Smart Home Solutions for Students: Enhancing Productivity in Your College Life

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Productivity is not only about reading the books and scanning through the endless lecture notes to ace a perfect assignment and deliver your work on time. An important part of being productive as a college student is having a safe and comfortable learning space where you can remain focused and have sufficient resources to handle various tasks. Learning is not the only thing you should be involved with. Using smart home solutions helps you stay sane and remain inspired when creativity strikes or during an odd minute when you wish to have some fun beyond your curriculum.

Smart Home Solutions for Students: Enhancing Productivity in Your College Life

- Smart Speakers.

If there is one smart device that every modern student needs, it is the smart speaker. Not many people know that it can easily go beyond listening to music or watching TV. The best part about it is the voice assistance, which means that you can add voice dictation and even capture ideas by having a smart speaker. While it won't work as a smoke detector or do homework for you, it can read the books for you and assist you by finding some lecture audio notes that you have. Speaking of human assistance, you may approach TrustMyPaper for most of your school tasks, which is another smart solution. Coming back to smart speakers, Echo Studio is a great device that will support Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

- Smart Bottles.

One of the most common problems that students face on a daily basis that affects productivity is keeping hydrated. Since not drinking enough affects cognitive skills and the work of the brain negatively, one should purchase a smart bottle. It will help you to keep things hot or cool, yet the best part is that it will remind you to have a drink and track how much you still have to drink. The brands like LARQ PureVis Bottle or Hidrate Spark TAP will do the trick.

- Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Productivity improves when your learning space and home remain clean and accurate. It will help you avoid allergies and having to scratch your eyes and hands. The best solution is to have a smart robot vacuum cleaner. There are also self-emptying vacuum cleaner solutions like Ecovacs Deebot and smart cleaning devices with ionization that provide an additional cleaning layer if you can afford that! 

- 360 i8 Smart Bed.

Another great smart solution that a troubled student may consider is the invention by Sleep Number. While it comes with a hefty price tag, it must be considered as you can share it with a roommate and divide the expenses. As for the smart features, you can check the firmness of each side and track your sleeping trends. There is even an app control that helps to avoid snoozing. When you can get some proper sleep, your productivity will improve.

The Importance of Light in Your Study Space

While you may use several monitors, purchase excellent headphones with a microphone set, install new furniture, or change the curtains, it won't help you be productive if you do not have sufficient light. Unfortunately, daylight problems may occur when your room is situated next to the trees or a place where the sun rarely shines. One of the best smart home solutions to consider is the use of smart LED lights. This way, you can install additional LED strips precisely where you need them and control things from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Depending on the time of the day, you can change the intensity and even choose colors of the LED to enhance your productivity. You can create smart walls with alerts and reminders or simply decorate your room based on a specific theme. Take your time to get creative and add more smart light to your life!


Barbara Freeland is an academic consultant who strives to provide a safe learning space for students of all backgrounds. As an educator and innovative researcher, she loves to write and share helpful solutions to make studies inspiring. Follow Barbara to discover new ideas and unfold your inner designer. 

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