Birmingham's Hidden Gems: Unveiling Birmingham's Top Interior Design and Architecture Studios

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Birmingham is famous for its historic architecture, bustling city center, and rich cultural heritage. However, what many people don't know is that this city is also home to some of the best interior design and architecture studios in the country. Whether you're looking for traditional elegance or modern minimalism, these studios have something for everyone. In this blog post, we'll take a tour of Birmingham's hidden gems and introduce you to the top interior design and architecture studios in the city!

Keane Brands

Are you searching for a premier interior design studio in Birmingham that truly understands the importance of customer experience? Look no further than Keane Brands. Since 1995, this firm has specialized in interior design and consultancy for a wide range of clients. But Keane's approach goes far beyond simply creating an aesthetically pleasing space. They believe that the emotional goals of a project are just as crucial as the visual result. From hotels to bars and everything in between, Keane strives to create meaningful experiences that turn first-time visitors into loyal advocates. Whether you're looking to cultivate repeat business, evoke a particular mood, or simply make a lasting impression, Keane's team has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.


Are you in search of an interior design studio that can create dynamic spaces that provoke a sensory connection with your target audience? Brawn is your ultimate solution.  Specializing in the hospitality and leisure sector, Brawn has designed interiors for some of the most driven and innovative clients in the industry. Their team of creative and highly skilled individuals work hard to build relationships with their clients, championing their vision and brief. As a finalist in both the Northern Design Awards 2018 and the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2019, Brawn is a bold and exciting studio that focuses on developing spaces that function well while utilizing every element of an interior. Don't miss your chance to work with one of Birmingham's premier interior design studios.

John Evans Interior Architecture and Design Ltd

High end design is one of the most sought-after concepts when it comes to interior architecture and design. If you're looking for premier interior design studios in Birmingham, John Evans Interior Architecture and Design Ltd is definitely one to consider. With a focus on creating exquisite environments for residential, leisure, and commercial interiors, the team at JEIAD specialises in crafting spaces that are both functional and visually captivating. With offices in both London and Birmingham, JEIAD has become a leading architectural interior design practice since its establishment in 1980. What's more, the head of the studio, John Evans, is a member of prestigious organisations like the Chartered Society of Designers and the British Institute of Interior Design, ensuring that you're in capable hands. Their philosophy is clear: a property should have a flow that is a constant joy for the owner, and the architecture of the building should work in harmony with the design of the interior, ultimately fulfilling the client's needs and wishes. So, if you're looking for high end design inspiration for your next project, John Evans Interior Architecture and Design Ltd is a studio worth exploring!

Pritpal Chana Architects

If you're looking for premier interior design studios in Birmingham, your search ends at Pritpal Chana Architects. This modern and creative architecture practice in Birmingham is all about turning dream properties into dream homes. Accredited by both the Architects Registration Board and the Royal Institute of British Architects, Pritpal Chana Architects brings industry-leading knowledge and experience to each and every project. Founded by award-winning architect Pritpal Chana, this practice has made a name for itself by delivering professional services and thoughtful design approaches to its clients. Before focusing on residential projects, Chana worked on some of the most high-profile schemes in Central London while working for a large international practice. With full registration with the ARB and RIBA, Pritpal Chana Architects is an expert in the field.

Birmingham is a hidden gem of interior design and architecture, with an abundance of talented designers and architects creating beautiful spaces that are unique and timeless. Whether you're looking for classic elegance or contemporary minimalism, the studios we've introduced in this blog post have something to offer. From Keane Brands' award-winning designs to Brawn's warm and comfortable interiors, from John Evans' classic interiors to Pritpal Chana's innovative architecture, Birmingham has it all. So next time you're in the market for an interior designer or architect, consider one of the studios above. You won't be disappointed!


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