Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design: Enhancing Creativity with AI-Powered Tools

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Interior design combines the art and science of aesthetic creation. With the rapid growth of technology, the interior design industry has witnessed a surge in the popularity of AI tools. These tools enable designers and homeowners to visualize their concepts, experiment with various styles and layouts, and make well-informed decisions. Let's trust AI to do what it does best - work with data. Here are some of the forms AI can take in interior design.

#1 Interior AI

The Interior AI app utilizes artificial intelligence to offer exclusive interior design inspiration and virtual staging for property listings. By analyzing room structures, the app generates innovative design concepts and visualizations in various styles. You can find the following styles: Chinese New Year, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, and more.

Users can upload images of their interiors to generate customized ideas and mockups, with the option to create high or low-resolution renders. For enhanced privacy, users can upgrade to the Pro version, unlocking a personal workspace and watermark-free high-quality renders.

#2 Planner 5D

Planner 5D empowers users to effortlessly plan and design homes, creating floor plans and layouts with virtual furniture. The system captures interior design snapshots, rendering them as stunning HD visuals that showcase vibrant colors, alluring shadows, and dynamic lighting angles. Boasting a vast library of over 5,000 pre-built components, Planner 5D ensures that every project has the perfect elements required.

With the built-in 2D/3D editor, you have the freedom to arrange, edit, and customize surfaces, materials, colors, and patterns for furniture, walls, and floors, catering to any design style.

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#3 AI Room Planner

AI Room Planner enables users to generate numerous design ideas for their rooms in various styles. To access the tool, visit the website's Interior AI Design editor, enter your email, and click the confirm button. An email containing a login link will be sent to your inbox. Once logged in, you can explore an array of design options actively.

#4 RoomGPT

With the advanced AI room generator RoomGPT, you can revamp your living environment in a fresh and captivating manner. Take charge of your room makeover without relying on an interior designer, thanks to RoomGPT's easy-to-use interface and powerful AI capabilities. Simply upload a picture of your space, select your preferred themes, and click "Render Designs" to witness the transformation into multiple looks.

#5 Spacely AI offers personalized furniture and color scheme recommendations. With room renovation, users can easily upload photos of their space, select their preferred style and room type, and receive expert suggestions for furniture and color schemes. This helps users efficiently visualize and plan their renovation projects.

For new room creation, users can input their desired design image and provide a list of furniture and color scheme requirements for their contractor to implement. By harnessing current design trends and user preferences, simplifies the process without the need to hire an interior designer, saving both time and money. provides an intuitive and efficient solution for those in need of interior design assistance.

#6 DecorMatters

DecorMatters, an interior design app powered by AI, simplifies and enhances users' creative process in designing and decorating their spaces. Users can opt to begin from scratch or choose from an array of pre-existing templates. Furthermore, users have the liberty to capture photos of their spaces and utilize the AR tool to place furniture and décor items seamlessly.


  • A diverse library of over 10 million furniture and décor items.

  • An innovative collage tool facilitating the creation of mood boards and collages featuring images, stickers, texts, and more.

#7 Hutch

Hutch utilizes the power of AI and AR to offer customized interior design solutions. By simply capturing and uploading photos of their spaces, users can access a range of exciting features. The platform employs AI technology to generate realistic 3D models of the spaces and provide furniture and décor recommendations that match the user's style and budget.

Let's explore the key highlights of Hutch:

  • Choose from a vast library of over 5,000 furniture and décor items from various brands and styles

  • Experience your designs come to life with the AR mode.

  • Customize the size, color, shape, and orientation of the items using the design tool

  • Rate, review, and receive valuable suggestions for improvement through the feedback tool


The specialization of AI is the processing of huge amounts of data. As he gets more information, he understands better what trends are hot right now, how best to combine colors, and how to use limited space. AI tools can be relied upon for design, though not without human expertise. However, it is easier to get 10 design options, choose the best one, and adjust it than to do everything from scratch manually.

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