Most common farmhouse design mistakes

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According to tradition, farmhouses are homes that are built in agricultural lands, with the objective of working the land and protecting the people who live and work there. This house style is simple and elegant at the same time, two characteristics that make it timeless.

So, when it comes to the design of this place, it must maintain its original significance, and represent peace, purity, simplicity, functionality, and security, since not all of the farmhouses are related to agrarian life. But, sometimes people could make some mistakes when they are creating a farmhouse style. In that way, we are going to teach you what are the most common farmhouse design mistakes, and how to avoid them.

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Now, let’s see which are those mistakes when designing a farmhouse.
Underestimate the power of the kitchen
The kitchen is an important place for all houses, but in this one, is particularly the most important room. So, since in the farmhouse kitchen people work a lot, all the furniture, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc., should have a strong look.

For example, having wooden tables is the best option, to maintain the rural look and the strength of this material. In addition, the shelves should be thick and open; the countertop must be made of solid wood or any other material that is strong enough to withstand a lot of activities. And the kitchen chairs should be rustic. Remember that the kitchen is the heart of your farmhouse.

Being so strict with the farmhouse look
Living in a farmhouse offers you warmth and comfort, due to its natural and vintage elements. You can feel so relaxed, because you have a functional and so comfortable place. But, if you don’t live in a real farmhouse built in an agricultural land, and you wish to bring this style in your new home, you must be careful on not to mix different styles that don’t match.
So, what you can do is include some typical elements that define this farmhouse style with some elements that define your current house style. In this way, you don’t have a carnival of styles.

Saturating your home
The farmhouse style characterizes by being cozy, warm, and comfortable, however, sometimes you could clutter your home by adding several elements and décor. Here, you must remember that you need to create a peaceful ambiance, so, if you overwhelm it with so many things, it is going to give the contrary effect.

Selecting the incorrect fabric, textures and patterns
In a farmhouse, the decoration and materials of furniture should be natural, and not too perfect. This means that all your elements must have a worn look, but not of bad quality. When designing a farmhouse is important to maintain its principles and characteristics, and the real look of this style is the natural, heavy, and sturdy things. So, you should not include very good manufactured elements that may cause a conflict of styles.
In this case, you should use natural fabrics like cotton or canvas, and you could also use floral, stripe, plaid, or embroidered patterns. Additionally, it is very common to use reclaimed wood or real natural stone in a farmhouse design.

Your goal when designing a farmhouse style is to keep the warmth and welcoming atmosphere. So, you should not use a bright illumination, because it could break the friendly look that is always offered in a farmhouse. In this case, your solution is to choose cozy light sources and make the most of natural light.

Thinking that you must live in the country
If you like the rustic, natural, and warm vibe that gives the farmhouse style, you could recreate it in your new home. You don't need to live in the countryside to build this type of house. The best option you have is to include some traditional and vintage elements of the farmhouse style, and décor with a neutral color palette and natural fabrics. And, as we mentioned before, you should not saturate your home with so many things.

Using only wood for ceilings and floors
Wood is practically the main material to build a farmhouse, so, its use is not only focused on floors and ceilings. You could also have wooden decorations, countertops, furniture, appliances, tables, chairs, or cabinets. Here, the rule of thumb is not to limit yourself and express all your personality. So, your goal is to mix the right materials to create a beautiful and warm ambiance.
To sum up, each house style has characteristics that make it special, and the farmhouse is one of them. This style will always offer you calm, peace, and comfort, and you should maintain that kindly aspect. So, you could follow these tips to build an impressive farmhouse.

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