Should Kitchen Appliances Match? The Pros and Cons

22.03.2022 Admin 656
The most important part of remodeling your kitchen is appliance upgrades. While this makes kitchen remodeling exciting, choosing from various kinds of kitchen appliances can be a challenging experience.

For most people, the basic decisions come first. They start by evaluating the spaces kitchen appliances would take, and they also consider the type of appliance that suits their kitchen decor best. 

After this, they start thinking of purchasing their appliances. Then, the question of matched or unmatched appliances comes up, and they may ask: should kitchen appliances match?

While this is a common question many people ask, there's no simple yes or no answer. Moreso, your choice largely depends on what you want, your kitchen size and other important factors. 

Everybody has different preferences in terms of design and appliances, so the question of using matched appliances or unmatched ones is clearly by choice. 
Not sure of which one to go for? That's okay; you're not alone. Many people are also confused. But they want the best designs that meet their needs, and our HDI Kitchen Interior Design Course has helped them make the best decision ever. 

While trying to make your decision between matching or unmatching kitchen appliances, you should ask yourself two vital questions: 

What Colors of Appliances Do You Prefer the Most?
To answer this question correctly, think about the color of appliances you're likely to choose when shopping for a new one.

Are you okay with different colors of refrigerator and range, or would you prefer a simple white and black, two different vibrant colors, or matching colors? If you'd not like the same color of appliances, you'll probably prefer appliances with unmatched colors.

Designing a kitchen and choosing the right palette is hard, but with HDI's Kitchen Interior Design all your creative ktichen dreams can come true!

What Brands of Appliances Do You Love?
When choosing your appliances, what brands matter to you most? Would you prefer to get all your appliances from one brand, or would you rather purchase products according to your specifications?

For some people, a brand name doesn't matter. So, they purchase by checking out the exact specifications that meet their needs, regardless of the brand. For some, they already have a brand they trust. So, they purchase all appliances from one brand.

The Pros and Cons of Matching Kitchen Appliances
Remodeling your kitchen and changing your kitchen appliances can be an exciting but challenging experience. Understanding the pros and cons of matching appliances can help you make the right decision that best suits your needs. 

Some of the pros and cons of matching kitchen appliances are:

The Pros:

Matching Appliances Are Chic
Nothing beats having the perfect match of appliances. 
Choosing matching appliances is a great option for you if you prioritize a particular brand or like your appliances to be of the same brand. 

Matching appliances are a great choice to minimize the risk of design mistakes. This is because matching appliances give your kitchen a unified and beautiful look.

Integrated Design
Another advantage of matching kitchen appliances is the unique way each group of appliances complements each other.

Matching handles, finishes, designs, and color brings all designs together visually. Integrated features also enable the appliances to work together and improve your kitchen's functionality.

If you'd like some help choosing the best matching kitchen appliances for your kitchen, our Kitchen Design Education is a great way to start.

More Savings
Buying a group of appliances is much cheaper than buying them individually. Manufacturers also tend to give more discounts on products that come in bundles or packages than single items.

Easy Shopping
Have you ever thought of the stress and hassle of changing your kitchen appliances? It becomes more frustrating if you have to get your items from different brands.

Matching appliances makes your work a lot easier! You will save a lot of time and stress since all you have to do is to get the best price for a package, and voila, your appliance problem is solved.

The Cons:

Quality Product
Since you're buying the same brand of different appliances, you are left with few choices. Unfortunately, the fact that you're buying the same brand of different products doesn't mean that all the products are great. Infact, some great products are sometimes sold along with not-so-great ones. So, you're automatically forced to buy the good ones with the bad ones.

You also have limited choices when you're buying products together, especially when it's a product you really need.

Boring Design
One of the greatest challenges of buying matching kitchen appliances is the boring look it gives your kitchen. Mismatched appliances set your kitchen different from the rest of the back. But you may be sharing the same kitchen design with many people when you're using matching appliances.

You Spend More
while matching kitchen items can be cost-effective, you may miss out on one-off deals and huge in-store savings on single items. These savings are mostly much more than the discounts you get on a package.

Regardless of what you choose, ensure that you bring out your creativity in matching and mixing colors and finishes to get the perfect effect.

Create the your dream kitchen design with the help of our education. The detailed guide in this course gives you everything you need to know about kitchen appliances.

Generally, matching kitchen appliances should only be a preference according to your kitchen needs based on your choice of color, design, and brand.

You do not necessarily have to go beyond overboard just to give your kitchen a perfect look to impress your guests. Remember that you and your family will be using the kitchen more often than anyone else. But matching appliances is perfectly okay if you will be using the kitchen as much as your guests or you simply prefer it.

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