Should You Go Into the Interior Design Trade? 10 Things to Consider in Advance

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Making an informed career decision requires a nuanced understanding of both your aptitude and the profession's demands. It isn't just about having an eye for aesthetics, as there are several factors in play when considering the interior design trade as a fruitful career path.

10 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Interior Designer

This guide offers insights on key facets of entering the interior design industry, from mastering creative thinking to effective client acquisition strategies and managing diverse admin roles.

1. Do You Have a Passion for Design?

Following a career in interior design truly requires a passion for design. It's about being intrigued by the endless potential that spaces hold, fascinated by the blend of aesthetics and functionality they offer. You should be compelled to transform settings from uninspiring to extraordinary.

You'll need an imagination that draws inspiration from your surroundings. Your love for how interior elements can harmoniously come together will drive your success in this trade.

2. How’s Your Creative Thinking Ability?

In the interior design field, merely having an eye for style is not enough. Your success hinges greatly on your creative thinking abilities. Interior design isn't just about beautifying spaces, as it's fundamentally about problem-solving and using creativity as your primary tool.

From maximizing limited space to integrating function with style or even working around a stubborn structural element in a room, each project presents its unique challenges.

3. Are You Educated in Interior Design?

Breaking into the interior design trade often requires some foundational knowledge that can come from formal education. While in certain cases, raw talent and experience are enough, having a degree or certificate in interior design or a related field like architecture adds credibility.

Moreover, studying these subjects gives you valuable lessons on various elements of design theory and practical skills such as 3D modeling, computing, and project management.

4. What's Your Plan for Finding Customers? 

Building a customer base is integral to launching your career in interior design. But how do you plan on attracting these customers? In an industry as competitive as this, you need a dedicated strategy tailored to your target clientele that includes traditional methods and digital strategies.

We recommend having an impressive online portfolio, creating an engaging social media presence, and partnering with or hiring companies that help generate leads for contractors.

5. Would You Say You Have an Eye for Detail?

An undeniable factor for success in interior design is an eye for detail. This isn't restricted to just choosing the right cushion to match your curtains! It encompasses a broader perspective where every element integrates into a coherent whole. You’ll need to account for every little thing.

Your design should ensure the seamless blending of small details with overarching structures. If you notice specifics and can harmoniously arrange them, this profession might be for you.

6. Do You Have People Skills?

As an interior designer, you’ll need to connect with clients, understand their tastes and needs, and translate those needs into a design that makes them happy. Moreover, you will be coordinating with stakeholders during a project, which requires clear communication skills.

Any misunderstanding can lead to costly errors. Strong interpersonal skills are as important in this industry as your creative ability. Don't underestimate the power of effective dialogue!

7. Can You Handle Administration Work?

Running your own interior design business doesn't just entail handling the creative aspect. In fact, a considerable portion of it involves administrative work that might take you by surprise. Can you manage budgets, handle quotes, source materials, and deal on behalf of clients?

 These entrepreneurial responsibilities come with being an independent interior designer. They require organization, financial, and negotiation skills, along with attention to detail.

8. Do You Have Great Time Management Skills?

This profession often entails juggling various tasks concurrently, whether that means speaking with suppliers, meeting client deadlines, or coordinating with contractors. It's easy to get consumed by one project and ignore others as a consequence of poor prioritization.

Solid time management skills are instrumental in preventing chaos and ensuring successful outcomes. If multitasking under pressure fits your skill set, then this profession is for you.

9. Are You Adaptable and Always Up for Learning?

Do you joyfully dive into new styles, technologies, or techniques as they emerge? While experience contributes to your expertise, being open to change allows your designs to evolve with time. Each client presents a new challenge making adaptability paramount for success.

A client's vision might not align with yours, making flexibility important. So if life-long learning excites you and adaptability comes naturally, consider stepping into interior design.

10. Are You Okay With the Potential for Low Job Security? 

Interior designers are a luxury, so there’s a high possibility that you’ll lose your job or have a hard time finding clients when things get tough. Recessions occur every six years on average. However, interior designers make around $66,000 per year, which can help you save money.

 Freelance or independent interior designers could make even more than that, but pay may not be consistent. You’ll need to prepare just in case you need to hold out during hard times.

In Conclusion…

Embarking on a career in interior design is a journey filled with creativity, challenges, and incredible opportunities. If you've considered these essential factors and feel the design world calls out to you, it's time to take the plunge! Your guidance can bring others' visions to life!  

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