8 Interior Design Trends for 2023

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Since the onset of the pandemic, most people have spent a major chunk of their time indoors. Hence, homeowners are more inclined to achieve interior designs that give a timeless appeal with functionality and aesthetics while also being trendy. After all, it's fun to have a mix of different worlds!

Here are eight current interior design trends that are classy, modern, and appealing!

1.    Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone finishes have a huge year coming in 2023, especially materials with patterns and tones. You can expect marble stone, granite, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones to make some noise this year as a trending interior design idea. Expect to see more of these beautiful stones on kitchen countertops, floorings, and backsplashes while also having them as accent pieces in different rooms for added luxury.

2.    Textures

Limewash with plaster was a hit combination in 2022 and might come with us in 2023! Many interior designers have predicted that designs and textures will be a huge part of different homes for their ability to add a fun element to any space.

3.    Sustainable Interior Designs

Sustainability has crept its way into interior design and is becoming a huge thing, especially in 2023. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious and adapting habits that will benefit the world, the inclusion of sustainable interior design has become huge. People are beginning to ask necessary questions like how this is made, where it is made, and more to become environment-friendly. They will be more interested in investing in antiques rather the cheaply-made furniture.

4.    Honey Onyx

The 80s interior design trend was all about this onyx marble. And guess what? It's making a comeback this year! While interior designers were tired of honey onyx back in the time, it's here to suit the modern eyes with its graphic veining and striking pattern. Use this home design as a decorative item or a backsplash for bathrooms and kitchens.

5.    Luxe Living

People are headed into 2023 with the mindset of luxurious interiors. This trend will speak volumes with home décor ideas adopting the luxe life. And no, we are not talking about the expense here. Luxury isn't about glitz and glam; rather, it's more about creating a warm, inviting, and calm space, that involves filling the rooms with layered lighting, soft rugs, and sophisticated colours to create the illusion of a spacious home.

Neutral or dark tones are in this year to create that luxe effect. Linen, silk, and velvet are the materials to go for! Moreover, ditch the old-fashioned bulbs for attractive and modern chandeliers and other lighting options.

6.    Multifunctional Homes

The multifunctional room interior design trend of 2023 is quickly becoming a popular home decorating solution for many households. A single room can be transformed into multiple uses with the right planning and design ideas. One way to use this trend is by creating a spare room that can also be used as a kid's playroom. This type of interior design concept offers the perfect balance between practicality and comfort while creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that kids will enjoy spending time in.

7.    Closed Floor Plans

With more people working from home and spending more time in the space, they expect closed floor plans with divisions in the structure where they have separate spaces to work and attend calls while also having some room for personal space. While earlier open spaces were all the hype, modern homeowners are now resorting more towards versatility.

A closed floor plan utilises all available wall and corner spaces to maximise the interior design's efficiency. Closing off rooms from each other creates distinct areas that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. This creates a cohesive flow throughout the home while allowing for individualised expression within each room.

8.    Natural Materials

Get ready because wood, stone, pine wood, and other natural materials are making a comeback to your house this year! Last year was all about incorporating greenery indoors; this year, it will be of the plants and other natural materials trending.

Refresh Your Space with the Latest Interior Design Trends!

While trends are known to come and go, it's up to you to take charge of your home and incorporate only the ones that make sense in your space. Hence, it's good to stay updated with the hype, but don't forget to evaluate your needs and aesthetics!

Aparna Rao has a great passion for interior design and decor. Her design mantra is that the interiors of any space should be designed keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics. She works as a content marketer for Stonex India, a leading marble manufacturer, and has gained valuable insights into the marble stone industry. Her extensive knowledge of different types of stones and their properties as well as interior design is what makes her content stand apart and is appreciated by her readers. Through her content, she also offers creative, innovative, and effective design and decor solutions.

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