9 Different Upgrades To Do to Your Colorado Home

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Purchasing and owning a home is one of the most exciting times of your life because it means you finally have a place to call your own. Whether you have a new home, are remodeling the home you have lived in for years, or are in the middle of hiring companies such as Lifescape Colorado | Landscape Architects to transform areas of your home as part of an overall project, you might be wondering which upgrades to do next. 

Upgrading the entire home is expensive so it’s often best to choose a few upgrades that will change the home the most. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you might want to choose upgrades that boost the home's value so you can make a nice profit when you go to sell. 

Upgrades are a big commitment but you will be happy with the result and you will enjoy your home even more than before. 

Open Shelving 

While most homes come with a pantry and other closed-off space to store food, the prevalence of open shelving in kitchens keeps growing and it’s a look that most people love. They are a great way to display décor or kitchen-related items. 

Most people love the look that open shelving gives and it also allows you to display whatever you want to to make your home look more appealing and beautiful. 

Fire Pit 

Almost everyone loves a fire pit in the backyard as a place to gather in the winter months to stay warm and spend time with your friends and loved ones. Fire pits are one of the cheaper home upgrades that can make your home sell for much more. 

There are also many different model options so you can choose one to match your budget and style depending on what you’re looking for. 

Change the Cabinets and Doors in the Kitchen 

Kitchen upgrades are some of the best things you can do for your home because not only do they make your home look great, but they also add value. However, exquisite kitchen design in Denver can be expensive. 

One of the cheaper kitchen upgrades is to change the cabinets and doors into newer models. Kitchen cabinets can quickly look dated and make your home lose its appeal. 

By changing the cabinets, you give your home a brand new look and you will love spending time in your kitchen whether it be cooking or socializing. 

Paint the Bathroom 

If you can, it’s always a good idea to paint the interior of the home once the old paint becomes worn down or cracked. However, if you can only choose to paint one area, giving the bathroom a new coat of paint is ideal. 

Make sure it’s a calm color as most new buyers like for the bathroom to be a calm and collected place. Colors like pale blue and pale yellow are calming and do not take away from other bathroom decorations you might have. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Your outdoor space should be functional but also beautiful. With more and more people working remotely, people love to have a space outdoors where they can relax and chill. In the warmer months, people also like to relax outside, so you need some great outdoor lighting. 

Make sure the lighting is calm so that your outdoor area is peaceful and serene. 

Upgrade Your Gathering Spaces 

The areas of your home where people tend to gather are the living room and the outdoor area. Since these areas see the most traffic, the furniture and flooring here tend to get worn down very quickly. 

This is why upgrading your gathering spaces every few years can completely change the look of your home. For outdoor spaces, modern outdoor furniture can be a great option. But, you don’t have to completely change the furniture. For a cheaper upgrade, you can just change the cushions and pillows. 

For indoor spaces, consider getting a new carpet, a modern coffee table, or some new shelving so you can better decorate the area. New lamps are also a great addition to the area. 

Add Some Crown Molding 

While crown molding is a very small detail, it can change the appearance of a room and make the entire area look different. 

If you don’t want to the traditional crown molding, you can add picture frame molding, or ceiling medallions. Homes that have crown molding also typically sell for much more money so you can ensure you are getting a good deal for your home when you add in crown molding. 

Repaint the Front Door

The front door is usually the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. If the paint on the front door is old or worn down, it can make the rest of the home look worn down as well. 

Every few years, make sure to repaint the front door of your home so that the outside of the front area of the home looks new. This will bring in more buyers and your home will also appear more inviting to guests. 

Add in Some LED Bulbs 

It’s amazing what LED bulbs and upgraded modern light fixtures can do for your home. It can completely change the room and the look of the home as a whole. LED lights are incredible to have in the home because they use much less power and they also look amazing. 

Not only do they upgrade the interior of your home, but you can also save on your energy bills which allows you to save on your total cost of living. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to do some upgrading to your home, doing one of the simple things listed in this guide is a cheap and effective way to ensure your home looks beautiful and upgraded to some of the most modern interior trends. 

While there are countless ways to upgrade your home, doing one of the things listed in this guide can help make your home more appealing and ensure your home sells for a higher value if you plan to sell now or at some point in the future. 

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