Investing in Florida real estate: important information you ought to know

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Des: Any investment is a serious step. Do you want to buy property in Florida? Here are the principal recommendations you should pay attention to. 

Investing in Florida real estate: important information you ought to know

Since numerous cities in Florida are resorts, real estate here is very tempting for investors who desire to obtain passive rental revenue.

However, you should consider some features if you choose to start investing. If you want to buy apartments in Florida for investment or a second home to rent out, there are a few things to remember. For instance, how will the taxation differ, and how much will you need to pay for home maintenance? Without a primary analysis, it is unattainable to comprehend the absolute profit and whether it will be at all.

If you purchase on credit

So, if you are planning to borrow money to buy a home, consider that the down payment and the loan rate will be significantly higher than if you were buying the main home. Employing a mortgage agent to recommend you on the most suitable loan alternative is also worth hiring.


The State of Florida features mandatory catastrophe insurance for real estate in particular municipalities and locations near the ocean. If you already have a main place or flat and are purchasing another property for investment, remember that insurance for this type will cost more. It is essential to select an insurance firm, as its specialists comprehend the specifics of the region, monitor regulation modifications and help you determine the most suitable insurance package.

Earning money on rent 

Renting a house is a relatively easy method to earn money, but it has specific characteristics. As a rule, there are 2 kinds of lease: long-term and short-term. The latter choice usually carries more earnings, but there will even be more charges.

Characteristics of short-term rental:
The lease term is up to 6 months;
Revenue is subject to revenue tax at a rate of 12.5%;
The price for the client in terms of a month is higher than for a long-term lease;
A residential facility should have everything required for a restful stay (furnishings, plates, linens, etc.).

Characteristics of a long-term lease:
Lease term of 6 months or more;
The price per month of living is more inferior than for short-term rentals;
Accommodation can be rented without furnishings and household devices.

Probable limitations for the property owner

The homeowner may face specific limitations connected to renting out the property. This problem usually occurs if you buy a home from an owners company. It may have both flat structures and townhouses. Before purchasing, it is necessary to carefully study the association's regulations, as some houses may have important limitations, and often they relate to short-term rentals. For this cause, some investors choose a private home without such restrictions.

Average home price in 2023

From 2018 to 2023, apartments and villas in Hollywood and other Florida cities increased prices by about 80% on average. According to experts, in 2023, the cost will continue to increase.

Low mortgage rates and constant migration to Florida from other states and countries contributed to increased housing demand in 2022. Along with the demand for real estate, prices for properties have increased.

Last year, the average cost rose from $374 thousand for one object to $402 thousand. In February 2023, the average price remains at the same level. The rise in real estate sales has led to an increase in Florida's population. If in 2018 a little more than 21 million people lived in the state, then in 2023, the permanent population of Florida is 22 million 500 thousand people. US citizens and foreigners prefer to buy housing in small towns in Florida. Migrants are attracted by good ecology and low level of crime in them.

Where can you find property?

To study the properties on the Florida market, visit Here you can discover different housing opportunities: villas, apartments, studios, and flats in condos, private houses. With the help of a suitable search, you can compare cost. Furthermore, you can always select the most promising preference among the most relevant recommendations from developers and real estate agencies.

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