Looking for Creative Interior Decoration Ideas? Check These Out

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Are you seeking innovative ways to spruce up your living space? Look no further! We've compiled a list of creative interior decoration ideas from renowned interior design studios and blogs that will inspire you to transform your home into a stylish haven. Whether you're a fan of tapestries, mixing metals, or incorporating unexpected elements, these ideas will add flair and personality to any room.

Kanika Design: Decorate with Tapestries

Bay Area interior designer Kanika Design suggests using tapestries as a unique decorative option to infuse color and texture into your space: „Using tapestries as a decorative option is a unique way to add color and texture to a room. You can put them on a wall, frame them, or drape them over furniture like sofas or chairs. If you're fortunate enough to travel to India, Italy, or Morocco, checking out local markets is an excellent option for finding authentic tapestries to decorate your space with. For those with larger collections of tapestries, consider stacking them on a bench or laying them out to create a stunning visual display. With so many creative possibilities, tapestries are the perfect decor item to elevate any interior design scheme“ (Kanika, bay area interior designer).

Studio Henree: Mixing Metals

Embrace contrast and visual interest by mixing metals in your interior design, advises Studio Henree: „When mixing metals in interior design, embrace contrast by combining different finishes for visual interest. Maintain balance by using a dominant metal as an anchor and the others as accents. Choose metal finishes that align with the style and context of your space to ensure a cohesive and enhanced design concept".

The interior design studio also advises us on how light affects the feeling of space:

"Painting a room, including the ceiling and moldings, all one color can create an illusion of expansiveness and make the room feel larger. When the walls, ceiling, and moldings are painted in the same color, it eliminates visual boundaries and creates a seamless flow. This cohesive color scheme minimizes contrasts and interruptions, giving the perception of a more spacious and open environment".

Regarding alternatives for covering tiles from the studio share:

"Using tile to finish off an edge instead of traditional options like bullnose tile, tile liners, or Schluter profiles can create a clean and modern look. One method is to miter-cut the field tiles at a 45-degree angle and install them as an edge treatment, providing a sleek and seamless finish. It is important to protect an exposed tile edge to prevent chipping, cracking, and potential damage to the tile, ensuring its longevity and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the installation"(Studio Henree).

 Victoria Chen, Creative Director, Studio Define: Infuse Creativity

According to Victoria Chen, Creative Director at Studio Define, infusing your home with creativity involves incorporating unexpected elements and personal touches. "Infuse your home with creativity by incorporating unexpected elements like vintage suitcases as side tables or old windows and doors as unique wall art. One of the most raved works was repurposing a client's old Chinese room divider as a headboard for the master bedroom. Experiment with vibrant color palettes, layering patterns, and utilizing statement pieces to add personality and charm to every room. Don't forget the power of plants - add lots of greenery and botanical prints to bring a fresh and organic touch to your decor" (Victoria Chen, Creative Director, Studio Define).

Lilli & Sav LS Design Studio: Styling Shelving with Colors and Balance

When it comes to styling shelving or open bookcases, Lilli & Sav LS Design Studio has an excellent tip to create a visually appealing display. "One of our favorite tips when it comes to styling shelving or open bookcases is to pick 3-5 colors plus a metal finish or two and use these to help guide you on what to include on the shelves. Once you have your items, we like to create "clusters" of styling pieces throughout, mixing the different colors and creating a balanced look. If you stand a few feet back and notice your eye being drawn to one particular area, you may need to rearrange in order to make sure your eye moves fluidly through the shelves"- Lilli & Sav.

Owner and Lead Designer, Shannon Mann of Mann Designs Studio: Embrace Creative Colors

According to Shannon Mann, Owner and Lead Designer of Mann Designs Studio, it's time to get creative with colors in your interior design. "Be creative with color. Greens have really come into play again, but no color is off limits. A hidden gem, like a powder bathroom, is a perfect place to experiment and break the rules from the design of the rest of the home"- Shannon Mann, Owner and Lead Designer of Mann Designs Studio.

