Tips for designing a functional kitchen

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Having a well-organized kitchen makes your work and operation easy in the kitchen. It makes it easy to locate items in the kitchen, has an easy access working surface and an organized space for everything you need. Therefore, if you find it hard to operate in your kitchen, try making more space in the room and let everything be strategically placed within the available space.

A busy kitchen - one with little space to work on, one with everything everywhere, making it hard for you to find items can also be dangerous for you. A fire can arise, food can be easily contaminated and it can be a breeding ground for pests and bacteria. You, therefore, need to know how to fully maximize your kitchen space. Join us at Home Design Institute; our best lecturers will give you all the knowledge you need during our Kitchen Interior Design course.

In this article, we will highlight methods you can use to make your kitchen more functional. How can you easily access cooking items or cleaning items? How can you keep your surfaces clean and what features can you add to the kitchen storage areas?

Working surfaces
An efficient kitchen needs a working surface. You need a place to chop your vegetables from, arrange all the ingredients you will be used to prepare a meal, and a space to keep all your recipe books or electronics.
The choice of a working surface determines how easy your work will be in the kitchen. For example, a marble countertop is easy to clean, all you need is a detergent and a cloth, wipe and you are good to go.

So, how can you make more working surfaces in the kitchen? Utilize idle spaces such as the area next to the sink, come up with a section on the kitchen table where you place a chopping board at all times or have a kitchen island. Kitchen islands act as a central point and here, you can easily access anything you need at that time.

Storage space
A cluttered kitchen will make you overwhelmed and confused as you try to find different items within the kitchen. Therefore, you need to come up with enough storage spaces for all items in the kitchen. This can be achieved by having more cabinets and drawers.
There are mainly two types of cabinets in the kitchen. Upper cabinets or lower cabinets. Upper cabinets can be used for storing utensils or spices. However, you need to consider your safety first. Have cabinets installed where you can reach them? Items can fall when trying to reach them and hurt you.

Lower cabinets are essential for storing cleaning materials, or items that are often used in the kitchen such as cooking pans. If you have heavy cooking materials such as let’s, say heavy pans or big cooking sticks, make space for them on the lower cabinets.
Drawers are an extra advantage in terms of storage. Sharp objects such as knives, forks, rotisserie and other sharp items you use in the house.

Did you know there are more advantages of having a well-lit kitchen compared to what most of us avoid, which is paying more electricity bills? Especially at night, you can avoid accidents such as being hit by an item, cutting yourself and placing items in the wrong spaces.

During the day, ensure you draw your curtains to allow natural light from the sun, which in turn brings warmth and fresh air. Some kitchens are designed to allow light by having translucent roofs and big doors. Either way, you will save yourself electricity expenses without effort.
At night, have lights illuminate areas you mostly use such as the cooking area, areas above different countertops and cleaning points such as the sink. Alternatively, you can go for lights that ensure the whole kitchen is well lit such as ceiling-mounted lights or wall-mounted lights.

Poorly lit kitchens are breeding grounds for pests such as rats and cockroaches. This in turn can lead to contamination of food. How well do you understand your kitchen's lighting needs? Find out more at

Passage space
You need to have enough space between different workstations in the kitchen. This gives you free movement and easy access to items across the room. For example, if you need cooking pans on the other side of the kitchen, you can easily access them.
The lack of enough space in the kitchen makes the place look untidy and difficult to clean. You will have to navigate through different sections to clean and this also gives you a lot of unnecessary work.
Designing a functional kitchen does not have to be hectic for you. We give you access to the skills and knowledge you need to visualize and actualize the kitchen of your dreams. Join us today at our Kitchen Design course, for upcoming session set to start on 16th May. However, you have to register before 1st May 2022.

This is a method where you have all your cooking items in a container. Yes, this is one of the proven ways to make kitchens more functional. Especially when the items are well labelled, you can access anything you need with ease.

Containerization is also safe for your food items. Most are placed in airtight containers to avoid aeration. Some lose their taste and aroma properties when exposed to air.
When storing items in the fridge, it makes it easy to you to organize your fridge, foodstuffs take the shape of the container. Storing them and retrieving them becomes easy for you and other members of the house.
Items you use daily such as salt and cooking oil can be strategically placed on one of the countertops. Containers are economical as well as they can be cleaned and stored for future use.

Have multiple cleaning points

If you are observant enough, you will notice most kitchens have one or two cleaning points. Either a point on one of the countertops, an outside sink or a kitchen island. Depending on the size and kitchen layout, make your work easier by having a different point for cleaning utensils from one point for cleaning vegetables.
Utensil cleaning items such as detergents contain chemicals that can contaminate food if not well rinsed off. This is why you need multiple cleaning points in the kitchen. One for utensils and one for food items.
Multiple cleaning points make it easy for you to clean surfaces around the sink improving hygiene in your room. Most designers you will notice, prefer having the dishwasher placed next to the kitchen for easy supply of water to the washing machine and drying utensils.

Do you have items in the house you do not use yet that just occupy your kitchen space? Do away with them. Make space for the available items and ensure all the space is well utilized.
Such items can be donated, sold or stored in a different room to be accessed in case there is a need to have them around.Decluttering motivates you to purchase new items you need for your kitchen; you will find a space to store them in case need be.

In conclusion, make your kitchen more functional for easy access of items in the kitchen and the safety of everyone who uses the kitchen. Homes need kitchens and they are not important if you do not maximize their use. Home Design Institute is here to make your life easy for two classes a week, 4 months is all you need to make your home a comfortable place. Hurry before all slots for the Kitchen Interior Design course are filled.

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