11 Different Design Considerations When Adding or Remodeling a Garage

28.07.2023 Admin 358

If you’re considering either adding or remodeling a garage, you should first look at various potential designs and features to ensure you create a garage that is right for you.


Get started by checking out the following eleven different design considerations.

1. The Location

The location of your garage plays a crucial role in its design and renovation.


If you’re planning to add a new one, consider where your driveway is, as it typically must lead directly to the garage door. Connections to the existing house, like a utility or mudroom, should also be taken into account.


If you're remodeling an existing garage, ensure it fits effortlessly with its surroundings.

2. The Size

How large your garage needs to be will mainly depend on your personal requirements.


For someone merely looking to park their standard-sized car, 9 x 20 feet might suffice. However, if space is required for additional storage or a workbench area, larger dimensions become necessary.


It all boils down to how you intend on utilizing the space.

3. Materials

Your choice of construction materials can significantly impact both the aesthetic and durability aspects of your garage.


While wood might offer an appealing classic look, metal or vinyl siding could outlive most harsh weather conditions.


Also, remember that insulation material is vital for temperature control.

4. Roof Style

Your garage roof style has dual functionality. It copes with weather elements and it accentuates house aesthetics.


A flat roof can provide additional storage or even more outdoor living space but it may struggle to drain rainwater efficiently.


On the flip side, a pitched roof affords better water run-off but might limit the interior height.

5. Storage and Organization

Incorporating storage solutions in your garage design keeps it clutter-free and functionally efficient.


Overhead racks, pegboards, and sturdy shelving - or even bespoke shelving like Japandi shelves – are just some options you might like to include in your design.


If your garage doubles as a workshop or hobby space, consider adding fitted cabinets or tool chests.

6. A Ventilation System

Proper air circulation in your garage promotes above-average indoor air quality.


A ventilation fan could be beneficial to keep the space cool during the hot summer months without relying heavily on air-conditioning.


Also, if you're regularly working in your garage with power tools or chemicals, an excellent exhaust system is crucial for safety reasons.

7. Lighting

Appropriate lighting can make all the difference in a garage.


Whether you use your garage merely for parking vehicles or for multifunctional purposes, perfect visibility is mandatory to avoid accidents.


Ceiling-mounted lights are standard. However, enhanced brightness around workstations would need task-oriented light fixtures.

8. Upgraded Flooring

Don't overlook the importance of robust and durable flooring while planning your renovation.


Unfinished concrete, for example, can wear out over time. Hence, it may be wise to consider flooring like epoxy-coating or interlocking tiles for longevity and easy cleaning.

9. Drainage

Pay very close attention to proper drainage when constructing or remodeling a garage.


Sloping floors towards the doors or installing drains can help prevent water pooling in wet weather conditions.

10.How Your Garage Door Will Open

Thinking of how your garage door will open is an essential aspect of the design process. You'll want to pick a system that doesn't just reflect your style but also caters to your functional needs.


There are different types of garage doors, such as roller doors, sectional doors, and tilt-up retractable ones. Each door type comes with its own set of benefits and potential drawbacks, so take time to research and consult with experts before settling on one.


Remember that the safety mechanism in place also matters significantly for your peace of mind, so make sure you buy from a reputable and trusted vendor.


All Security Equipment, for instance, is a wholesale supplier of parking systems that provides advanced technology products like garage door openers, gate openers, and much more.

11. The Aesthetic Quality

Lastly, the appearance of your garage, both interior and exterior, should gel with your home's overall design.


So, be sure to use colors, materials, and architectural features that blend together seamlessly.


Although a garage is primarily a utilitarian space, it doesn't mean it shouldn't look attractive.

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