Emaar Beachfront residential community in Dubai is your new destination for resort life

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Emaar Beachfront residential complex is Dubai's new resort community as a part of the Dubai Harbour project. Emaar is a company that has established itself as one of the most famous and reliable developers, creating a high level of comfort and extraordinary luxury for a life you only dared to dream of. For what achievements has the developer received such fame and what else do investors need to know about the project to be sure of their investments? Read the most detailed review of this material.

Emaar Beachfront community

Emaar Beachfront is a magnificent residential community in a new resort located in Dubai. Emaar Beachfront, consisting of 27 towers with an American resort aesthetic, combined with resort-type amenities and 1,5 km of private sand beach, will be a luxurious new destination for living at the edge of the sea in Dubai. It is part of the main Dubai Harbor project, which stretches between Palm Jumeirah Island and the famous Jumeirah Beach Residences beach community.

Briefly about the project

  • Building type: Residential

  • Type of construction: premium

  • Status: under construction

  • Location: Dubai Harbor

  • Developer: Emaar Properties

  • Property type: 1-4-bedroom apartments, townhouses, penthouses, villas

  • Infrastructure: private beach, fitness centers, swimming pools, infinity pools, sports grounds, shopping area, cafes and restaurants, BBQ and recreational areas, playground, parks and gardens, marinas and yacht club, covered parking, elevators, surveillance cameras.

Types of property

Emaar Beachfront offers a wide selection of residential complexes with a variety of elegant apartments, penthouses, and spacious villas with views of the azure coast of the Arabian Sea.

You can choose from residential complexes such as BEACH MANSION, BEACHGATE BY ADDRESS, MARINA VISTA, GRAND BLEU TOWER, SUNRISE BAY, and many other highly anticipated projects, aligned with your individual needs and lifestyle.

The community offers beachfront living with daily access to the sea, combined with an urban level of comfort. Breathtaking seascapes and clear waters of the Persian Gulf will help prospective investors to find a place to call home and tranquility. Prices start at 1,350,000 AED ($367,575)

Fantastic location

The complex is located between two of Dubai's most popular districts - Dubai Marina and the famous Jumeirah Palm. In addition to the sparkling beaches, its location near the famous artificial harbor offers residents and visitors easy access to the city's famous restaurants, shopping malls, and yacht clubs. The proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road allows owners easy access to the center of the city.

As the residences face the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, the remarkable shape of the artificial archipelago is visible from the Emaar Beachfront apartment buildings. Residents working in Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City will find convenient the project's proximity to these areas.

Recreational areas such as JBR Beach, The Walk, and Jumeirah Beach Residence are also easily accessible from the complex. Jumeirah Beach Residence is popular for such activities as water sports, dining outdoors, and more. There is also a movie theater, shopping centers, and care facilities in the area.

For a better understanding, here's a list of places and how long it will take you to get to the main landmarks and areas from Emaar Beachfront:

  • Dubai Marina: 8 minute-drive

  • Al Maktoum International Airport: 32 minute-drive

  • Dubai Media City: 13 minute-drive

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence: 10 minute-drive

  • Dubai Internet City: 15 minute-drive

  • The Walk: 12 minute-drive

  • Palma: 12 minute-drive

Location Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial resort island, which belongs to the Palm Islands archipelago. It also includes Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali, which are currently under construction.

The island resembles the shape of a palm tree with the main trunk and 17 branches, as well as an embankment in the form of a half moon, framing the "tree crown" on three sides. The island has five beach resorts and four marinas for yachts. Having taken shape, Palm Jumeirah has acquired the status of a quiet area with a prosperous lifestyle, becoming an attractive place for investment and purchasing of real estate.

About the Developer

Emaar Properties — a construction company in Dubai, which has established itself as a reliable developer. In Dubai, the company is known for such projects as Arabian Ranches, Emaar South, and Dubai Hills. The main focus of the company is the development of residential and business real estate, shopping centers, and hotels. The developer provides a variety of benefits: investment, development services, and property management. Emaar designs and sells multi-storey complexes, villages with villas and townhouses, commercial real estate, and land areas. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has operations in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, the USA, and more.

Investors interested in buying real estate in the UAE often opt for Emaar when choosing a real estate developer. When researching competencies, experienced investors look not only at brochures and promises but also at completed projects and the prominence of the developer's name.

When it comes to the name of the developer, Emaar is synonymous with quality and excellence. It's only worth taking a moment to research the company's areas of operation around the world: Emaar properties can be found in the most fascinating locations around the globe.


Each of the Emaar projects is refined and unique, it is high aesthetic qualities and a desired level of comfort, which is provided by the developer after the completion of construction.

Learn about Dubai Harbor

Huge cruise ship port with 2 terminals, each capable of carrying 1,000,000 passengers per year. The spectacular Dubai Lighthouse is an architectural wonder that rises 135 meters in height, with an observation deck that provides a magnificent view.

The 1,100-seat marina berths can fit more than 1,000 boats and yachts of all sizes.

The waterfront master plan spans more than 1,850,000 m² and includes an 81,290 m² luxury residences, stores, event space, hotels, restaurants, and a yacht club.

Dubai Harbor will have a first-class road network as well as air and sea connections. A futuristic public transportation system, a pedestrian bridge, and pedestrian trails are also included.

Purchase in installments

The developer offers a convenient payment plan:

  • 80% - during construction

  • 20% - after handover

  • Prices start from 1,350,000 AED

  • Average price - 3,730,000 AED

Start searching for real estate in Dubai!

Choose to live your best life today! Premium housing available to foreign investors is featured in the catalog. You can choose one of the exclusive apartments in the Emaar Beachfront complex or contact the experts and find out about the pre-launch of new projects. Also, it is possible to leave an application for installment on the website. Apply now and get the best price offer. Details: https://emaar-beachfront-properties.com/

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