How to choose the perfect kitchen cart for your home?

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The kitchen cabinets are important in keeping the cooking tools clean and dry. They are great storage keeping utensils, plates, pans, and other dry goods. They can also be placed under kitchen islands and countertops. But, what if you have a small space? Fear not! We can help you with that. A kitchen cart is available for permanent use. In our discussion, we will tackle more about finding the right kitchen cart for you to use. If you want to style this and many other pieces with you kitchen interior, but you don't know how Home Design Institute is the place for you!

So, what is a kitchen cart? You might wonder about its functional use and how it helps in a kitchen. You may say, you already have more cabinets than we can ever imagine in your kitchen. But, think again. Kitchen carts are extra storages that are usually used for dry goods, bigger pans and food. Yes, you can store and serve food better using a kitchen cart.

Like any other furniture or tool in the kitchen, kitchen carts have styles and designs that can match your taste. They are also like kitchen buffets and islands. The difference is that kitchen carts are simpler, smaller and easily moveable. Kitchen buffets are normally placed on one side, typically beside a dining table to store tools for gatherings and events. Meanwhile, kitchen islands can be used to store kitchen tools as well. Like kitchen carts, islands can have installed wheels. Kitchen Islands are bigger than kitchen carts and mostly, built-in.

Kitchen carts are very convenient for parties as it is smaller and faster to move. Serving food with the kitchen carts can be stylish. You can also decorate them with your preferred style. Common styling décor includes table runners, vases with flowers as well as wine bottles and plates. Fruits are common placement on kitchen carts too.

Kitchen Style
Assessing your kitchen is the first step in choosing the right kitchen cart for you. Like any other furniture, you cannot just pick randomly the cart that you want. Check your kitchen design and the colour scheme that you have in the kitchen. By doing this, you are saving time, money and effort in looking for the perfect kitchen.

Of course, kitchen carts are part of the kitchen design itself. Including them in the plan first-hand is better. Together with the other appliances and tools, planning for the kitchen carts should be done side by side. Planning for such little details is hard, but HDI's Kitchen Interior Design online course will turn you into a real pro when it comes to kitchen planning and designing. 

Open Shelves
What is your purpose for getting a kitchen cart? Is your place small and you would want additional shelves? The kitchen cart can be open shelves too. The industrial style of kitchen carts is good for you. This style has a homey feel as you can decorate them with glasses and vintage accessories.

Granite and Bamboo carts are perfect for this one. If the accessories would be heavy, granite tops can be chosen over wood. This way, the cart can handle any movement to protect the accessories in it. Different styles of granite and bamboo are available in common furniture shops and online producers. You may also opt for your style and design.

Kitchen and Food Storage
While open shelving can be done on countertops or kitchen buffets, tools and food storage can also be the reason for choosing kitchen carts. The conventional closed carts are right for this type of function. Perfect for good storage. While maximizing the space in your kitchen, the carts can help in taking some tools and pans in for storage.

Wagon style carts with baskets inside can be used for food storage. It is open and the air is free-flowing for fruits.  A Mesh Kitchen Cart can also be used for food storage as well as utensils covering. These carts look stunningly modern as they have more updated looks in them. Several manufacturers have these kinds of kitchen carts available at a cheaper price.

Dining Area
The kitchen cart is multifunctional. It can also be used as a dining table for small spaces. By having additional tools with the measurements given, you can have your dining area with these. Of course, you must be aware of the colour scheme and kitchen design that you have. It is best to apply some basic knowledge of kitchen interior design for this.

Wood materials and granite can do the job on this function. Wooden stools can fit in these carts. Kindly be sure in choosing the right colours for this.

Kitchen Assistant
If you are just opting for the function of putting the frequently used kitchen tools, the kitchen cart can be your kitchen assistant. Choosing a more natural and modern style is perfect for this function. Cooking can be tiring and tools may be out of reach but with the kitchen cart, it may be less hassle and time-consuming. 

Materials would include most steel in modern style. If your kitchen design includes a cooking range, this can complement your kitchen design. While bamboo carts going for natural style can fit the farmhouse kitchen design. 

Again, it is important to be aware of the kitchen interior design that you have chosen before choosing the right cart. It is still best to look for complementaries and find the balance in your kitchen. Harmony is still the aim in kitchen design and other styles. With an assessment of the appliances available as well as the colour schemes and previous accessories, you can be sure of the perfect match for you in kitchen carts.

As interior design is concerned, educating yourself is still the best thing to do before any plans and layouts. Know some history and background of designs. Check for the basics in colours and appliances. Plan for budgeting and what costs can bring out the best in your kitchen. These things can be done with our Kitchen Interior Design course. As you read tips and suggestions on our website, you may scroll on the different topics that are discussed which may seem interesting to you. Yes, we will go through them one by one once you start learning about interior design. Enjoy the process!

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