Why Indian style living room designs are trending?

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We have many things to love about India, such as its elephants, sarees, Taj Mahal, and vibrant colors. India is a very colorful country and the base of Bollywood. Many people choose India as a great country and an important country to visit. If you fall into the category of those fascinated by the creativity and cheerfulness of Indian trends, Interior Design Education will provide you with knowledge about Indian-style living room designs. 

Your relationship with India doesn't have to end on your TV screen. You could bring it to life in your home setting. Even if you don't like India, there are still modern trends you can consider for the interior design of your home. This could transform your home from a common, dull home to a festive, vibrant one. You can consider these trending Indian interior design tips for your home. These are also the reason why Indian-style living rooms are trending.

India is a country full of diversity, from religion to language. India also has a diversity of colors. Use a neutral color like brown, off-white, or grey as a base. And add lively, vibrant colors for decorating it. You can also go with soil-like colors like burnt maroon, ochre yellow, and burnt oranges for floors and walls. 

You can use colors like blue and green for your frames and cushions. Indian culture appreciates the sun, and pale yellow can be used for the walls since it represents the sun's sign. Adding dark brown floor tiles or furniture works well with that, blended with ancient paintings on the wall and colorful mats. 

If you know India so well, you would have observed that Indians don't joke with patterns. From fabrics to clothing to accessories used for making sarees. India also uses patterns for home decoration. You could decide to add a twist to your walls with a lightly patterned wallpaper or use patterns for smaller spaces such as pillowcases; fabrics hung on the wall or bedspreads. You can even opt for chairs or sofas upholstered in patterned clothes. If you are too afraid to use bolg patterns, don't worry! HDI's Interior Design course will help you learn everyhting on the topc.

Since India has a very hot climate, their floorings are affected by an attempt to cool the house's temperature. Granite floors are preferred the most since they do not stain and last longer than others. Then, you can opt for a marble floor as it also lends the beautiful glow of granite, though it may lose its glow in time. They can easily crack, but there are various designs and color options that are suitable for everyone. You could go for a dark-stained timber floor if you don't want a shiny or colorful floor. 

Indian furniture is made of exotic, dark wood such as rosewood and ebony. Go for an original look by opting for pieces that indicate the exotic craftsmanship of India, with an old carving of traditional or symbolic motifs. Indian engraved benches and heavy round wooden tables will give an Indian look you instantly seek. Add a decorative birdcage or authentic footstools. Adding a traditional Indian cabinet is another great idea. The cabinet is not just painted brightly and pleasant to see but also used for the purpose of storage. You can place it in the bedroom for clothes or reception for storing shoes.

This final point is very important; even if you can't afford to follow the points before this, you can try this one. Our Interior Design Course will guide you in understanding what decorating your home entails and how best to do it. Though Indian homes are notable for using various decorations, don't use them excessively to avoid giving your home a disorganized look. You can use a flower vase. While using types of flowers and color patterns will enhance the beauty of your home. 

India loves the use of figures which could be brass, copper, or wooden. Statues of elephants, cows, and turtles show the animal richness in the country. You can also find common sculptures of religious gods and goddesses like those of Ganesha and Buddha. Including these motifs in your home will improve the cultural richness of your home.

Rugs with traditional animal patterns or authentic idols will be great for neutral or dark floors, saving decorators the cost of investing in marble tile floors. Indians place the rug on concrete or wooden floors to show their traditions and respect for their gods and goddesses.

Oil Lamps
Copper oil lamps come with brass that gives an exciting look. Also, lighting copper oil lamps at night can give your room a romantic and calm look. To further enhance the decoration and get the Indian interior style, Indians use brass pots on round tables. This gives an amazing look, and many people outside India are using this style of interior decoration.

Floor Cushions
Indians use materials with shiny and colorful bead embroidery or make embroidery on sari fabric to make their floor cushions. You could also make or buy large pillows and place them in random places on the floor of your reception or around your living area close to the central round table in your house. 

Hindu masks and other types of artifacts are very common in Indian culture. The use of several decorative boxes with different colors, beads, mirror pieces, or materials on your table are some of the common practices in Indian-style living room designs. Including this in your home will give your living room a festive twist.

If you're looking for how to incorporate an exotic eastern look and Indian look, include mandalas as small paintings on your walls, or place them above your bed as wallpaper. Without doing much, the mandala will give your home a colorful look. In all, be creative and only use styles you're comfortable with. Check the interior styling course to get creative ways of bringing Indian-style living room designs to your home.

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