Unique countertop ideas for your kitchen

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Aside from being multifunctional, countertops play a vital role in your kitchen's aesthetics. Whether your kitchen is undergoing renovation or you're creating the ideal kitchen for your new home, you want to use the best materials that are both long-lasting and affordable. If you're here to know more about unique countertop ideas for your kitchen, take our kitchen Interior design course.

While planning, you may have researched popular countertop materials such as laminate, concrete, posh granite, marble, but there are other materials you can explore. These materials come with unique designs, which are sometimes a combination of different designs. A combination of sleek stainless steel or warm wood will create impressive designs that will work together. The most important thing is to consider other elements like flooring and cabinet hardware to ensure that they do not have the same design as the countertop.

Choose Countertops with Edges
Countertops with edges make a strong fashion statement. Generally, eased and squared edges imply a clean and sleek design, while rounded edges have a casual and softer appeal. S-shaped options are more traditional, but these are only a few out of the many edges available. For a sleek look, you can also go for a raised marine edge commonly found on stainless steel countertops.For a rustic vibe, you can consider a rough-hewn chiseled edge.

A Matte Finish is Great
These days, the countertop trend is moving towards matte, even though highly polished stone may look better. A honed design can help hide scratches and flaws, but it is smooth to touch. It also makes stains visible, especially on marble surfaces. 

The integrated sink
These days, sinks are available in different materials such as quartz, solid surface, stainless steel, concrete, marble, granite. So, you can easily incorporate them into your kitchen island. 

Additionally, you can customize your sink to any shape, size, depth, or details you like or any look that blends with your kitchen decor. Also, having a sink on your kitchen island can make it easy to sweep dirt into it for easy cleanup.

Save on stone
If you have a tight budget for your countertop, you can go for a genuine marble or granite countertop. You only get to spend most of the installation costs while you can do every other thing yourself by taking our kitchen Interior education.  
You can get your designed kitchen countertop and design by installing stone pieces around the rim or choose a wooden element that blends with the stone to create an edge for your countertop. 

Painted improvements
If you're not interested in purchasing a new countertop just yet, you can get excellent results by a simple painting of your countertop. To remodel a tired countertop, you can start by including two shades of colors, poly-acrylic or clear glitters, and finish with a pour-on sealant. This way, you can remodel your kitchen countertop without breaking the bank. Other unique countertop ideas for your kitchen area in the kitchen Interior design course.

Planet Friendly Options
Want to reconstruct your kitchen and save the planet? An eco-conscious countertop is a good option. Probably you'll choose Paperstone, made from compressed recycled post-consumer paper, natural pigments, and non-petroleum resin. Planet-friendly countertops are durable, food-safe, resistant to bacteria, moisture-proof, and give a warm, shiny look and a feel of soapstone.

Another environment-friendly option is GEOS recycled Glass Surfaces, crafted from post-consumer and industrial-use glass and a proprietary binder. This sturdy, impermeable surface works like an engineered stone, requiring no sealing, leaving no stains, and has a shiny colorful appearance that looks smooth throughout.

Waterfall wows
A waterfall countertop is a countertop that lies smoothly over the edge to the floor, surrounding the lower cupboards or sides of an island - and as the name implies, it always leaves people wowing. Quartz, granite, and marble are the common materials used in crafting this extended and costly edge countertop, but a crafty person can create a waterfall effect with cement. 

Try new shapes
There's no rule in interior kitchen decoration that says a kitchen must-have squared corners. Curvy corners are unique and outstanding. A horseshoe shape with seating along the outside is a good option. You can also consider a freeform shape that utilizes a wide space in an open-plan kitchen. 

Try Glass Countertops
Solid glass countertops are the latest trend these days. They come in different shapes, textures, edges, thicknesses, and colors, and they have high heat resistance and are resistant to scratches, mold, and stains. They're very easy to maintain and can withstand much weight, but a super-heavy or sharp object can leave irreparable damage. 

Attractive Look
For a simple look, nothing is as attractive as a live edge (bark side of a piece of lumber). These pieces are air-dried for a long period to avoid cracking the wood, then professionally milled so even when the bark is removed, the tree's natural form will remain. Live edge can be found in wood species like cherry, maple, and walnut to give your kitchen an appealing yet organic look.

Salvage Savvy
Wood doors made from the previous renovation or taken at a swap meet can live a new life in your kitchen as countertops. Using former laminate countertops as templates, you can pull this off with 3 oak doors. The oak coverings will be smoothed on for the edge, and then they will be ironed, stained, and sealed to complete the project. 

Can-do Copper
Copper and a few materials can be combined to give a patina, warm and historic aesthetic for your kitchen. Also, copper possesses natural anti-bacterial properties making it a good option for a kitchen counter. Despite being expensive, you can save a lot by seeking guidance from kitchen interior design experts, homeowners or taking a kitchen styling course. And if you're adventurous again to try something more challenging, try creating a kitchen countertop from your penny collection. Ideas for your kitchen, take our kitchen Interior education course.

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