How to Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

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With most people willing to spend up to $10,000 on a fully-fitted "man cave" in their home, it might be time for you to start investing. Such an installation can add to both your social life as well as offer you a place where you can relax in the evenings. So, what would be the best way to turn your garage into one of these locations?

Below, we run through the steps you should take and the things you might want to think about doing to make the private masculine space of your dreams.

Designing the Man Cave

As this will be a significant home makeover, you will want to ensure you pick out the best options for the area. Also, before you touch a single tool, go through and choose the major furnishings you will want in the room. Will you have a theme, and can you keep everything you buy in that theme to create a location that matches your style?

Furniture Choices

You are likely to have others around to enjoy this area. As such, pick out comfortable sofas or gaming chairs and ensure they will fit around any entertainment system you pick.

Entertainment Zones

Pick out a good large-screen TV, or use a projector to make a space to view movies, sports, and games. Also, try to pick out a surround sound system or soundbar that works well in the room.

Install a Bar

Pick a location where you will want to put a bar. This needs to not only include the bar itself, but also a refrigerator or any other storage. Putting this in front of a cupboard might be a good idea to hide the door from others who might go snooping.

Shelves for Sports or Movie Memorabilia

Whether you are sporty or collect items for your favorite franchise, this is where you want to put your keepsakes. Consider glass cases with good lighting to allow you to enjoy them every time you glance over.

Enhance the Manmosphere

Your home renovation project needs to retain the right "Man Cave Atmosphere" (Manmosphere). If you get it right, your home will be the place everyone wants to go whenever there is a movie night or sporting event.

Better Lighting

Think about adding LED lighting to the room instead of traditional bulbs. You can also consider strip lights to ensure the whole room has a more ambient feel rather than spotlights.

Temperature Control

During the summer and winter months, you are going to face some strong extremes in temperature. Nobody will want to spend time in your man cave if they end up shivering or sweating, so ensure you invest in a way to control the room's climate. Depending on your location, look into either an air conditioning system or an HVAC to ensure you keep the place comfortable the whole time.

Soundproofing the Room

When your team scored the touchdown, or you get the final kill to win a match in your favorite videogame, you want to celebrate loudly. If you do not soundproof right, you will not only end up with a grumpy family but grumpy neighbors too. Look into insulating the room from the rest of your home and the outdoors to keep the peace.

Decor and Accessories

You will want your space to match your personality, and there is no better way to do that than with posters, pictures, statues, or other items. Consider using a glass cabinet to hold all your collectibles, or creating a set of shelves to hold everything you love the look of.

Try to maintain a consistent aesthetic between the whole area, and make sure you "theme" different areas of the space. For example, you might want a "Sports memorabilia shelf" or a "Collectible trophy case". Also, use lighting to make these areas pop.

Smooth Out the Floor

If you plan to turn the garage into your man cave as a part of your remodeling project, you will need to pay special attention to the floor. Most garage floors comprise rough concrete or even dirt, due to the potential of workshop spillages. If you want to improve your man cave, think about using a polyurea garage floor coating or similar to protect the area instead.

Using polyurea ensures that those spilled beers do not soak into the ground and that you can wipe them up with ease. It also gives the whole place more of a sense of class you do not get with bare concrete.

Electronics - Going the Extra Mile

If you are updating your man cave as a part of a larger home-remodel project, you have the option to go the extra mile. You might need to put a little extra money aside, but these can take your space from great to fantastic.

Smart Lighting

Instead of using switches, investigate using voice or movement-activated lights in your space. This both saves you from needing to move over to the switch and can impress others you invite into the area. If you have a science-fiction-themed man cave, it can even add to the aesthetic.

Audiovisual Equipment

We mentioned above using a surround sound system or even a projector to improve the space, but you could go one further. If you tend to play board games in the area, look into creating a table that has a screen and speakers incorporated for a better visual experience.

Or, add televisions that mirror what is on other screens around the room to ensure nobody misses a moment as they get up to grab a drink.

Find More Features for Your Man Cave

With this man cave renovation project in mind, and reading the above, you likely have many great ideas of what to do next. Still, you might want to keep looking for inspiration before you get started.

We have many articles that have examples of other ways you can upgrade any room in your home. So, check out our blog and continue to learn more about the best home updates you could work on.

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