Why mismatched appliances can actually tie your kitchen together?

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Buying matching kitchen appliances can be a great way to reduce the time spent shopping for your appliances. But then, the disadvantages that come with buying items in packages are many. They're sometimes expensive, and your options are limited in terms of specifications and needs. 

For instance, the package you pay for may not have the exact choice of refrigerator you need, but you invested in it anyway. This way, you're not satisfied with what you bought, but the condition of purchase leaves you no choice. On the other hand, mismatching kitchen appliances allows you to choose from varieties of products that best meet your needs. 

So, purchasing appliances shouldn't be about matching colors or brands. If the dishwasher that ticks all your boxes is Bosch, while your choice refrigerator is Fisher, get them. Do not compromise your needs in the name of matching kitchen appliances. Moreover, you can enjoy many benefits from purchasing mismatched appliances while getting versatile and budget-friendly products that are functional and visually appealing.

If you haven't considered trying a mismatched style of kitchen appliances, here are some top reasons for you to consider it. More so, our Kitchen Interior Design Course contains tips that explain why mismatched kitchen appliances can tie your kitchen together.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design
Using different colors or brands of appliances can be a great way to get a colorful and aesthetically pleasing kitchen with great functionality. This is because you have an opportunity to choose the best appliances that meet your functionality and color needs. 

You can also select different brands of appliances with different tones of colors. For instance, you may combine a red refrigerator with a dark blue dishwasher. This way, you're ensuring that the color isn't too bright. So, mismatch appliances by choosing a vibrant one and another with subtle features to complement each other.

Opportunity to Mix Metal
Mixing different colors of metals can actually be a great way to tie your kitchen together and enhance its aesthetics. But while doing this, do not exceed two colors of metals. A great combination could be nickel and chrome, gold and silver, brass and copper, or any two that go perfectly together. One or two different metals for your fixtures, appliances, and faucets could be a great way to improve your kitchen's look. Other ways to mix metals include incorporating appliances with other finishes like leather or rubber in their handles, door, lid (for pots), or anything similar.

Quality Over Design
For some people, design is key. For some, it's quality or nothing. If you prefer quality above anything, mismatching kitchen appliances is the right choice. Getting the best out of your kitchen goes beyond design. You need quality products to carry out your kitchen activities without hassle. While many people prefer quality, they always want to get the best price for a product. When you see products of the same quality with different prices, have you ever asked yourself why or did you simply pay for the most discounted one? 

Even if you want to get the best discount, you should not rule out the possibility of buying a sub-par product. Some appliances come in packages because the manufacturers are trying hard to get rid of some products. So, they sell these products alongside the authentic ones for you at a discounted price, leaving you to solve the different problems that come with them. If you must buy such a product, look for cashback or those with years of warranties. Designing the perfect kitchen is not only about style, it is also about functionality. Let HDI help you find the middle between the two. 

It is Creative
Mismatching appliances can bring creativity to your kitchen and make everything blend naturally. A great way to bring creativity to mismatched appliances is by buying different brands of appliances with close or similar colors. Research a brand to determine their strength in the products they manufacture. For instance, if brand A is good at manufacturing refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves, get only that. And if brand B manufactures excellent dishwashers and washing machines, purchase them from them. 

With this, you can be rest assured that you are buying products that will not cause you unnecessary additional spending. Even when your appliance develops a fault, it should not be due to low quality. So, you have to do your due diligence before settling for any appliances. Remember that a damaged appliance will have to be replaced when it cannot be fixed. So, choose items based on what they can offer, and you will not have to deal with that kind of problem.

Can You Mismatch Appliance Colors?
Mismatching your appliance colors is mainly by choice. Some people love colorful environments, while some people prefer cool and simple designs. If it is within your budget, mixing and matching your appliance colors could be a great way to improve your kitchen's aesthetics. Go for the best quality brands and mismatch colors if you want. It's your choice. However, be sure that you're mixing colors the right way by taking our Kitchen Design education. It will help you understand how to mix and match colors perfectly.

While making your decision, endeavor to choose two distinct colors you like best and their shades. It would help you match your colors accordingly. Also, ensure that the colors you use for your appliances resonate with your kitchen design style and personality. Mixing and matching your kitchen appliances can be a great way to get the perfect decor for your kitchen. But this can sometimes be expensive, especially when you place quality over anything. 

Also, mismatching appliances can take a lot of time and effort. Why? Because you spend a lot of time shopping for the perfect product for your kitchen, choosing the best color while also ensuring that they blend with your kitchen style and needs. Have you been considering mismatching appliances for your kitchen because of your budget or simply want to give your kitchen a new look? Our Kitchen Interior Design Course will help you with excellent tips on how to get started. In all, do whatever works for you and get the kitchen of your dream.

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