How to Style a Kitchen Cart

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A few years ago, old-fashioned bar carts were common, appearing in living and dining rooms, adorned with posh must-have cocktails. But the kitchen cart is the new trend currently, and it's beginning to advance into the kitchen space. Right now, styling your kitchen cart is admittedly a lot more practical.

If you're here to learn how to style your kitchen cart, our Kitchen Design Course will educate you on how to style your kitchen cart to your style and needs. There are a lot of reasons why you have to opt for a storage cart. Maybe you don't have the budget to opt for an island for your kitchen, or there's not enough space.

You might also be working with a very small floor plan, and you just have to employ every probable storage solution you can think of. Or, like most people, you might need additional space for preparing your meals. Whatever the reasons, a freestanding cart will enable you to keep the things you need within sight and reach. Besides, rolling it wherever you want and whenever you want makes it convenient. . Here are some ideas on how to style a kitchen cart:

Use Candles
Candles are perfect additions to any kitchen cart because it adds light and smell to your space. Go small if you only want to add another layer, or go big if you have space.

Store Pots and Pans
If you are the type who doesn't need additional space to stack your cookware, then here is a solution for you: Try placing a kitchen cart together with your countertop and stash your pans and pots on the shelves. You'd see that there would be a bonus workspace and extra storage unit when you do this.

Create an Additional Counter
If you need more counter space, you can add a kitchen cart at the rear of an island or counter. You can also opt for a drop-leaf table, a table that you can fold down when you're not using it. This helps to create more space for you. So, you can go for a kitchen cart that mixes perfectly with other cooking spaces in your kitchen.

Choose a Simple Look With Rattan
With our Kitchen Interior Design Course, you will be guided on the best type of cart for you. A kitchen cart necessarily doesn't have to be wood or metal. You can choose a rattan option (bamboo) that looks like home decor if you intend to use a kitchen cart as a handy serving cart that is indirectly in action.

Consider the Use of Cake Stand
With the cake stand, you can increase the height of your kitchen cart. You can replace your tray or cutting board with a cake stand. Put fruits, veggies, treats, or just lay some linens on top. You'd see that your normal kitchen styling will be transformed into a special and unexpected space.

Treat it as a Kitchen Island
Though carts have an incredible ability to hide in small spaces, displaying yours out in the open is a cool idea. There are also carts with tons of versatility; they can be used as cutting boards with little spots to show potted herbs.

Reconsider an Old-Fashioned Piece of Furniture

You can transform an old-fashioned piece of vintage furniture into a rolling cart. You can attach the countertop and casters to the worn-out antique, and you will get a great result.

Consider the Use of Wire Baskets to Store Veggies and Fruits

You can try adding a wire basket to your kitchen cart if you love keeping produce within reach and out in the open. Your kitchen cart should also mimic the kitchen color palette. Like any visual item in the kitchen, a storage cart should mimic an all-around color palette.

Use Shelving to Stow Small Appliances
Sometimes, you may feel that you need to look for the small kitchen appliances within the countertops or cabinets, but it is sometimes not possible, mostly in a small space. Rather, you can see the kitchen trolley as a useful garage for gadgets such as a toaster, oven, instant pot, and coffee maker.  

Adopt the Use of Stainless Steel For a Surprisingly Classy Touch
A durable and strong kitchen cart is very stylish, even if you think otherwise. For instance, it provides a practical place to show your culinary mastery.

Add a Pop of Color
You must know that kitchen carts are not always black, stainless, or rainbow colors. They can beautifully complement your kitchen tile as well.  

Pair with Floating Wall Shelves
You may feel like a kitchen cart won't provide adequate storage; you can position it under a set of floating shelves in the nook. With accompanying shelving and storage drawers, the kitchen cart would provide your kitchen with adequate space for your culinary essentials.

You Can Consider the Use of Vase
The Flower Vase is a go-to for the kitchen cart. The vase could be 1 single case or a set of three decorative vases. You can consider choosing a contrast of texture if what you want is a neutral look that still looks eye-catching. But, if you don't want a neutral look, go for color and structure.

Large Bowl
You can use a bowl to organize your kitchen cart. Make it big enough to hold vegetables, fruits, or table linens. Ensure that the bowl is interesting and cool by using colors and textures on your countertop

Try a Do It Yourself Hack
One good thing about kitchen carts is that they can be refurbished to suit your personal needs by adding adjustable shelves or changing the color. You can tweak the wood or add fresh pulls to make the cart look like it came from a museum.

Incorporate the Use of Tray
A tray helps to keep your kitchen cart very organized by properly arranging your cookware. They come in different styles, textures, and colors for any style in your kitchen.

In conclusion, styling a kitchen is admittedly a lot more practical, and with our Kitchen Design course, you will be able to make the styling decisions that are great for you and your kitchen needs.

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