How to renovate a cape cod house?

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Cape Cod homes are ideal for contemporary home additions. Although their current layout might provide issues, HDI Interior Design Course often recommends many alternatives for Cape Cod house renovations. These budget-friendly concepts suit modern families' needs for function, movement, and space while being structurally solid.

These homes usually feature a central staircase immediately at the front entrance, limiting space for an entry. Normally, the dining room is left and the living room is right. Along with the kitchen, the main floor usually features a bedroom and bathroom. Upstairs are normally two bedrooms and a complete bathroom! The upper bedrooms have oddly shaped roofs but are nonetheless usable if the heating, cooling, and insulation are adequate.

Some of the Cape Cods in the region have little insulation and just one vent upstairs. Others have good ventilation, a bathroom, but just two bedrooms with odd roof lines. To optimize your Cape Cods home, you may consider doing some upgrade. But first, seek for assistance from HDI Interior Design Course for you to have a grasp on how to renovate and make the most of your cape cod.

Increasing the amount of usable floor space in a Cape Cod home
The Cape Cod house, which was named after the region of the nation where it first gained popularity, is a typical home type that is a pleasant and homey home design that has spread across the United States. It is an excellent option for first-time homeowners, who are often young individuals or newlywed couples establishing a family on the Cape Cod coast.

If you're already residing in a Cape Cod house and your family has outgrew it, but you don't want to relocate, there are many options. Fortunately, this house design is adaptable, and you have a wide range of renovation alternatives to choose from. The style lends itself to the creation of more useable space, whether via the construction of an extension or the refurbishment of an existing structure.

Methods to renovate cape cods:
Cape Cods are known for its simple structural characteristics, colorful doors, symmetrical features, and outside shutters. Summer days with neon sky and distant seas are wonderful, as are winter nights spent cuddled up next to the fireplace in the middle of the home. That's what purchasers imagine when they search for these properties on Cape Cod.

If, on the other hand, your Cape Cod house has lost some of its luster, selling it may be a challenge. Having lived there for some time, you may have neglected the landscaping or added items that aren't appropriate for this design.
You don’t have to worry. Here are the most common methods to renovate a cape cod:

Opening the walls
There is a reason why the open concept floor design is so popular. When it comes to creating the sense of extra space, opening up your room and eliminating barriers are two of the most effective methods. In the past, the Cape Cod house was comprised mostly of enclosed areas. When you open up walls, you are not technically expanding square footage, but you are improving the flow of the room and brightening it by allowing more light to enter. Take into consideration installing a bay window, which may provide more square footage without incurring the expenditure of building an addition.

Adding a door to the porch
It is possible to increase the square footage of a porch by enclosing it, therefore converting it from a seasonal room to a year-round useful area. An enclosed porch may be transformed into whatever sort of area you need to increase the functioning of your house, such as an office, a playroom, a mudroom, or a half bath. A design-build specialist can verify local rules to establish whether or not you may legally enclose a patio that isn't already enclosed.

Including a shed dormer in your home
One of the reasons why the second-floor rooms of a Cape Cod house are smaller and occasionally have weirdly shaped rooms is because the slope of the roof has a direct influence on the size of the rooms. In the event that your house's roof is in need of replacement or if you have a limited budget, consider adding height to your existing walls by installing a shed dormer and then re-roofing your home. When you raise the roofline and move the knee wall back, you may build two decent-sized bedrooms as well as add height to the structure.

Putting the finishing touches on the basement
A basement is a standard feature of a Cape Cod house. A completed basement is an excellent method to increase the amount of living space available. Because most of the infrastructure (ceiling, walls, and utilities) is already in place, it is a reasonably inexpensive makeover that may result in any number of useable areas. Create whatever you like, from an in-law apartment complete with a kitchen, full bathroom and bedroom, to a home theater and office, a playroom for the kids, a gathering area, or even a home gym.

Creating more space through an addition
It's possible that you'll discover that you'll want more room and that upgrading inside your home's present footprint will not fulfill your requirements. Additions to your house may be possible if you have the necessary funds and your property has a big enough yard.

Adding or changing the fence
You can add a fence right away to your home to make it look more unique and make it look like a classic American house.
Plus, it gives you more privacy without making you cut off from your neighbors. Riley says that there's just enough space between your home and where people are walking their dogs. Isn't it all about the right style? If your front yard has a chain-link fence, it's time for a new one.

For anyone looking to expand the living area in their Cape Cod house, here are a few possibilities to consider:

-If your house has an attached garage, you may want to think about constructing an addition above it that can be used as a playroom, office, or additional bedroom for your family.
-In the event that your house has a detached garage, consider connecting it to the house and converting the adjacent space into a laundry/mudroom.
-Construct a complete extension at the rear of the home. This may provide you with more kitchen space as well as the opportunity to build a bigger master suite and convert the present master into a family room or other living space.
-If you're planning an extension, consider integrating a huge bay window to turn the space into a dining room next to your kitchen.
-Make it minimal. This makes the kitchen ceiling look taller because the range hood vent and white subway tile backsplash go all the way up to the crown molding in the kitchen. A lack of upper cabinets on the range wall makes the space even bigger, while a few floating shelves maintain the work area in use.

Update your Cape Cod to accommodate contemporary living without sacrificing the characteristics that make it unique. Classic Cape Cod houses, with their huge, central chimneys and worn wood shingles, exude a certain amount of charm and character. Make sure to have the knowledge and skills through HDI Interior Design Course, before you do some modifications in your Cape Cod house.

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