EMAAR Beachfront in Dubai - a luxury residential location for your investment

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The charm of the coastal lifestyle combined with the many amenities is the main reason why investors and expatriates choose buying properties in Emaar Beachfront. The community proposes a broad spectrum of luxury real estate, excellent areas, and other advantages, which will be discussed below.

Community Overview

EMAAR Beachfront is found on the beach of Dubai. It is planned to construct 27 residential skyscrapers and equip a private shore.

The main benefits of the neighborhood include the following:

  • high ROI in local real estate in Dubai;

  • closeness to leisure facilities such as The Walk and JBR;

  • modern apartments for sale in Dubai with picturesque views;

  • quick entry to stores, catering establishments, hotels, and yacht clubs in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Real estate in the community

The broad spectrum of residential units that EMAAR Beachfront presents include contemporary 1-4 bedroom flats, luxury 3-4 bedroom penthouses, and a limited number of 3,4- bedroom villas.

The flats present scenic panoramas of the sea and Palm Jumeirah. Other characteristics of the local flats include bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, fully furnished kitchens with wood furnishings, and spacious living and dining spaces. In addition, multi-family properties present their resident's with underground parking, a communal park and swimming pool, 24-hour service, a jogging track, and a playground.

Penthouses with 3 and 4 bedrooms are located closest to the waterfront. The owners of these accommodation units have bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, unique rooms for servants, ample living rooms, dining rooms with access to the veranda, and fitted kitchens.

Villas in Dubai are available in 3 and 4-bedroom layouts. These immense possessions feature bedrooms and visitor spaces with en-suite bathrooms, maid's quarters, laundries, and storerooms. Also, their future owners will have access to covered parking for cars.

Location and transport

As already noted, Emaar Beachfront is very well located. It is between the Jumeirah Beach Residence area and the world-famous artificial island area - Palm Jumeirah. From Dubai International Airport, Emaar Beachfront can be reached in just 25 minutes. Public transport stops are also very close, which allows you to move anywhere in the city quickly. To move around, locals and guests still prefer to use their own cars or taxis, car rental is also available, which is also very convenient.

What to visit in Emaar Beachfront

It has several public gardens near the luxury real estate and a dog park. For lovers of outdoor activities, a separate gymnastics park is equipped, and in the skyscrapers themselves, there are fitness rooms provided with the most stylish exercise tools.

There are several SPA and beauty salons within walking distance for the beautiful half, including Ritz Carlton JBR, NStyle, and Solo Tre Spa.

Ten minutes from Emaar Beachfront, there are three mosques at once, which will also interest tourists fond of the architecture of the East. A little further, about 15 minutes, you can find a Christian church, and a half-hour walk away are the Hindu temples of Shiva and Srinatji.

And, of course, what is the UAE without beaches? In this sense, Emaar Beachfront is a real gem of the coast. In addition to its large beach, not far from the area are well-known among locals and tourists as Pine Beach, Marina, and JBR beaches.

About the Developer

The company is present in key global markets with well-known developments in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Canada, and the USA.

Emaar Properties has established itself as one of the leading designers in real estate, hospitality, hotel growth and management, shopping center construction, IT and infrastructure project management, and retail leasing.

Emaar Properties is a real estate development organization discovered in the UAE and established in 1997. It is a general joint products firm recorded on the Dubai Financial Market as DFM: EMAAR. With 6 business features and 60 active associates, Emaar is present in 36 markets.

Profitable investment

Already, the area is attractive to owners of yachts from the Persian Gulf countries. They own 1/3 of all super-yachts in the world. The growth of Emaar Beachfront infrastructure is helping to create jobs, attract significant assets, and increase the importance of real estate in the area.

According to experts, the expected return on investment will be about 7 percent here. The area has everything you need for luxurious living and recreation. Therefore, real estate of any plan here will be in high demand, so investments will be justified. In addition, some properties are still under construction, so companies offer real estate at better prices and very pleasant payment terms, which makes buying property in Emaar Beachfront now even more profitable and interesting.

Assistance in buying property in Dubai

To discover a beneficial property in EMAAR Beachfront or another elite neighborhood in Dubai, contact the favorably qualified professionals of https://www.axcapital.ae/, who have an extensive background in the Emirati market. The company provides services such as:

  • assistance with the preference of residential and commercial properties that satisfy the personal desires and capabilities of the buyer;

  • full support at all steps of the trade;

  • control and supervision of the accepted property for sale in Dubai;

  • help with opening an account in an emirates bank.

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