The Victorian Modern Home: A Timeless Trend?

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Interior design may have changed through time to meet man's desire to coexist happily with technological advancements, according to certain theories. Most interior designers, on the other hand, would tell you that the Victorian style is the most attractive to them.

Despite the current fashions, it is nevertheless pleasant to see gorgeous Victorian mansions on the streets these days. It would not only transport us back in time, but it would also provide a variety of looks for residences or simply as a background for people walking down the street. Victorian houses appeal to many because they are quirky and even romantic. What are your thoughts? Are you interested with this design? If yes, go to Home Design Institute and check out the Interior Design Course for your reference.

Anyone who desires the right blend of elegance and modernity combined into a visually appealing design style has found what they are looking for. Antiques are mixed together with current minimalist design and gothic artwork to create a Victorian-inspired environment. It is a place where imagination meets sophistication and where the Industrial Revolution is celebrated.

Traditional Victorian versus Victorian Modern Home Design
With Modern Victorian design, you can take a classic Victorian space, with all of its distinguishable architecture from intricate crown molding and door paneling, to original period fire surrounding landscape and wooden or tiled floors and give it a contemporary update that is sympathetic to the original color schemes, materials, and decor while still maintaining the original feel.

How does a Victorian Modern home look like?
For this article, we will take some time to discuss the many ornamental arts, furniture designs, fabrics, and upholstery, in order to determine whether or not we can incorporate Victorian interior design concepts into your house. To further delve in the subject area, visit Home Design Institute and avail our Interior Design Course.

Exteriors painted with bright colors- The colorful façade of most Victorian mansions is a distinguishing element of the style. Colorful exteriors, whether in pastel shades or painted brick, were more popular throughout the Victorian period as a result of the increased accessibility of construction materials like as paint.

Detailed woodwork- The intricate woodworking patterns seen in the trim work decorating Victorian mansions may be viewed. Victorian style homes have a quaint, Gingerbread-house appearance because to the intricate trim that surrounds windows, doors, eaves, and porches.

Bay windows
- Window details such as bay windows distinguish Victorian mansions, which are well-known for their ornate windows. Typically shaped in a curved or angled form, this window type goes beyond the front outside of the property and consists of three windows that are placed close to each other.

Distinct window elements- Aside from bay windows, you may typically find a number of various window designs and sizes in Victorian homes. Multi-paned windows, stained glass windows, arched windows, and circular windows are examples of this.

Porches- Porches are a common feature in Victorian house designs, with some porches wrapping around the side of the house. Some are very ornamental, with wooden posts, rails, molding, and exquisite trim, while others are more functional.

Towers, turrets, and dormers- Victorian-era architecture was heavily impacted by the Industrial Revolution, just as it was with the inclusion of other components of the period's architecture. Because of the increased accessibility of homebuilding, builders and architects were able to experiment with asymmetrical and one-of-a-kind architectural characteristics.

Roofs with steep and triangular pitches- Another prevalent feature of Victorian design residences is the presence of steep, triangle pitched roofs.

Two to three-story- Victorian houses are often two to three-story high, due to the fact that they were commonly erected on limited lots in the nineteenth century. Victorian designs were often constructed as row houses, which meant that they shared walls with their adjacent homes.

Here are some tips on how to achieve a Victorian Modern Home. By using them and enrolling in our Interior Design Course, you now have enough knowledge when you remodel or renovate your home.

-Integrate and highlight architectural features that give individuality and depth
If the original hardwood flooring, textured walls, and notched trim are in good condition, do not cover them up with anything else. Even old wallpaper, when combined with the appropriate accessories, may be used in contemporary Victorian interior design.

-Overpowering and out of date details should be painted - Despite your best attempts to maintain an open mind, some moldings or decorative flourishes may be too distracting to leave in their current state. In these cases, we may all thank paint for our good fortune. In terms of hiding eyesores and producing a strong, cohesive background that nevertheless gives depth and aesthetic appeal, it is the greatest thing that has ever happened.

-Allow bare bay windows - It is not our opinion that curtains should not be used. However, there is no need to cover up stunning bay windows with yards of cloth, no matter how lovely the fabric may be. In Victorian homes, bay windows are filled with or covered with stained glass or panels which add to the old-world elegance that is absent from modern designs. To compensate for the additional depth that drapes provide to a wall. Large-scale contemporary art should be shown.

-Layering may be done in a variety of ways - Common features of Victorian Modern home is the room lined with built-in bookcases have an old-world air to them, but in a comfortable, library-like sense. A unique mirror or piece of art hung above the shelves may lend a touch of elegance to the space while maintaining a contemporary feel. Rugs may be styled in the same way; for example, by putting an eye-catching pattern.

-Reconsider the original function of a space -Certain rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are typically not worth rearranging. Nevertheless, would having an underutilized front parlor converted into a dining room or perhaps a guest bedroom be more beneficial? An attic converted into a kids' room complete with turret would be a good idea. Allow your mind to go wild with the possibilities, and do not restrict your home's design to what has been done before.

Advantages of Victorian Design
The attractiveness of a Victorian house is one of the most significant advantages of having one. With its gingerbread-like appearance and brightly colored paint, a Victorian home immediately distinguishes itself from the rest of the neighborhood. Victorian homes are rich in history, since most have been in existence for more than a century. As a result, you will be sharing a space with many people who have come before you. For individuals looking for a house with a distinct personality and architectural intricacies throughout the inside and outside, a Victorian residence may be the ideal choice.

What is in store for choosing Victorian Style?
When it comes to fashion, the past has always been a welcoming place for former trends. The Victorian period, with its depth and variety of designs, is more welcoming than other eras, not just for extravagant dressing up costumes, but also for a traditional daily appearance. Today's Victorian design is still on trend. By incorporating and mixing its design to the modern design, it can create the essential elements of the old design to create a timeless appearance that can be changed, updated, and re-imagined to fit any needs, occasion, and circumstance.

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