Why the Hampton style is perfect for small bedrooms

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The Hamptons style is very stylish yet its principle is simple and easy to follow. It is cosy and cool, not to mention, luxurious as the great bed and accessories with bright walls highlight the space in your room. Bedroom interior design aspects help you distinguish the features that should be prioritized. As in the Hamptons design, the most important thing is the rustic, coastal vibe it radiates in the room. It is composed of the essential elements of the bedroom that make up the mood and atmosphere that you want. If you want to further learn about the fundamental theories and elements, check our online course, HDI Bedroom Interior Design for the outline of discussion as well as the duration of the course.

It is very important to know the basics before jumping into planning. Designing can be a tedious process so making a trial and error can cost you time, effort and money. You can play with the elements if you know how to alter or balance them. Of course, you need to educate yourself first to become aware of the important aspects of interior design. We can take part in the process as we have mentioned above that we have our short courses to help you. Just feel free to scroll on our site and browse some pages for more interesting courses.

Oversized beds, spacious areas and timber designs are some of the features of a Hamptons design. The rustic feel and coastal style highlight areas in the bedroom. But, what if the bedroom is not that spacious? How can we incorporate Hamptons interior design in these small spaces? Curious about how we can make it? Well, we’ve got you covered! We will be giving some suggestions on how you can design your small bedroom in the Hamptons style. Just make sure you have all eyes on this one as we bring out the best in your small area.

Assess Your Area
Small bedrooms can be easy to design if we know which furniture can fit and what accessories can we put in them. You must know your room’s measurements so you can decide whether to buy that big mattress or not. Assessing the area can give you a sneak peek of what your design would look like based on your preferences. Luckily, the Hamptons design is not complicated at all.

Hold That Accessory
Knowing the right accessories to put in your small area can minimize the clutter and maximize the space for the furniture such as the bed. A bookshelf or divider can be a storage/headboard for your bed. Little books and a painting can be another highlight of your small bedroom. Choosing coastal paintings or variations of blue can be enough in your small bedroom. Also, rugs that are natural in materials can be used to accessorize the flooring. It can be matched with variations of blue from blankets to pillowcases. These accessories can be done with a classic white background.

Colour of your Choice
Selecting your main background colour can be tricky especially if you are tired of the all-white theme. Colours grey, cream, beige and pastel blue are some of the choices you can include in the colour palette for the Hamptons interior design. Balancing the variations and sticking to just one colour can maximize other parts of the design and limit the area for focal points. You cannot just add more accepted colours as it can ruin the balance and harmony of the style. Simplicity is still followed in this type of design. Probably with the accessories you can minimize the play of colours so your attention will not be mainly on them. Remember, the room should be conducive to sleeping and less of a distraction. Small bedrooms can also have cramped space so you should limit what your eyes can see.

Enough Storage
In this type of bedroom, storage is the key. Maximizing the storage areas can be a tool for making the bedroom spacious. Having the bookshelf as suggested a while ago, can be multi-purposed. It can be a headboard, storage and bookshelf in one. Using the bookshelf from top to bottom while keeping plain and neutral colours is an advantage. You can just have this with a white mattress and a painting hung up a wall as well as a carpet for flooring accessory and you are good to go. This can be the simplest example you can have.

The storage can also be bedside tables and rattan boxes on the bed frame. Making customized bed frames with spaces for box inserts can be very useful in designing your bedroom. It will be a resourceful idea to use multipurpose storage in minimizing space use and managing the clutter in your bedroom.

Any design will be good in a small bedroom with proper use of space and colour scheme. Moderation in the use of accessories is important as well. With minimal space, the challenge is to still make the owner breathe with little but functional furniture. The Hamptons style of bedroom interior design is perfect for owners who wanted to have a chill and relaxed vibe even in small bedrooms. It is soothing to the eyes and calming to the soul.

Small spaces should not make you anxious. In fact, in styling, small spaces are rooms with little effort in designing especially with styles like the Hamptons. Functionality and simplicity still are the best design you can ever have. Of course, your preference still prevails after all. It is still you who will stay in the room and rest after a day’s work. These are just suggestions you may use as a guide but looking deeper and doing more tricks can be done if you still have time to do it. That is why educating yourself about the fundamental elements of bedroom interior design is important. With your knowledge of bedroom interior design and our tips on styles, you can mix and match as well as experiment on your own.

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