Lisa M Cini - Owner of Mosaic Design Studio: Unexpected Sources of Inspiration

When it comes to finding creative interior decoration ideas, inspiration can be found in unexpected places. Lisa M Cini, Owner of Mosaic Design Studio, believes that unique design ideas can be gained from various sources, including travel experiences and unconventional locations.

„Inspiration comes in all forms, especially when it comes to interior design. I gain unique design ideas when I travel, not only from the countries and places I visit like, Italy, S. Africa, China, Japan, Israel and so on but also some places you might not expect.

Where to look for Creative Interior Decoration Ideas?

Thrift and Antique stores. Not only for how they decorate their spaces or windows but quite often I am inspired by the past and how old function décor items are still innovative today. Mixing the old with the new is an incredible way to layer an environment, tell a design story and bring connection and authenticity to your space.

Airports - yes you heard me correctly, some of the most innovative designs and use of decorating materials can be seen in all the restaurants, stores, and kiosks. Unique ceiling treatments, tile, cabinets and more. They all are designed to draw you in and make you immediately comfortable.

Cruise Ships and RV's - While I have to admit I am not a "cruiser" I am amazed at the space efficiency of both cruise ship cabins and RV's. Utilizing every inch of space and having your furniture modular and flexibly so that it can easily convert to different functions such as a bed, table, more storage or hide a sink or fridge to create a more seamless design aesthetic. Remember to use all your space, storage under your bed, vertical storage in high cabinets, under stairs and benches. Keep items out in public that give you joy, tell a story, or add balance and interest to a space“.

Lighting can now be anything you want! Whether it's led under cabinet, bed, tv or cove lighting to sting lights to warm up and outdoor space to Edison bulbs for that unique warmth. You can also now build your own lighting with these. Take your favorite hat collection and mount them on the walls with accent lighting. These can be both functional and unique“ – Lisa M Cini, Owner of Mosaic Design Studio.

Studio H:  Turn Your Bookshelf Literature into Captivating Centerpieces

Studio H, a highly acclaimed design studio, suggests utilizing your prized bookshelf literature as captivating centerpieces for various areas in your home. They believe that books hold special significance for many homeowners and should be celebrated as art pieces rather than simply occupying shelf space. „Turn your prized bookshelf literature into captivating centerpieces for your cocktail table, side table, or desk. Many of our clients have extraordinary book collections that hold special significance for them that we love to put on display when re-designing their homes. Our Studio H Collection Muse Bookstands elevates books into tasteful art pieces while being both elegant and functional“- Studio H

KFK Design Studio: Keep Cohesion in Mind

Kay from KFK Design Studio emphasizes the importance of cohesion when purchasing new items for your home. Before adding new elements, it is crucial to consider the existing colors, textures, and shapes in your living space. By repeating or contrasting these elements, you can maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home. This thoughtful approach ensures that each new addition seamlessly blends with the overall design scheme, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Whether it's selecting a new rug, artwork, or decorative pieces, Kay advises homeowners to envision how these items will interact with the existing elements to maintain a visually pleasing and balanced environment. "When purchasing new items for your home, always think about these: What colors, textures and shapes do I already have in my home? Keep it cohesive by repeating or contrasting"-  Kay from KFKdesignstudio.com

In the realm of interior design, creativity knows no bounds. From tapestries and mixing metals to unexpected elements and vibrant colors, there is an abundance of inspiration waiting to be explored. By tapping into the expertise of renowned design studios, embracing the advice of seasoned professionals, and drawing inspiration from unconventional sources, you have the power to transform your living space into a work of art. So, dare to think outside the box, infuse your personality into every corner, and create a home that truly reflects your unique style. Let your imagination run wild and embark on a journey of endless possibilities, where innovation and creativity know no limits. Your dream interior awaits, ready to captivate and inspire all who enter.

Studio t/s: "Breathing Room for Design"

If you're on the lookout for creative interior decoration ideas, you've come to the right place! One design studio that certainly knows how to make a statement is Studio t/s. Their advice? Don't be afraid of white or negative space! According to Studio t/s, an open space can actually enhance the clarity of your overall design. 

" Don't be afraid of white or negative space! An open space can enhance the clarity of what you are creating as a visual. It leaves your space less cramped, which then allows your design to breathe. " - Studio t/s 

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