How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Bar

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If you plan to give yourself a more noticeable place to entertain your guests or expand your seating set-up, a kitchen bar is a great way to achieve it. Since all bars are incomplete without stylish bar stools, a kitchen bar provides you with the opportunity of bringing visual flair, a texture, or a pop of color into your space. Our Kitchen Interior course will educate you to make the best decisions for designing the perfect kitchen bar. 

There are different ways of bringing a kitchen bar into your kitchen space. You could pick the right backsplash, use exposed shelving or do a complete renovation. But keep in mind that as long as you have enough space for sitting, eating, and drinking, you should have all you need to design the perfect kitchen bar. 

You can consider some kitchen bar 
design ideas to suit your personal and kitchen needs. You'd be happy you made the right decision when next you are eating in your kitchen or hosting some guests for a wine night at your new kitchen bar. Here are some of the ideas for designing the perfect kitchen bar.

Take Advantage of Built-in Structures
Uncovered structural columns can be discouraging, but they can be a great way to beautify your space. Consider if you can take advantage of them rather than trying to hide them. Perhaps the column can run through the end of your bar, producing a suggested threshold in your kitchen space. This makes your space look better. 

Use Your Corners Properly
If what you are decorating is a small space, it helps if you can be creative and get spots that can serve more than one purpose. Can you transform your wraparound kitchen counter into a not too big one? If yes, you can provide yourself with a comfortable and warm dining room without sacrificing a lot of space.

Choose the Right backsplash
Kitchen bars are pretty short, and anyone would see your sink and the backsplash at its back. To establish the right mood for other spaces in your kitchen, invest in a sink and backsplash combination that is just perfect for your bar and kitchen. 

Take Advantage of Exposed Shelving
If you have exposed shelves in your kitchen, remember that the items on the shelves will double well as decorations. Use the exposed shelving to set the tone in your kitchen space. You can line your shelves with pretty bottles of alcohol, martini glasses, or anything you need your kitchen bar to serve. This would give your bar a gorgeous look. 

Line Your Bar With Fun Tile
Kitchen bars are incredible places to have some fun. You could line your tile with a bold title and then match the tile with your backsplash or choose a complementary pair. Whatever choice you make, it'd still beautify your space.

Create Suggested Boundaries
You may want to create a separation between your dining room and bar if you plan on decorating an open-concept space. One good way to achieve this is to confirm the rest of your kitchen to your kitchen bar and make your dining area look slightly different. You can incorporate the use of structures and pillars to further beautify your bar area.

Invest in Your Finishing Touches
Everything around your kitchen bar is very important, and that's why you should treat it as important. The Kitchen Styling Course will teach you how you should make the right investment with your finishing touches. Once you find a bar you love, just keep working to give it the perfect bar design. Also, look for lighting fixtures that would enhance the look of your kitchen space.

Have Fun With Color
It is not uncommon to paint your kitchen bar to fit your kitchen cabinets. But if you want to do something different, you could use the same color but different shades. Paint your kitchen closet light blue and your bar navy blue, or choose a different solid-colored palette. You should keep in mind that a darker color will be better. 

Consider an Overhang Bar
You can consider the use of an overhanging bar. Some kitchen bars come with in-built overhangs. The countertop expands beyond, and it gives you a normal place where you can store some seats. This can make eating at your kitchen bar more comfortable and spacious. But if you have chosen backless stools, it would still help to create more space. It would also reduce spills, and that will be a bonus. 

Spring for Statement-Making Fixtures
Kitchen bars and pendant lights always go hand in hand. Apart from helping you see your food, a great way to dress your space is by using pendant lights. They provide your space with a sense of cohesion and contrast, which makes it more harmonious.

Use Matching Pieces to Keep Things Cohesive
It can be great fun when you create contrast with your kitchen closets. But you eventually would want your space to be comfortable. You can look for means to bring your kitchen bar and closets together by opting for items that go together with your bar stools while showing items on the kitchen closets. 

Craft a Restaurant-Worthy Space
If you prefer your kitchen bar to look luxurious, find ways to achieve that look. You can also line your shelves with glass bottles and opt for lights that look like the ones you would find in a hotel. If you can't withstand a purposeless decor accent, fill the glass bottles with simple homemade syrups. This will give your bar a classy look. 

In conclusion, our Kitchen Design Course is the best for you. With the aforementioned ideas on how to design the perfect kitchen bar, you will be able to make the appropriate decisions to satisfy your kitchen needs. These ideas will play an important role in how you will have a great experience with your space, both aesthetically and literally. Therefore, they are worth the additional effort.

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