Why Scandinavian Farmhouses are Trending

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They say it takes two to Tango. Two heads are better than one. These phrases also apply in art and style. As you read on, you will discover more about the fusion of two styles in one epic and trending interior design: the Scandinavian style and farmhouse design.

Have you ever gone to a mountain when it is sunny? It feels warm and the breeze is fresh and relaxing. Then, suddenly, it became cloudy signalling that it will rain later. The clouds were a bit darker and thick. Eventually, it rains and you went to protect yourself from getting wet under a tree or small house near. Imagine the feeling of calmness as the rain falls. Nice experience, right? This sounds familiar when we talk about the Scandinavian farmhouse design.

Farmhouses are simple and minimalist. It allows space for accessories to show off their material. They are warm and welcoming as natural lighting is favoured. Simplicity is elegance such that even resources for decoration are close to the farm.

Similarly, the Scandinavian style from the Scandinavian countries is natural and striking. You would notice the surrounding in those countries shows off how awesome the environment can be. This inspired the making of the Scandinavian style – more open for space, nature and light.
In this discussion, we will tackle some of the reasons why Scandinavian Farmhouses are part of the list of trending designs. Why do a lot of people choose it?

Perfect Contrast
We mentioned above the similarities between Scandinavian design and Farmhouse design. Both styles have a natural vibe in them. Rustic style in farmhouses often uses recycled tools and wood as accessories. The Scandinavian design emphasizes how close nature is by using more stones, wood glass. Similarly, the styles give us a warm and cosy feeling in a home.

So, how do the two styles differ from each other, combining into one perfect artistic treat? Well, as traditional and modern approaches combined in one. The rustic style of a farmhouse serves as the traditional welcoming house for people with banquet tables and a timeless sink. The Scandinavian style gives a more modern approach by maximizing glass and naturally occurring colours.

Combining both styles creates a unique blend of an earthy mood. Black is used as lining on windows, the areas you would want to emphasize can be done with the shade of black.  Shapes are also used to bring more decoration to the Scandinavian farmhouse. The hues may look a bit cold and monochromatic than the usual farmhouses, but it still has a clean and simple vibe in it.

The Scandinavian Farmhouse design focuses on simplicity and functionality. Decluttering is still the key while using earthy materials are prioritized. The use of wool, stones and woods are common and appreciated by many. The balancing of these elements creates a welcoming farmhouse.

Simplicity in Variety
Familiarity with the basic concepts is important in experimenting or combining two or more styles. You must know the essential elements in Interior Design. With this, we have our Interior Design course to help you out. You will be guided with the most important aspects of designing as you plan your designs. Exciting isn’t it? It is fun styling as you get to choose your preferences in every element of the interior.

Experimenting with many options and styles is nice as long as you know the basics and principles of it. If you like simple and classy, a Scandinavian farmhouse is for you. With the combination of plain and earthy colours, you can get your matches in a wide range.
That is why a Scandinavian farmhouse is known and preferred. It is not complicated and the results of combining materials colours to accessories are all perfect and calming. Being brave enough to try getting the right hues and choosing the right colours is the first step in trying this style. Many have tried this already and the results are fantastic! No wonder Scandinavian farmhouse is trending. It gives a positive vibe though it is minimalist and simple.

The urge to combine more and more is there in designing. Sometimes, too much of something gives you an awkward feeling or uncomfortable feelings. But, in the Scandinavian farmhouse, variety can be simple and simplicity can be done in various ways. Define versatility as well!

Relaxing Serene Vibe
In choosing a style for a home, a lot of things are considered. What material will I use? What colour would be perfect for the walls? What cabinets will be applicable in the kitchen? Will there be room for more decors? Will the budget be enough? All of these are just portions of the worries an individual has in styling her own space. But, of course, what is important is the feeling when you get home. You will always look for the relaxing and welcoming space that you always want. Whatever design it may be.

That warm feeling is one of the reasons Scandinavian Farmhouses are chosen and trending. It gives off a peaceful and calm vibe. With the combination of a little black and white, this type of farmhouse makes you want to opt for the serenity you feel when you see and hear slow crashing waves on the shore or as mentioned above, rain during a sunny trail in the mountains.

Whatever reason it may be, the Scandinavian farmhouse design is one of a kind. It has its impact in its simplest ways. The amazing part is, in the contrast and variety, this style proves that simple and natural is enough to make people relaxed in the comforts of their own home. Nothing beats nature.

To learn more about Interior Design, you may check out our online courses for more details. We want you to experience learning about design as fun and exciting as it can be. Discover more trending designs and start planning your combinations of styles. We cannot put more words into our excitement for your journey. Have a wonderful designing day!

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