consider client profiles and preferences. Moreover, since our projects involve constructed buildings, grappling with structural features further prepares them for real-world scenarios in the field.

Q: What is your advice for someone who is just getting started with interior design?

Gokcen: First of all, I advise them to give some time for themselves and their work. Most of the students are getting stressed out when they are not only studying the theoretical part but also learning different softwares. Secondly I always mention how important it is that we need to create balance between clients, constructors and their design ideas. I also advise them to create time for themselves to research about the topics that they’re interested in. 

Of course we will show you some of the projects she has been a part of! 

Kosik Design

Chamber of Commerce

Police Station

You can sign up for our Interior Design Professional Course and sink in some of the knowledge of our amazing lecturer.

As the world of interior design continues to evolve, Gokcen Sezen remains at the forefront, pushing boundaries, and redefining conventions. Her journey from student to entrepreneur serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers everywhere, a testament to the transformative power of vision, determination, and unwavering dedication to one's craft. In the hands of visionaries like Gokcen Sezen, the spaces we inhabit are not just structures; they are reflections of our aspirations, our identities, and our shared humanity.

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