Functional and Stylish: Tips for Designing a Productive Study Corner in Your Dorm

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When you are striving for making your study corner in your dorm functional and stylish at the same time, think about using a good mixture of privacy, good lighting, and keeping your desk tidy. When everything is organized well, and you avoid clutter with the help of various smart solutions, it creates an impression of style and helps you to avoid academic chaos. After all, there is nothing worse than trying to find a lecture note that you have taken when your deadline is coming up, or you need to quote something fast. It is why you must design things with keeping accuracy in mind! 

Functional and Stylish: Tips for Designing a Productive Study Corner in Your Dorm

- Using Storage Containers. 

It is one of the best solutions that allow you to get creative and use anything from silk covers and DIY decorations to wooden cabinets that can be moved around and used as custom chairs. As a student, you will have lots of items that must be stored, so think about using color codes and different sizes where you can toss some under your study desk and let the rest implement other functions. Since you can change it at any moment in time, it helps to keep things flexible and adds inspiration as you can store anything from books to all the endless cables, postcards, notes, and even the high school diary! 

- Some Clear Space Matters. 

Do not forget that having some free space always matters! It is good to have some space to place a coffee cup or even a croissant as you do some reading or check social media. Having a special food container helps a great deal! Now, do not forget about having a trash can in your dorm room to get rid of clutter. It will help you to feel less stressed and do homework faster. If you are still feeling lost, GrabMyEssay is a great way to get things done on time and avoid academic trouble when things go rough or you just need some peace!

- Wall Labels Trick. 

These can help wake the design genius inside you as you create a mind map tree on your wall with all the tips and deadlines or use magnetic stickers to track your progress. When you have all the essential elements in front of you, it’s like a Google tab with the sorted results that are always open! 

The More Light, the Better or Why Use Smart LED Lights

Even if your dorm room has a lamp in more than one location, additional light never hurts, especially if the talk goes about energy-efficient LED lights with smart technology. The trick here is to add them to your desk, to the space behind your desk, or around it. When fellow students visit you, it is possible to make your dorm look like a nightclub, as the lights will change or blink according to the music you have on. It also helps to regulate poor sleep patterns for students as the LED light will get dim and turn off automatically as you fall asleep. Now, when you study, it will be possible to achieve better clarity of mind as your eyes and brain will have less strain! 


Barbara Freeland is a self-taught home designer and a trained educator with a passion for design and psychology. Using her academic background, she loves offering helpful tips for students enrolled in a college environment. Follow Barbara to take your design skills to another level and find inspiration. 

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