Publishing a Book by Yourself: Pros & Cons of Selling eBooks

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In the digital age, self-publishing has become a popular option for writers who want more control over their work and a faster route to readers. Today, one can easily use an eBook maker by Vista Create to prepare their book for entering the digital world.

  Selling eBooks, in particular, offers numerous advantages and some challenges. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of self-publishing eBooks, giving aspiring authors a comprehensive understanding of this publishing option.

 Pros of Selling eBooks

 There are several aspects that make eBooks such a popular option for authors of different experience levels and genres. Here are some of the most important advantages they offer:

     Creative Control: Self-publishing empowers authors to retain complete creative control over their work. From the content to the cover design, authors can shape their eBooks according to their vision and preferences.

     Speed to Market: Traditional publishing can involve lengthy processes, including finding an agent, securing a publisher, and navigating production timelines. Self-publishing eBooks allows writers to get their work to market faster, reaching readers in a matter of days or weeks.

     Higher Royalties: Self-published authors often enjoy higher royalty rates compared to traditional publishing. With no middlemen taking a cut, authors can retain a more significant portion of the book's profits, although publishing and distribution platforms do take a part of the earnings as commissions.

     Global Reach: eBooks have a global reach; they are accessible to readers worldwide. Digital distribution platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and others enable authors to reach a vast audience without geographical limitations.

     Evergreen Sales: Unlike physical books, eBooks never go out of stock. Once published, they remain available for purchase indefinitely, providing a potential long-term revenue stream for authors.

     Flexibility in Pricing: Self-publishing authors can experiment with pricing strategies. They can adjust the eBook's price to cater to specific markets or run promotional campaigns to boost sales. However, it’s important to research the market before determining the price to stay competitive while still putting the right value to the work.

     Detailed Sales Analytics: Digital platforms offer detailed sales analytics that provides valuable insights into reader behavior and marketing effectiveness. Authors can use this data to refine their marketing strategies and improve future publications.

Cons of Selling eBooks

 Even considering the benefits outlined above, there are still several reasons why some people don’t opt for eBook publishing. Here are some of the aspects why they may decide that eBooks are not suitable for them:

     Initial Investment: While self-publishing eBooks can be cost-effective, there may still be initial expenses, such as cover design, professional editing, and marketing. Authors need to invest in producing a high-quality eBook to compete in the market successfully.

     Discoverability Challenges: With millions of eBooks available online, discoverability is a significant challenge for self-published authors. Standing out amidst the competition requires effective marketing and promotional efforts.

     Lack of Editorial Support: Traditional publishers often provide editorial support, ensuring that the book is polished and free from errors. Self-published authors must take extra care to proofread and edit their work thoroughly. It may even be necessary to hire freelance editors or proofreaders to help with the process as it gets difficult to notice one’s own mistakes after a while of working on one text.

     The Stigma of Self-Publishing: Although the self-publishing industry has grown significantly in credibility, some readers and critics may still harbor biases against self-published works, perceiving them as lower in quality.

     Limited Physical Distribution: While eBooks have a broad digital reach, they lack the physical presence that traditional print books enjoy in bookstores and libraries.

     Technology Barriers: Some readers may face technological barriers to accessing eBooks. Writers should consider offering alternative formats or distribution channels to accommodate readers who prefer physical books.



 Self-publishing eBooks presents a world of opportunities for authors seeking creative control, faster publication, and global reach. With higher royalties and evergreen sales potential, selling eBooks can be a lucrative venture.

However, authors must be prepared to invest in professional services, market their works effectively, and overcome discoverability challenges. Despite the stigma and limitations of self-publishing, many authors have found immense success by leveraging the digital landscape. Ultimately, the decision to self-publish an eBook should align with an author's goals, preferences, and willingness to embrace the opportunities and challenges it presents.

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