The Benefits of Installing Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

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Different methods used to design modern kitchens are becoming popular with other kitchen styles.  Modern kitchen styles use features that make them more efficient and pocket friendly for the users. Hence, you can never go wrong if you try out different features for a modern kitchen such as under cabinet kitchen lighting.

There are several benefits you can enjoy from this feature, one of them is, it makes your kitchen look classy, at the same time saves electricity bills. Home Design Institute challenges its students to come up with sustainable methods and designs for different kitchen styles. Y setou can participate as well by joining us for classes to start on 16th May 2022. Book your slots early before 1st May 2022 for our Kitchen Interior Design Course.

In this article, we will be highlighting other benefits of having under cabinet kitchen lighting and lights you can use to light the areas under your cabinet. We will also advise you on which designs suit which specific areas and when you need professional assistance. 

Lower your electricity bills  
Lighting fixtures placed under cabinets are LED lights that consume very minimum power and have very low voltage. Compared to other light fixtures in the house such as ceiling-mounted fixtures, they produce less light hence carry a little cost.

Also, when using under cabinet lights, you do not need other fixtures on, they are enough to illuminate a surface you are working on. Electricians ensure the wiring is different for such lights, and a switch is allocated to each of these fixtures.
Recessed lights can replace liner lights under the cabinets and can assume different colours, shapes and designs.

No shadows in the working area
Ceiling mounted lights cause shadows making it hard for the cook or anyone else in the kitchen to easily access corners. However, under cabinet lights illuminate the area well and can be efficient to light the stove area or countertops.

L-shaped kitchens have sharp corners to easily accommodate items such as cabinets and working surfaces. Working surfaces need ample light to ensure the safety of anyone using this space. Therefore, under cabinet lights become handy in this situation.
Study rooms adopt this feature as well, it is a bonus extension. Ask your electrician to install these lights either directly above your study table or directly above your library shelves.

Enhance interior value
Under-cabinet lights make the space more beautiful and appealing. With different colours, such as orange or yellow, they enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Your home looks more expensive and classier as these lights create a wonderful ambience.

Poor lighting designs make the kitchen dull and make one lack the motivation to use the kitchen. However, with good lighting, you are often motivated to make good meals for your family.
Under the cabinet, lights are handy if you use a recipe book or a laptop and you need more light. You will not strain to try to read cooking steps under poor lighting or shadows created by other lighting fixtures in the room.

Simple to install
Without the help of an electrician, you can easily come up with lights under your cabinets. They need simple wiring, can be attached to a surface and are cheap to purchase. Online tutorials are easily available and you can follow them to install under cabinet lights.

Alternatively, Home Design Institute is offering classes at 690 EUR for online Kitchen Interior Design classes set to start on 16th May 2022. But the registration deadline is 1st May 2022. There are several limited slots, take advantage of this early opportunity and enrol today!
Here, for only two classes a week within 4 months, we have a simple learning plan where students are motivated to come up with simple kitchen designs using different materials. Our lecturers are world-class and renowned to assist students to work with different software to attain their goals.

Improve the value of your home
A well-designed home has more value compared to one that has less visible design features. When calculating value, house selling agents always look out for unique features that can be used to add value to your home.

In the kitchen, under cabinet lights are a design that makes the kitchen stand out as it looks elegant and more expensive. If you need to resell your home, adding such a few elements could add value to your home.
There are different functions of these lights. If the sole purpose is to light areas that have shadows, you can go for simple designs. However, if it is to add value to your home, you need to come up with better lighting designs such as pluck or recessed lights.

Types of under cabinet lights
-Linear lights

Linear lights are lights attached to a strip with tiny bulbs to give light. Some are rotational, while others adopt different colours. A slim casing made up of rope or hard metallic tripe serves the purpose as well. They are efficient and easy to stick on the wall or under the cabinet section. They are also more efficient for longer sections and places with corners.

-Puck lights
They are slim, tennis ball-sized and are often battery-powered. They are also easy to install and can be attached or detached. They are most common on dressing table mirrors and are good for smaller spaces.
The more you have these lights, the more your under-cabinet area is illuminated.

-Integrated lighting
They are often frosted lights and can be hard to install after a kitchen design is made. They also require professional wiring; electric cables often need a power supply to power this type of bulb.
However, designers can come up with a way to hide the wires and let the lights be visible only, with a wall-mounted switch.

-Recessed lights
These are lights that have been inserted into the cabinet bottom parts. They have different functions such as decorating the place, bringing in lighter and eliminating shadows by focusing light into specific positions.
Recessed lights are easy to install and can fit well on the chimney to illuminate the cooker and areas above the sink where you often do your cleaning.

-Filament bulbs
These are tubes you commonly see in industrial kitchen designs. However, they need to be smaller in size and have minimum light. Too much light causes shadows which cancels out the purpose of the under-cabinet lights.
Filament lights often need a technician to install them and ensure they have a switch on their own. If you are not sure of the installation process, kindly consult an electrician.

In conclusion, there are several benefits of having lights installed in your under cabinets. The above-mentioned advantages are one of the most beneficial to your kitchen. Combining with the available lights, you can be sure of adding elegance to your kitchen.
Lighting your kitchen is a wide area and among the courses, we offer at Home Design Institute, we have kitchen interior designs: Theory and Practice. You will be trained on how to achieve the desired kitchen by following steps such as Visualization, planning, actualization and so much. Our intake is ongoing, we would be glad to have you onboard in our Kitchen Interior Design Course.

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