Spanish style homes: Barcelona-inspired design ideas for your home

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If you have visited Barcelona and fallen in love with the city, it is possible that you have been inspired to bring some of the city's distinctive characteristics into your own house. In design, Barcelona has a refined feel about it through an interesting mix of old and contemporary architecture. The city has continued to preserve its old-world beauty while embracing a trendy and contemporary aesthetic.

Many Spanish-style houses and residences with a Barcelona-inspired model can be found all over the globe, which is not unexpected considering how popular they are. When all of the aspects of Spanish design are properly combined, the result is a piece of real estate that has a calming atmosphere and an aesthetic appeal that is unlike anything else on the market.

Barcelona-inspired design
Architectural details that are whimsical combination of colors and wooden materials, indoor and outdoor plants, arches, and old windows are just a few of the characteristics that distinguish a house that has been inspired by or built in the style of Barcelona.

It may not always be feasible for you to go to Barcelona to feel its ambiance, but you may do so by reproducing it in the interior and external areas of your house. If you are one of the many people who have been charmed by the magnificent residences in the area, consider one of the suggestions below or visit Home Design Institute and click on the Interior Design Course for further guidance.

If you are planning to renovate or remodel your home into a Barcelona-inspired design, keep making little changes until you have your own Spanish home at the end of the process. You can also tap the help of our experts through the Interior Design Course for you to ask some practical advices and tips in making your dream Barcelona-inspired home a reality.

Things to do in order to achieve a Barcelona-inspired design
It is totally up to you the architectural and visual characteristics you want to include in your home. If you like a more minimalist design, you may include minor elements here and there.

Here are some simple decorating ideas to bring a little bit of the atmosphere of Barcelona into your house. Also, do not hesitate to tap the help of our professional in Home Design Institute for your designing needs. We offer a variety of courses like Interior Design to give you enough knowledge before doing some renovation.

Add organic elements
The word "minimalist" is never used to describe a Spanish house. Spanish-style homes are distinguished from other forms of European architecture by its use of a variety of materials. If you want to reproduce the Barcelona atmosphere in your house, it is a good idea to include some natural features. Begin with plants, especially in a garden setting. However, they should never be used just for the outside of a building. Plants should be placed in your bedroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, and the patio, among other places.

The ultimate goal should be to achieve the level of being able to come home at the end of the day to a comfortable environment. Other than plants, experiment with other design components such as wooden detailing, rattan home products and mats, and wooden or rattan furniture, among other things.

Use small but open windows
Do not conceal your windows with heavy drapes because of the extreme heat in Spain, many houses in Barcelona have tiny windows that are often left open. If you want drapes, choose for sheer, white fabrics that are almost translucent, or have some lace-trimmed options produced. Like French and vintage-style windows, the seals on Spanish windows are made of iron and are often black in color. It is a wonderful idea if you believe your house may benefit from new windows. Shutters, which are often composed of dark wood, are also prevalent.

Place some iron accents
Wrought iron elements may also be seen in abundance in Spanish architecture. You may use them to decorate windows, doors, and even stairwells and landings. It is possible to get that Barcelona-inspired style even if you have a multistory house with a few easy alterations.

The stair landings should be constructed of hardwood, with a tiled backsplash installed between each of the stairs. Meanwhile, wrought iron will be used to construct the railings. The result is a set of beautiful, exquisite steps, and the tile backsplash adds an element of ornamentation that is common in many Spanish-style residences.

Include warm color
Choosing warm hues for your home's interior painting is a good idea if you are planning to do so. Warm neutrals serve as the ideal canvas on which to layer the subtle elements that distinguish a Barcelona-inspired interior design scheme. You will be able to improve the appearance of your house without having to worry about the outcome being overpowering or too cluttered.

The Spanish want their homes to be so welcoming that they look forward to returning home every day. When you first enter inside your Barcelona-inspired house, you should feel comfortable and calm, and you should know that you are in the right place, and that the whole property is your home as well. Achieving this may be accomplished by using warm hues that are both relaxing and attractive to the eyes and the mind.

Make an inner courtyard
It is a common trend among Spanish people, as you may have seen in Barcelona, that friends and family like to get together whenever they can. These get-togethers are not limited to restaurants and tapas bars, but may also take place in people's homes.

It is typical for people to bring their friends and family over for dinner or an afternoon snack, which is why many Barcelona houses include inner courtyards. Historically, the interior courtyard was built so that cooking could be done there and heat and smoke could be easily expelled into the open air, which is particularly convenient when there are visitors in the house. Inner courtyards are now reserved entirely for the purpose of entertaining guests.

Expose wood materials
Ceilings no longer have to be basic, flat, or closed in order to be functional. Exposed wooden support beams are a frequent architectural feature in farmhouse-style houses nowadays, especially in the countryside. Unbeknownst to many, that particular feature was adapted from earlier Barcelona-inspired or Spanish-style residences.

Visible wooden beams in Barcelona houses are not just a beautiful decorative feature, but they also serve a useful purpose. Because the roof is so heavy, they are designed to provide support to the whole structure. In your own house, you may wish to include that sort of design, but if your structure does not need support beams, you may hire a contractor to construct false beams for you in order to get the same effect.

Install colorful tiles
In Spain, tiles are used in almost every aspect of life. This may be seen in the way the tiles they use are bright and fun. They are not only confined to the ground level. You have complete freedom to use your creativity. Whether you want an entire accent wall of Spanish-style tiles or just a section of one, the possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, Spanish-style tiles do not have to be restricted to indoor places. They will look just as stunning whether you have a veranda or an outside entertainment space.

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