The history of kitchen curtains

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Why are kitchen curtains so popular and why do people love them? The answer is pretty simple, they make a great impact if you add them to any type of kitchen, not matter if it`s small or big. Known as `Swag valance`, kitchen curtains were used even in ancient times, as the old Egypt. The first materials to be used as curtains were textiles, silk, cotton, or even animal hides, and people from that time had a habit to wet them to provide some cold air, like air conditioning, to keep the hot temperatures under control.

Generally, curtains are a great way to offer some privacy and every house has them. They seem like an obvious design choice, but the truth is a lot goes into choosing your curtains. When you will enroll in our Kitchen Interior Design course you will be able to obtain the right knowledge on how to create the best models for your home, depending on what furniture pieces you have, the materials they are made of and the colors of them.

Kitchen curtains were popular inside rich people's houses. Because they had the resources, they were provided with the best materials to design and create them. Silk and cotton were the most popular ones, and later, textiles started to gain interest. During the Industrial Revolution and because fabrics were more cheaply during that time, curtains made a great impact in the homes of ordinary folk. You could have a nice pair in every room of your house, using floral models, patterns, strong colors for a great impact, or fine outlines. Most of the fabrics were influenced by French trends and painting your own kitchen curtains was also a popular way to make your place more stylish and pretty.

In the mid-1820, people started to introduce engraved rollers as a faster way to print textiles. After Morris and T.Wardle decided to reject the strong synthetic and some of them were toxic dyes, natural pigments gained wide popularity.

But because most people loved to make a great impact over their place, vibrant and strong colors were the most picked options. Colors like red, deep rich green, navy blue, sunny yellow, or orange, with patterns and lace ends, were used in most houses, together in harmony with fine pieces of kitchen furniture.

We need to mention the strong influence of Victorian interior crafts, and some of them are popular even today. Because of their vast history, kitchen curtains were a trend and even today, they continue to grow in popularity. Because of this, we want to provide the best teaching methods during our Kitchen Interior Design course. During it, you will get deeper into the history of home interior design, and you will be able to make the best choices in terms of interior styling. By knowing how to use colors, lines, and patterns, you will be able to get the best results, proving to yourself that you are capable of everything!

Getting back to our main topic, curtains were used to protect the inside of our homes, protecting our items from sunlight damage. Also, curtains allowed people to show their wealth through the materials they were made of and their colors. Because during that time, to have the skills to design a curtain was something impressive!

For example, if we need to mention bedroom curtains, the most popular color that was used during that time was white. Why? Because the color white means purity and innocence. Cotton was a popular fabric, ideal to create a fresh design. If we mention the cooking space, the kitchen, colors like soft beige, cream, deep green, rich brown, soft yellow, or peach-orange were the most used ones. Because a kitchen needs to be friendly, with cozy and warm air inside it. Kitchens were made for taking your meal together with your family or for your servants to prove you the best food, in case you were a prince or a princess in an imperial house.

As time passed by, trends changed. And you will learn all of them during our Kitchen Interior Design course. Starting from Victorian times, layered kitchen curtains started to increase their popularity. Even velvet, damask, or tapestry started to be the most used fabrics. And with the help of a nice pair of curtains, you had the power to allow the amount of light to get inside.

Because we love to have more light now in our homes right now, you can try the balloon valance, a type of short kitchen curtain known as `pouf valance`. Cotton and polyester are the most used common materials to create a beautiful kitchen! But if you want another look, with the same amount of light to be allowed inside, try to choose something with a straight edge, lie box pleat valances. They are more sophisticated and delicate.

In the search for something simple, you can pick curtains that are slightly transparent, like sheer curtains. They are made from delicate and lightweight materials, usually having a white color. And if you want to choose something much longer, full-length curtain panels are the best choice. But it could be a bit difficult to place them inside a kitchen, they fit more in a living room or a simple bedroom.

We talked above about the French trends that had a great influence on the way kitchen curtains used to look. These days, if you want something like an old design, try to get the scalloped kitchen curtains. They are made of sheer fabric and are the best choice for toppers of large windows. Thanks to them, you will get the right amount of natural light inside your cooking space!

And you will learn much more if you pick our Kitchen Interior design course. Made special to prove your the best learning methods and with the help of our experts, by the end of it, you will master every aspect of the interior decor. All you need to have is the will to learn and a big dream, to be the best, and to have the most beautiful kitchen!

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