Modern farmhouse kitchens are taking the world aback

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Farmhouse is a style that blends nicely with others. Its timeless appearance may be used to complement a variety of different styles. Using a variety of styles provides intrigue and a personal touch. It's simple and enjoyable to combine farmhouse with contemporary or any other design. Learn more about this and many more interior design styles from HDI’s Kitchen Interior Design Course.  

Does farmhouse get out of style?
In essence, the contemporary farmhouse style is built on the basis of the classic farmhouse style, which emphasizes practicality and comfort while incorporating natural elements. It is a modern farmhouse design that combines the clean lines of contemporary style with the warm, rustic vibes of traditional farmhouse décor.

The farmhouse was essentially a place to relax and cook, since most of agricultural life was spent outside. This is why the floor designs are basic and utilitarian, with the kitchen/family area in the middle and the bedrooms around it. Creating a pleasant and calm environment using organic elements that originate from the soil is timeless.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Farmhouse Styles
In order to create a homey but functional atmosphere, the classic farmhouse design incorporates old components and natural materials like wood, iron, and metal. For a cozier, more domestic feel, "shabby chic" or other vintage-inspired elements are sometimes included into traditional farmhouse design, giving it a farmhouse-chic feel. Mixing traditional and contemporary styles is hard, but our Kitchen Design education will help you find the balance between old and modern. 

Characteristics of a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen and Design Ideas
The contemporary farmhouse offers a number of alternatives accessible in terms of features that will bring forth a distinct modern farmhouse look, with an emphasis on a combination of natural components, colors, basic designs, and rustic or even industrial accents.

If you want to create a contemporary farmhouse kitchen, you'll need the following items: Industrial-inspired embellishments, rustic elements, and modern features When you combine these elements in the appropriate proportions, you'll have a warm, welcoming kitchen that's also totally practical and useful for contemporary life. To help you get started, these amazing ideas, designing the contemporary farmhouse kitchen of your dreams is a cinch.

Wall color schemes
To stay with a natural motif, tones from the outside world work best for bursts of color of earth tones. Finding the correct combination of warm and cool tones is key when it comes to contemporary farmhouse kitchens. It will seem more like a typical farmhouse design if the kitchen contains practically all warm tones. However, if all of the tones are chilly, the kitchen may seem too contemporary. Natural materials such as wood floors and cupboards serve to soften the image of the contemporary farmhouse.

Lighting fixtures
Whether you want your lighting to be a focal point or just do its job, there are a variety of options for contemporary farmhouse style lighting fixtures. Overall, our designers choose lighting that complements farmhouse or industrial themes, as well as lighting that is contemporary and simple.

Consider what would have been used in farmhouses in the past, such as lanterns and candles, for additional farmhouse lighting ideas. For contemporary farmhouse kitchens, lantern lighting fixtures are especially attractive.

Glossy black metals, copper, and bronze accents create a bespoke touch to a contemporary farmhouse kitchen without adding too much color. Because your kitchen taps are the most visible metal component in your area, choose a material that complements your backsplash and countertops. You can try to mix and match your light fixtures, but use no more than two metal tones.

Given the emphasis on natural components in contemporary farmhouse kitchens, any wood style would be excellent for flooring.

Engineered hardwood floors, tile, luxury vinyl tile, and laminate flooring designed to look like wood are all possibilities. Depending on the rest of the kitchen's design, light or dark wood might work well in a contemporary farmhouse kitchen.

Experts also advises that large slate or slab tiles in cool tones that look like marble may add to the contemporary farmhouse ambiance.

Cabinets and shelving
Modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are often in the middle of the road when it comes to style: not too minimalist in design, but not overly detailed either, as is the case with traditional farmhouse cabinets. Open wooden shelving is a popular choice for cabinetry in contemporary farmhouse kitchens because it allows you to display your collection of antique dishware in an easily accessible and elegant manner.

Getting inventive with your shelves is another way to include a fashionable component of the modern farmhouse style. For your dishes, instead of closed-off cupboards, consider open shelves. If you want to spice things up in the bathroom, consider putting your towels on a ladder shelf. Chunky salvaged wood may be used for floating shelves in the kitchen as an accent. 

The pegboard is another trendy new trend in contemporary farmhouse decor. The pegboard is functional, which is essential in contemporary farmhouse themes, but it also allows for creativity when changing up your décor. In a farmhouse kitchen, this new style might be used to replace the backsplash. 

The farmhouse kitchen sink, is a signature feature of modern farmhouse kitchens. The classic farmhouse sink in white ceramic or porcelain can handle heavy loads while looking vintage. A copper or bronze farmhouse sink is also fashionable nowadays, although white remains the traditional farmhouse choice.

Typical modern farmhouse design errors when people attempt to integrate the contemporary farmhouse design into their houses, they make a few mistakes. One is concentrating too much on one component of the appearance. The blend of styles in contemporary farmhouse decor is what makes it so appealing. You can't depend on kitschy or retro features too much, or your design will become clumsy and gaudy.

Another mistake with the contemporary farmhouse theme is failing to consider the rest of your home. Feel free to integrate a few features here and there if you like them, but make sure your contemporary farmhouse kitchen still blends in with the rest of your house design. Learn more about some principles and practicality of designs in HDI Kitchen Interior Design Course

Tables an chairs
The varied mixes that the contemporary farmhouse aesthetic gives are a key element. Next to the stylish side tables is a plush sofa. The industrial metal chairs with the rustic table. The signs from the old antique stores are on top of the stove in the fancy house. A little mix-and-match in your kitchen is a terrific way to include some contemporary farmhouse design.

Ceiling color
Your kitchen has a fifth wall: the ceiling. Using the ceiling as a feature wall may add unexpected color to the space. If you want to use a color but keep your walls neutral, your ceiling may be the solution. A bold decision, therefore you should choose your paint colors wisely. Soft pastels and neutrals may enhance a white kitchen without darkening it.

Farmhouse is not extinct because of all the timeless aspects, we don't think the farmhouse style is going away. Different styles will emerge to complement the farmhouse aesthetic, but the farmhouse is here to stay. Do you agree with me? Starting with the essentials and adding design features is the key to creating a farmhouse kitchen. If you are planning to convert your contemporary kitchen into a modern farmhouse kitchen, we have HDI Kitchen Interior Design Course which will help you on mixing styles. 

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