How to Choose the Right Fence Height and Design?

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Having a fence at your property is definitely a good thing as it brings lots of positive aspects and advantages. Before you construct and install a fence, though, you will need to decide upon its height and design. Here you will find several tips on what things to pay attention to before you are going to make a new fence or replace the current one at your residence.

Benefits of Having a Fence

Once you get a new smartphone, you would possibly want to have it safe by putting a case on it and protective glass on its screen. Installing a fence on your property has the same implications as putting a case on a smartphone - security and protection.

Another benefit of installing a fence is to prevent people or wildlife from entering your property when they shouldn't. On the contrary, a fence will ensure your dog does not escape and gets lost somewhere in the area. Dangerous creatures such as foxes and other wild animals won’t enter the territory of your dwelling either. To make sure a fence appears fierce and stable, use Beach Fencing  professional services.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Fence Height

The first thing you need to pay attention to before deciding upon the fence height is to refer to the city council. For instance, Northern Beaches Council has determined regulations on the maximum fence height depending on the area one lives in. Also, council regulations determine other requirements related to the fence height and appearance. You need to get aware of all those regulations and comply with them in order to avoid any fines for fence height violations.

Another factor to consider refers to the overall look of your property. The height of a fence should be proportional - it should not be too high if you have a one-storeyed house, and it should not be too low if you have a grand residence. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Fence Design

When deciding upon the design of the fence around the house, you should primarily take two main things into consideration. The first aspect implies that the style and design of your fence should be coherent with that of your house. The second aspect refers to the design characteristics of the area established by local authorities.

The design of a fence should also take the availability and appropriability of construction materials. You may construct a fence using bricks, wood, metal, or vinyl panels - everything depends on your taste and the architectural style of your house.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fence Height and Design

Investing in the fence is something you do on a long-term basis, so every action you take should be thoughtful. Here are the most essential tips you can benefit from when constructing a fence:

  1. Refer to local council regulations for the height and design requirements.

  2. Ask fence construction companies for help in fence design and installation.

  3. Make sure the fence design and style are the same as the one of your home exterior.


Establishing a fence would be beneficial for you and your family - more privacy and fewer worries. So do not hesitate to plan your fence - it needs to comply with the house exterior and official regulations as for the edifice construction in the area.

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