Decking Materials Unveiled: Weighing Pros and Cons

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Decking is an essential component in outdoor spaces, providing both functionality and aesthetics. With a plethora of materials available, each with its unique characteristics, the selection process can become overwhelming. This article aims to unveil various decking materials, weighing their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Wood Decking

Due to its natural appearance and wide range of options, wood has long been a well-liked option for decking.

 Among the wood options, Cedar, Redwood, and Pressure-Treated wood are popular choices. The natural appearance of wood offers an elegant and timeless look, suitable for various architectural styles. However, the beauty of wood comes with maintenance requirements such as regular sealing and staining. The potential for rot, insects, and weather-related wear are other drawbacks to consider. Wood's susceptibility to environmental elements makes the choice of wood type and proper maintenance crucial in ensuring its longevity.

Composite Decking

A perfect low-maintenance substitute for conventional wood is composite decking, which is made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, composite decking can mimic the appearance of natural wood or take on a modern, sleek look. While the initial cost might be higher compared to some natural wood options, the low maintenance requirements often offset the investment over time. However, some composite materials may retain heat, making them uncomfortable to walk on during hot weather.

Plastic/PVC Decking

Plastic or PVC decking is another alternative that offers resistance to weather and insects. Being lightweight, it can be easier to handle and install. Unlike natural wood, plastic decking doesn't require regular staining or sealing. However, the appearance of plastic decking might not appeal to those seeking a more natural or traditional look. Additionally, some plastic materials can be slippery when wet, which is an essential consideration for areas exposed to rain or near water features.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking presents a modern and durable option. Its resistance to rust and rot, along with the overall sturdiness, sets it apart from wood and some composite materials. However, the cost of aluminum decking can be a deterrent for some homeowners. Additionally, its metallic appearance might not resonate with those desiring a warmer or more natural look.

Concrete Decking

Concrete decking offers strength and versatility in design, suitable for both contemporary and traditional styles. It can be stamped or colored to mimic other materials such as stone or wood, offering unique design opportunities. While concrete's hard surface provides durability, it might not be comfortable for barefoot walking or children's play areas. Potential cracking over time and the complexity of repairs are also considerations to weigh when choosing concrete. 

Hiring Professional Custom Deck Builders

Working with custom deck builders brings several benefits, including expert advice on material selection based on local climate and individual preferences, design expertise to match the architecture of the home, and quality craftsmanship ensuring structural integrity. Custom deck builders can tailor the deck to your specific requirements, ensuring that the chosen material is installed with precision and care. Together, you can transform your outdoor space into a stylish extension of your home that enhances your quality of life.

Maintenance Considerations

Maintenance requirements vary significantly across different decking materials. Wood requires the most attention, with regular sealing, staining, and inspections for rot or insects. Composite decking reduces maintenance needs but might still require occasional cleaning. Plastic, aluminum, and concrete generally demand less upkeep but have their specific care requirements. Understanding and committing to the maintenance needs of the chosen material is essential to prolonging the life of the deck and maintaining its appearance over time.

Environmental Considerations

Different decking materials' effects on the environment may also be taken into consideration when making a choice.

Wood, while natural, may raise concerns about deforestation, especially if sourced irresponsibly. Composite materials, combining wood and plastic, might offer a more sustainable alternative when using recycled content. Aluminum and concrete have different environmental footprints, and their production processes might weigh into the decision. Researching and considering eco-friendly options that align with your values adds another layer to the material selection process.

Cost Comparison

The cost of decking materials includes not only the initial purchase but also installation and long-term maintenance. While wood might seem a cost-effective option initially, the ongoing maintenance expenses can add up over time. Composite, plastic, and aluminum options might have higher upfront costs but lower maintenance, balancing the investment in the long run. Concrete offers a range of price points depending on the design complexity and finishes. Considering the entire lifecycle cost, including potential repairs or replacements, provides a more accurate financial perspective in choosing the right material.


Making the best choice for your decking requires careful consideration of many different aspects. The choice extends beyond aesthetics and delves into maintenance, durability, sustainability, and budget considerations. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, environmental considerations are increasingly essential in the decision-making process. Opting for eco-friendly materials aligns your outdoor oasis with sustainable practices, contributing positively to the environment. Moreover, assessing the entire cost spectrum, from purchase to maintenance and potential replacements, provides a well-rounded financial perspective.

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