How to Keep Your Septic System in Great Shape Year After Year

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From interior design to insulation issues to septic system maintenance, homeowners constantly have something on their minds. The good news is that most of the issues posed by homeownership can be solved with good maintenance and help from reliable professionals.

In short, if you keep everything in check and follow the maintenance schedule, you’ll have a smooth-running house without spending too much on major repairs. And everything starts with a well-functioning septic system.

Even though this system is mostly out of sight, it should never be out of mind because it helps keep your home nice and clean. So if you want to learn how to keep your pipes and tank running efficiently, check out our maintenance tips below.

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

While it’s true that multiple factors can lead to a septic system failure or malfunction, the most common culprits are neglect and poor maintenance. These issues tend to result from a lack of awareness or understanding of how septic systems work and how to maintain their good functioning.

For example, overuse and misuse of water, disposal of non-biodegradable items in toilets, chemical interactions, and hydro-jetting without professional supervision can cause system disruptions. 

Also, if you don’t address minor issues when they first appear, it’s rather easy to get a major problem on your hands that could compromise the entire septic system. This is why every specialist in the field recommends regular inspections. This makes it easy to identify and fix any minor issues and saves you from dealing with expensive repairs or replacements. 

Top 4 Maintenance Tips for Your Septic System

1. Pay Attention to What You Flush

Even though this should be common knowledge, there are still homeowners who don’t seem to understand that certain things are not supposed to go down the drain. Hence the 'Do Not Flush' mandate, which should be the rule of thumb in every household. 

First and foremost, anything non-biodegradable should never find its way into your toilets. Materials such as plastic wrappers, diapers, or even 'flushable' wipes are a big no-no if you want a healthy septic system. These substances do not break down properly and may cause blockages.

Secondly, pay attention to chemicals. For example, solvents, oils, or paint residues can disrupt your septic system's bacterial balance. As this balance is crucial for breaking down waste efficiently within the tank, introducing harmful substances will drastically hinder the process.

Overall, it’s crucial that you stay aware of what enters your drainage pipes. After all, prevention is better than cure when it comes to ensuring the longevity of our homes’ essential systems!

2. Use a Professional Jetting Service

A jetting service is essentially a power wash for your tank – like giving your septic system a therapeutic spa treatment. Well-trained professionals use high-pressure water to clean out all the built-up gunk and grime in the tank and pipes, giving your whole system a comprehensive sprucing up.

This service should be performed as often as needed (based on an inspector’s recommendation), so it’s a good idea to look for the best professional jetting services in your area and identify the ones that fit your needs.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t allow anyone who isn’t experienced to clean your pipes. You need trained professionals who know how to work with high-pressure water jets capable of dislodging stubborn matter without damaging the tank's lining or pipes.

When done right, regular jetting services can prolong the life of your septic system by preventing early wear and tear.

3. Implement Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation measures are another critical element in maintaining a healthy septic system. Imagine running a marathon non-stop - that's what it feels like for your septic system when it has to process heavy loads of water constantly.

This is why implementing small changes, such as fixing leaks, adjusting laundry schedules, or installing low-flow fixtures, can significantly reduce stress on the system. Limiting your water usage decreases the workload for your septic system. It helps prevent over-saturation of the drain field and lessens wear and tear on all components.

Also, reducing water usage contributes positively to our environment, so it’s a win-win situation! 

4. Schedule Regular Inspections 

Sometimes, a renovation may not be enough to transform your current place into the home of your dreams, but a healthy septic system may convince you to give it a shot. Plus, if you decide to sell, a well-working system will help drive up the property value.

This is why it’s important to keep up with the inspections and document the entire process. Regular inspections may seem pointless when everything is going well, but they are like going for a routine health check-up – an excellent way to catch potential issues before they escalate.

Moreover, keeping detailed records of these inspections can provide valuable information about your septic system. With this data, experts can pinpoint anomalies faster and anticipate potential problems. It’s also a great way to showcase any potential buyers that your properties’ systems are well-maintained and working.

Wrap Up

As you can see, maintaining your septic system shouldn’t feel like a burden. Consistent care saves you time, money, and unnecessary headaches, so keep up with your maintenance schedule and inspections. Also, always look for new ways to improve your behavior and reduce water consumption – this is a practice that helps your pipes and the environment!

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