How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Bar for Your Home

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Many benefits come with having the perfect kitchen bar for your home. Whether your kitchen is small or big, you can always create a kitchen bar according to your space and needs. Aside from being a welcoming hub and a communal area of your kitchen, it can also be a great way to save space.

A kitchen bar also offers storage solutions when you need to maximize space. If you'd like to know more about choosing the perfect kitchen bar for your home, our kitchen interior design course contains practical tips from experts. It will help you make the right choice regardless of your space or kitchen needs.

To help make the process easier for you, we've compiled detailed information on how to choose the perfect kitchen bar for your home.

Choose Your Size
When shopping for a kitchen bar, the first thing you should consider is the size. A big kitchen bar will look out of place in a small space, and the same thing applies to a small kitchen bar in a big space. Also, consider the stools that will be tucked underneath the bar. Use backless stools if you have a small space for easy movement around the bar areas.

Also, a free-standing kitchen bar takes less space than dining tables, but it will take more space when it is incorporated into an island. If your kitchen bar is incorporated into an island, you can as well use it as your dining area to save costs. Consider the kitchen layout before choosing any kitchen bar size. Even if you love a big kitchen bar, it will be impractical to choose it over a small one if your kitchen is small. Additionally, ask the following questions before choosing your kitchen bar:

-Would you use it for storage purposes?
-What is the best shape for your space, and what are the functional requirements?
-Would you like to have your prep sink or main sink on your kitchen bar?
-Would you like to have a bar seating arrangement?
-Would you like a hob in your kitchen bar?
-Would you want appliances to be on your bar or not?

Consider the Dimensions

The dimensions of your kitchen bar should depend on your kitchen space and your country.
In the UK, for instance, a standard kitchen bar worktop is usually between 600mm-620mm deep if you have an extension. So, for a standard kitchen bar, you should make it deep by an additional 300 mm depth for bar stools.

For height, you should consider taking our kitchen interior design education to learn from experts. Alternatively, you can use the average height of 107 cm or 42 inches or measure this according to your kitchen needs. The best option is for you to seek professional help in choosing the right height for your breakfast bar.

With the right depth, a kitchen bar can have space for stools to be tucked in, and your kitchen can maintain its chic look and feel. The standard size for the right kitchen bar extension should be around 18 inches for easy movement around the home.

Go for Durable Materials
Since your kitchen bar will be used for most of your social gatherings and family conversations, you want to ensure that it meets all your needs. Aside from choosing a timeless design you love, you also want to choose a heavy-duty and durable material that will last for a long time.

If you place aesthetics over durability, you may have to spend additional money on repairs or even replacement when it gets damaged too quickly. Also, consider materials that are easy to clean and resistant to quick wear and tear. For instance, kitchen bars made of quartz are resistant to stain and scratch, and they're easy to clean. They also have a smooth and resilient surface.

Choose the Right Space for Your Bar
While planning for the perfect kitchen bar for your kitchen, you should consider the intended purpose. Some people use their kitchen bar as an office space, while some use it as a family meeting area. Parents also help out with kids' homework on the kitchen bar while cooking for the family. So, you should consider your options before choosing a position for your kitchen bar.

If your living area is connected to your kitchen or you live in an open space home, your kitchen bar can act as a divider between your cooking space and your living space. You can also face your kitchen bar towards your kitchen, especially if your kitchen is beautiful.

Use the Right Lighting

No doubt, the location of your kitchen bar and the function it serves are Important, but you want to ensure that it is placed in a well-lit location. Create space for enough lighting in your kitchen by maximizing the amount of natural light that gets into your kitchen space. You can also consider using artificial lighting options like LED lighting.

It is an effective way of incorporating mood lighting into your kitchen design. These lights are also mostly used on the lowest part of most breakfast bars. They have a way of adding charm to your kitchen, creating the kind of atmosphere you need

Consider Mix and Match Design
Another way to get the perfect kitchen bar for your home is by choosing a mix and match design. To achieve this, you can use different materials to create two areas for your dining and the other for work. That is, you share your kitchen bar worktop into two halves and use one half for dining, or any other cooking activities, while the other side will be for work. Mixing and matching is a trend that more and more people are embracing, and you should definitely try it out.

Regardless of what you do, remember that kitchen bars design options are flexible, and you can choose anyone that works for you regardless of your kitchen's layout, size, or aesthetics. Our kitchen design course is a great way to start if you'd like to learn from the experts and choose the right kitchen bar for your home.

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