6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

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Though home-related thefts and crimes such as break-ins and burglaries have steadily declined in recent years, what’s on the news these days tells a different story. And the truth is that even though it’s on the decline, property crime still exists and comes in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, many homeowners are wondering what steps they can take to keep their homes and families safe. Thankfully, there are some simple tips to follow to help you and your family sleep easier at night.

Invest in Outdoor Home Security Lighting

A well-lit space is one of the best deterrents to home burglaries and break-ins. Criminals love to creep through the darkness before entering your home. Outdoor lights make it harder for burglars to hide. Investing in outdoor home security lighting is a simple way to provide you with some extra peace of mind. This outdoor lighting can serve an additional purpose, too, especially if you love entertaining in the evening. Just flip on the lights to give your family and friends better visibility.

Light Your Home from Within

So let’s talk about interior lighting too. The truth is that many burglars are more intelligent than we might realize. They know all the tricks about timed lights to make it look like we’re home when we’re not. But, when the lights are on, and it appears that someone is home, many criminals will think twice before making their way to your windows or doors.

Lock Your Doors

This might seem like a no-brainer, but so many Americans leave their doors unlocked during the day, especially at home. Unfortunately, a burglary happens in U.S. homes every 15 seconds, and many home invasions occur between 10 AM and 3 PM when criminals assume homeowners are at work. So even if you work from home during the day, lock those doors. An unlocked door makes it much easier for someone to sneak in and grab a few things while you are absorbed in a conference call or work matter.

Eliminate Hiding Places in and Around Your Yard

Exterior landscaping can help build curb appeal and make your home appealing to passersby. And, who doesn’t love relaxing on their deck after a long day of work, admiring a beautiful, cozy, and pleasant yard? However, while trees and shrubs might enhance your curb appeal, it also provides cover for criminals. So if you have trees or shrubs near your windows, keep them well-trimmed and prevent overgrowth. Whenever possible, opt for low-growing shrubbery and plants instead.

Please Keep it in the Garage

Americans love making improvements to their homes. According to Statista, U.S. homeowners spent over $457 billion dollars in 2020 on home improvements alone. But home improvement projects can take time, and it can also mean a mess. Homeowners involved in these projects make a big mistake leaving tools, ladders, stepstools, etc., out in the yard for construction crews to access. The problem here is that burglars can access these items too. Even something as small as a hammer, especially when combined with a six-foot ladder, is too good for any criminal to pass up. That hammer can break the window glass, and the ladder makes for a quick upper-level escape. Let’s not forget to mention, too, that these items are also great items for theft in and of themselves.

Get a Safe

If you own a home, you have important paperwork that should be locked up for safekeeping. And the chances are that you have other items that should be locked up in a secured space. Copies of marriage certifications, birth certificates, and even the deed to your home are excellent items for wanna-be identity theft criminals. And if you have firearms or certain valuables in your home, a safe can not only keep them out of the wrong hands but can keep you safer in the event of a break-in.

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