How to design a cottage that feels like home?

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Few things are more idyllic than spending a vacation or a weekend in a beautiful rustic cabin in the countryside, in the woods or in the mountains. These types of rustic houses are perfect to disconnect from the routine and establish contact with nature. That is why, if we have the opportunity to access a cabin with these characteristics, it will be important to know how to decorate it. If you are looking for inspiration to make your cottage feel like home, our Interior Design course is just what you are looking for!

Decorating a small space - a cabin, a small house or a studio -  can seem impossible. The challenge is how to make a space habitable and give it all the comfort and design.

Separate spaces
You may wonder where you are going to put all your things or if you are going to be able to live in a "big room". The key is to separate spaces in such a way that in appearance it will give you the feeling of having different rooms, even if you are living in a large room. You can do all of this easily. Create separated spaces, so that we have different images of your home from different angles.

Use dividers
Do you want to have the feeling of being in different rooms and want to decorate each of them differently? You can separate the rooms using dividers. You can find from hand-decorated artisan pieces, fantastic dividers decorations. Dividers perfectly separate rooms the way you want.

Some people like to use string or fabric to create a wall, or wooden slats, stacked wooden boxes, etc. All these solutions will give it the appearance of having different rooms within the area, although the space is really a "large room".

Multi functional storage
When you're in a cabin or small studio, you need to neatly organize your stuff—hide it, so to speak—so it doesn't look like a perfect mess. You have to perfectly manage the storage areas, any small gap can be a closet. Inventively, a small trunk box to put your things can serve as a table. Decorative boxes, which also serve to store clothes.

A shelf can be used to stack your clothes while separating environments, which will allow you to have all things organized, while achieving a functional and habitable space with comfort. All this so that the place looks good and not in disarray.

Choose the decoration for your cabin
You can use a style that allows you to create an atmosphere that takes you away from the daily stress of life. The old vintage styles fit so well in the farmhouse setting—in fact, they fit just fine.

The use of wood, dark or light wood, in furniture, hangings and trim, goes as well in a 16th century farmhouse in the English countryside as it does in a modern North American farmhouse. The use of floral fabrics and rustic styles in lighting and other household needs.

Even the kitchen can be an escape to the past, but still modern in its function, with the use of vintage style pots and pans, antique style table and chairs, vintage pot hangers, etc. Almost any type of accessory, ornament, piece of furniture or decoration can help you add style to your cabin.

Using vintage country styles for your cabin interior can be taken one step further, using a secondary theme that is also in keeping with your surroundings and the purpose of the cabin.

For example, if it is a cabin to enjoy the countryside and nature, nature themes can be used, with local trees and flowers, as well as familiar animals in the area where the cabin is located.

With a little imagination, visualizing your ideal cabin interior design and a little searching, you can surely create a rustic setting that will greet you in the depths of winter or the height of summer.

Acquire “cottage-style” items
There is a certain type of decor that seems to appeal to everyone who lives in a log cabin, and that type of decor can be very expensive or ridiculously cheap. This article aims to help you find the style of decoration you want for much less than you think. It is not so difficult; all it takes is a little work and a lot of enthusiasm.

Another option is to buy some vintage or antique items at an antique store, or at a flea market. In the latter you can find excellent furniture, interior decoration items and more, at a very good price. Keep in mind that many times sellers try to get rid of "junk" that they had in the garage or barn.

Wood Ornaments
Of course, wood is the central element when it comes to decorating a cabin. There are many decorations that look great in this environment. Something you can do yourself is a candle ornament with wood. 

Iron and Wood
Iron is a material that goes excellent with wood. If you have never seen it, the combination may seem strange to you, but I assure you that they complement each other perfectly.

Today there is designer furniture that has a black painted iron structure and drawers made of wood. It is a great option for doors, beds, windows, tables, benches and furniture such as cupboards or chests of drawers.

Having good lighting is essential for any type of decoration. But the rustic style benefits a lot when there are large windows that let in natural light.

In areas with arid and cold climates, the windows do not need to have the function of opening. It is enough to have a large window to contemplate nature and let the sun heat the house.

Barn doors
The doors that we call "barn" are sliding. Their main advantage is that they help save space, since they do not open from the inside out, like traditional doors.

And finally, never overlook the power of local artisans. If you want something rustic, something simple and homey, something unique and unusual, always be on the lookout for the most unexpected places. Take the time to visit local workshops, and you will be amazed at the unexpected treasures you will find. See you all in this amazing Interior Design course and we will tell you much more!

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