The Power of a Great Stool in Kitchen Design

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During the planning and designing of your home, you want the perfect kitchen style that meets your needs. Wooden furniture is a vital part of every interior decoration, and it's almost impossible for your kitchen not to have one piece of it. Get the kitchen styling education course for detailed and practical information on how to get the perfect color and type of stool for your kitchen.  A great kitchen stool is timeless, especially when made with the right wooden materials. If you've never thought of incorporating a quality stool in your kitchen design, you should have a rethink. Here is why you need a great stool in your kitchen.

Stools are Longer Lasting
Extreme durability is one of the reasons many people choose wooden stools and chairs. Stools rarely dent, and they are strong. They're an excellent choice for people who have kids as it helps them sit around while mummy or daddy does the cooking. Great stools are also excellent for people who need sturdy seating materials.

They Come in Varieties
Kitchen stools are made from different types of wooden materials. So, you can choose from any of them if you prefer a particular material for your kitchen decor. You can choose from different varieties of timber such as cherry, oakwood, beechwood, teak, bamboo, mahogany, and so on.

Each type of wood comes with its distinct characters and qualities that differentiate it from others. For instance, bamboo woods are lighter in weight and have a rustic, natural feel than other types of timber. Teak wood, on the other hand, is quite heavy, but it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. Teak wood is also rarely affected by wood-damaging insects.

They Suit Different Kinds of Interior Designs
Since there are different types of timber to choose from, and they all come in different forms and colors, they can fit into any form of interior design. For instance, the beechwood is light-hued, making it the perfect option for minimalistic contemporary kitchens designed with subdued textures and paler colors.
Oak has a reddish-brown or deep brown color, making it the ideal option for traditional kitchens that need a classic touch. Any form of reclaimed wood is also an excellent addition to rustic kitchen designs. Learn the best ways to merge your kitchen stool with your kitchen design by taking our kitchen styling course.

Stools Are Easy to Modify

Over time, your kitchen may have to undergo renovation or remodeling to remain beautiful and meet your current needs. During such a process, your furniture may also need a total overhaul. Having a wooden stool makes your work easier, especially when they're made of high materials.
Instead of throwing away your stools, you only need to modify them in some little ways, such as repainting with a new color or polish, upholstering with colorful covers and cushions, adding a stylish finish, wrapping it with threads and rope, and voila! You have brand new kitchen stools.

They offer Better Value
Nothing compares to having great quality kitchen furniture. They last longer and save you lots of money incurred from replacing damaged or broken cheap furniture. When you invest in a quality stool, you'll get great value for your money. Moreso, some stools retain their form and quality for many generations.

A rocking chair in your family home that lasts for generations is an example of how long a stool can last. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining a wooden stool is super easy! All you need is a wood polish or a soft microfiber cloth to give it a refreshed look. By the time you're ready for a resale of your home, your wooden stool will fetch you a good price.

They are Comfortable
Counter stools are designed to provide comfort for the user even though they come in different designs. While some have armrests, backs, or other kinds of supports, some do not. Counter tools with backs or supports are the ideal stools for kitchen islands because they are more comfortable to sit in during long cooking hours. But they take up space.

So, if you have a smaller kitchen, you may want to consider backless stools to maximize space. A great kitchen stool is always more comfortable than a stool made from other materials, regardless of its design. Some stools are built with a cushion or pre-designed soft seating with upholstery, and they're great options for the best comfort.

Stools add Beauty and Character
As a natural material, wooden stools have characteristics that improve your kitchen decor. Lumber wood, for instance, adds a unique touch and calm that gives your kitchen a better look and feel. Bamboo brings a classical feel to your kitchen, while sophisticated stools made with beech wood add beauty to a modern kitchen. So, the type of stool you choose determines how beautiful your kitchen becomes.

A Beautiful Stool is Kid Friendly
If you have young kids, stools can help a great deal in the kitchen. But, while shopping for stools, consider the ones that are easy to clean. This is because kids can stain their stools with things that are not easy to wipe off. They could also spill food on them. So, if you have kids, consider them before purchasing a stool.

Stools with leather stools, wood counter stools, or stools with plastic weaves are excellent options you can consider. Such stools are much easier to clean and maintain, with or without kids around the house. If you're not sure of the best type of stool for your kitchen, regardless of your kitchen style, you should take kitchen design education for the perfect type of stool.

A high-quality wooden stool is an excellent investment for your kitchen design because it is very valuable, stands the test of time, and offers great value for your money. When you choose the right stool for your kitchen, it can be a great focal point for your kitchen, getting conversations started with your friends and visitors who visit you.

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