Best practices for kitchen remodeling

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When people think about remodeling a house, one of the first rooms that come to their minds is the kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common to renovate, and sometimes it could be a stressful process. But, calm down, because we will teach you how to make the remodeling of your kitchen in a few steps.

The kitchen is not just a place where you put different cabinets and appliances together, to cook when you are hungry. This place is more than that. The kitchen, beyond a lot of modules, chairs, and tables, is that space where you gather with your family and friends, where you enjoy cooking, or even where you work or your kids do their homework. So, it is important to focus on what you need and want, to obtain incredible results.

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Set your budget
Before you start planning your remodeling plan, you must be honest with yourself and estimate your budget. Most of the time, this process takes a lot of time and money, so you need to establish how much you have to invest in your kitchen renovation, thinking that always you could waste more than you just planned at the beginning. As a suggestion, add 10 to 20 percent more to your budget, in case you have any unexpected expense.

The following step refers to the investigation you should do to decide what you want. You could browse different sites to look for images, kitchen styles, décor ideas, among others, that will help you to build a vision board with everything you have searched. After that, you will have in mind how it could look like your kitchen. But, you should also consider if that image of your dream kitchen fits in the space you have, and how it will be used. With this research, you will see what’s your favorite palette of colors, the materials you have to build your cabinets, countertops, etc. 

Now, you need to make a remodeling plan thinking about the layout of your room, because it is important to decide where will be your cabinets and the distance between them, the size of your kitchen island, where will go your appliances, and other details. And all of this will depend on how you do your general plan from the beginning. You don't need to dive into the deep end of remodelling all by yourself! Our Kitchen Design education is here to help you and give you all the useful information when it comes to kitchen renovations. 

Wide walkways
Since in this place you need sufficient space to move around, it is necessary to design a kitchen where walkways are wide enough. Normally, these paths should be 36 inches wide to guarantee perfect movements, but, according to this, you should also think about how many people are going to be working in the kitchen, and if you want to install a kitchen island, to assign the perfect size to your walkways.

Remodeling your kitchen also relates to the space you will need to work here. So, you need to determine different things like how many appliances you normally use, if you do a lot of activities in your kitchen, and if you cook with another person, to establish the size of your counters.

For example, to prepare the food you need at least 36 inches for your counter, so you will have enough space to work comfortably. And, the side of the sink should have a countertop of 24 inches, and the other one of 18 inches. Remember that all will depend on the role that play your kitchen in your home.

Cabinet doors
It is important to build a functional and practical cabinet, so you must make sure that the doors don’t have problems opening. You should see that, in your space distribution, the doors don’t bang into each other, and that the swing direction is clear.

Selecting the best height to locate the microwave will depend on your comfort if you want it to be up or in the middle. The most common height is 15 inches above the countertop, or it could be placed a little bit lower for your kids since it is safer for them.

Kitchen island
Including a kitchen island would be a wonderful idea, even if you have a tiny space. This place could become the central point of your kitchen, and you could plan reunions with your friends and family. So, you should only think about the uses you will give to the island. For instance, if you want to cook and eat on the kitchen island or if you only want more space to prepare the food. In any case, you will find several kitchen island styles, such as built-in, stainless steel, freestanding or expandable islands.

These are some of the practices you should take into account when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. Sometimes it could be a little bit difficult and could take a lot of time to see the results, but if you design a good plan from the beginning, you will have an astonishing kitchen that you and your family will enjoy.

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