How to create a cohesive design using different decorating styles?

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The best house designs are those that seem cohesive. Coordinating design schemes from room to room can make the entire space more inviting and create a sense of calm. However, achieving the perfect cohesiveness in your home isn't as easy as it seems. If you think you need some extra help, learn the basics of Interior Design with the help of Home Design’s Institute online course. With that said, here are five tips to help you feel balanced and united.

Do what you love!
This is advice that can help you in almost every aspect of your life and home design is no exception. Find out which places in your home you like the most and see if there are ways to multiply them in other areas of your home. The best part is that your favorite element in your home can be anything from a piece of furniture to a color scheme. No matter what you decide to use as inspiration to design the rest of the house, it will help you create a more cohesive look and a home you enjoy living in. Plus, it will add character to your home, which is exactly what you're trying to achieve.

Use words
One of the tricks that many interior designers use is to start by choosing a few words that they want to describe the look they are going for. Identifying the words that describe your decorating style allows you to create the same look in every room, resulting in a more cohesive room. Employing this strategy can help you give your project a clear direction. Let's say you decide you want the word "contrast" to best describe your home. Just keep looking for ways to introduce more contrast into your home until a specific word can be used to describe each room in your home. According to professionals, no more than six words are needed to describe a decorating style.

Coordinate connecting rooms
One of the best ways to achieve the perfect cohesiveness in your home is to make the most of rooms that open onto or face each other. Rooms that are separated by nothing more than a door should be repeated throughout your home. For example, if your blue living room is connected to your kitchen, opting for blue kitchen elements is something you can't go wrong with. The same rule applies to furniture, as using the same or similar pieces in rooms that are connected works well. 

Tell a story
Every interesting house is supposed to say something about its occupants. After all, how else can you make a home truly yours? Consider if there is something in you and your family that can dictate the style choices for your home and use it in every room. This should also help you identify the style of decoration that you like the most and that you can use to design the whole place. Just having an item that can tell more about you and your family in each room will help you also create a sense of cohesiveness. Other than that it adds a pinch of personal style without it being over the top! This creates the perfect combination between professional Interior Design and actual homes. 

Choose a theme with echo
Some people find it difficult to maintain the same look in different parts of their home. However, just because two rooms aren't close to each other doesn't mean you can't use them to unify your home. The best way to achieve the balance you're looking for is to choose a repeating theme and use it in every room in your home. For example, if you like wall decals, why not get a few of these for every part of your home? These things can serve as common threads that tie all of your rooms together. The good news is that an echo element can be anything, including decorations, textures, and colors.

Now, how can we mix decorating styles cohesively?
It's fun to begin to identify your personal interior design style and design a home around that style. But very few people are attracted to a pure style. Rather, most people end up with personal design styles that are a mix of a few different styles. And many people's preferences also evolve over time. This means designing a space that incorporates multiple styles and mixes them.

And if you live with a partner or roommates, you're not only designing a space with your own preferred mix of styles, you need to consider theirs as well. And that also means mixing even more style points of view into the overall design of your home.

Identify your personal style
You can't begin designing a space until you've identified your personal style. Not sure where to start? Explore some interior design ideas for inspiration on style features, furnishings, color palettes, and layouts you like. Learning to name the styles you're drawn to will make it easier to figure out ways to blend those styles together.

Once you've identified your preferred style, you can begin working on combining elements of your ideal design styles for a cohesive home that represents everyone in the home and uniquely brings your shared style to life.

Make function a top priority
Instead of immediately getting caught up in how to mix and match the detailed elements of your design styles, start by taking a step back. When designing a room, the layout and function of the space must first be established. So landing on the layout and how you want to use the space will give you a solid foundation from which to build the layout. This can also help you narrow down the style options for your space.

So think about whether you prefer a more formal or casual design and how you want the space to function. Do you prefer the formality of symmetry or a more relaxed atmosphere? Or maybe you want something in the middle? It all depends on how you want to use the space and how you want to feel inside the space. Let the feature help guide your choices.

Find common ground
Even if the styles you're drawn to seem to be on opposite ends of the style spectrum, like glam and industrial or traditional and modern, you can almost always find a bit of common ground. Take glamour and industrial styles, for example. At a glance, you would think that they have nothing in common. But take a closer look and you'll notice that both styles celebrate the use of material as embellishment. While glam spaces tend to have more polished and sophisticated finishes, and industrial design celebrates raw, rugged materials, you can find common ground across glam materials in a more raw finish, like a marble end table. The same goes for the mix of modern and traditional furniture. While these styles have very different sensibilities, they both prioritize comfort in their core furnishings. That similarity can help guide design choices in your space.

Choose furniture that brings elements of each style
The furniture you choose is a great way to bring together the many elements of your design style. Use furniture shapes, materials, and finishes as a way to talk about each style. In the design above, the coffee table has traditional spindle legs, but the finish is more rustic. The accent chair has more modern lines, but the distressed leather leans traditional. And having the fireplace and mantel as the focal point in the room is a very traditional move, but painting it all white is a very modern and minimalist approach. These are just small examples of how to incorporate elements from multiple design styles into individual pieces, which begins to impact the overall look of the space.

Add personal touches
When you add decorative objects to a room, you have the opportunity to bring your own personal touch to the space, giving it a unique style that helps bring home your personal style. This is a great way to bring together the multiple styles that you are mixing within a room. These personal touches can be items from your travels, things you picked up during special events, and meaningful keepsakes like framed photos of your family or pets. Adding personal items helps make a space feel more personalized and comforting, and in a shared space, add that extra element of building a space together.

So if you want even more inspiration, check our Interior Design course and tell us all about it!

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